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Maui County Council (East Maui)

Duties: The County Council is the legislative and policy-making body of the Maui County government. Council is responsible for passing the laws that govern the county, as enacted by ordinance and written in the Maui County Code.How Elected: The County Council consists of nine members elected from geographical districts. Members are elected on a nonpartisan basis. A Councilmember must be a resident of the district from which the person is to be elected for at least one year before filing and a qualified voter of the County of Maui.If there are 1 or 2 candidates for a seat, they will appear only on the general election ballot. If there are 3 or more candidates for a seat, they will appear on the primary election ballot and the 2 candidates receiving the most votes will appear on the general election ballot. The candidate who receives the most votes at the general election is deemed elected (Maui County Charter, Article 3, Section 3-2).Term: Two years, limited to a maximum of four consecutive full terms.Base Salary (2019): Councilmember - $76,475; Chairperson - $82,225

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    Claire Kamalu CARROLL

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    Shane SINENCI

Biographical Information

Please provide a brief Candidate Statement, describing why you are running for this office and why you are qualified to hold this office.

What are your top two goals and how will you achieve them?

What, if any, actions would you work towards in your first 100 days to address the threats facing Hawai`i due to climate change?

Age 51
Education Graduate of Hana High School
Military/Community Service Hana Community Association -President Kokua Kare Project Hoomana Neighborhood Crime Watch Coordinator for Tropic Care Food Distribution volunteer Early Childhood Action Strategy Annual Fill the boot fundraiser Hana Community Emergency Plan
Campaign Address P.O. Box 164
Hana, HI 96713
Campaign Phone (808) 264-0139
My qualifications to serve the County of Maui are direct and simple. I have always been there to help in many ways that involves our Community. Serving a Chair to the Hana Advisory Committee being a member of Hawaii Farmers Union-Hana Chapter and working with youth programs. We are in need for balance.Serving as a Councilmember and able to get accomplishments by working with others will be a benefit to our community. Its about listening to all sides and making fair decisions.
Advocate the need for affordable housing while supporting the need to maintain open space.

Supporting farmers/local businesses. We are facing a rebirth of Hawaii in a whole new way. Also find ways to seek ways to get our workforce back to work.
Continue to address our infrastructure, roadways need to be moved inland because of raising sea-level. Also addressing property and landowners close to shorelines. We need to find solutions for these concerns. Work on a sustainable future and having a diverse economy and not being reliant on a single industry.
Age 53
Education Chaminade University of Honolulu, Teacher Certification. University of Oregon, Bachelor of Architecture. 1992.
Military/Community Service Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). 3/2019-present Hana Community Association, Boardmember. 6/2011-11/2018 East Maui Aha Moku Representative. 6/2010-2/2019.
Campaign Phone (808) 264-8919
Campaign Email
I am the current East Maui representative to the Maui County Council and am seeking re-election in November. I chair the Environmental, Agricultural, and Cultural Preservation Committee. One of our major accomplishments this year has been passing Bill 52, Restricting the Use of Single-Use plastics. Maui County has led the way in addressing plastic pollution in our environment, our beaches, and our oceans. The bill gives businesses 2 years to shift toward plant-based alternatives that help to keep our 'Aina clean. Our committee also proposed to hire a County Archeologist. The State Historic Preservation Division has many shortfalls when addressing ancient burials. Maui County now has the capacity to address these protections, on the island.
My committee is currently working to create a Department of Agriculture. The current Covid-19 situation has awakened people to diversify our economy and promote food security in the islands. Although Tourism provides employment for many residents, being able to feed our people is critical when planning for emergency situations and systemic shutdowns. A Department of Agriculture will address the shortfalls at the State level, including the lack of funding afforded to agricultural promotions. A department will maintain agriculturally zoned lands and protect them from being sold to fake-farms that take advantage of lower tax rates. Finally, a department will focus on funding toward food production and a diversified economy of an export market.
The Council created a committee of Climate Action and Resiliency, of which I am the Co-Chair. The main impetus for this is the science that supports the impending Sea Level Rise on our coastal communities. Maui County has roads and highways that are already affected by higher than usual King tides. Collaboration with State and Federal agencies will be essential when funding these efforts, including tax increases on rental car companies that could pay for highway infrastructure. Our County also has critical waste-water and sewage facilities within projected inundation zones that needs to be moved inland. Being able to designate open spaces for this strategic planning and moving Special Management Area boundary lines will require great work.