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Hawaii State Representative District 15

Duties: The Hawaii State House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Hawaii State Legislature. The Hawaii House of Representatives is a part-time body.Areas Represented: Wailuā Homesteads, Hanamā`ulu, Līhue, Puhi, Old Kōloa Town, `Ōma`oHow Elected: The house consists of 51 members elected from an equal number of respective representative districts. A Representative must be a Hawaii resident not less than three years, is at least 18 years old, and is a qualified voter of the representative district from which the person seeks to be elected. Candidates for state legislative offices who are nominated in the primary election and are unopposed in the general election will be deemed elected to the office sought after the primary election regardless of the number of votes received by that candidate (Hawaii State Constitution, Article III, Section 4). Term: Two years, not subject to term limits.Base Salary (2020): $62,604 plus $225/day if living outside Oahu, $10/day for members living on Oahu; Senate President - $70,104

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  • James Kunane TOKIOKA

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    Steve YODER

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Age 65
Education Graduated Kapaa High School, 1972. Graduated Arlington Baptist College, 1976. BA: Major, Bible; Double Minor, NT Greek and NT Missions.
Military/Community Service None
Campaign Address PO Box 531
Lihue, Hi 96766
Campaign Phone (808) 855-5503
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I am a conservative and hold to the ideals of Republicanism and it's platform. I believe in listening first and speaking second. Philanthropy and private business are better equipped to handle the problems Hawaii faces today. Hawaii is dependent on government and grows government at every move. The Hawaii legislature and state senate continue to raise taxes and increase regulations. The taxpayer has to live within their means, and the government needs to do the same. We are one of the most indulgent states regarding welfare. Hawaii's government is unaccountable and irresponsible in the spending of taxpayer revenue. Their answer is to throw money at challenges our state suffers from, whether it be homelessness, education, or the environment.
1) Lower taxes and regulations. 2) Build a two lane highway accross Kauai to solve our traffic problems. 1) Introducing legislation to lower taxes and reduce regulations. Making government accountable by means of auditing government practices and programs. 2) Infrastucture is expensive, and the County, State and Federal government (it could be H-4) can help fund the Kauai Island Wide By-Pass. along with private investment. I'll promote that the By-Pass would be bidded upon fairly in the private sector and held accountable as to quality of work and expenditures. Bonuses will be paid for work done on or before deadlines, and financial penalties levied for work not completed on time. Just like in the private sector. Kauai lacks infrastructure.