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Maui County Council (Lanai)

Duties: The County Council is the legislative and policy-making body of the Maui County government. Council is responsible for passing the laws that govern the county, as enacted by ordinance and written in the Maui County Code.How Elected: The County Council consists of nine members elected from geographical districts. Members are elected on a nonpartisan basis. A Councilmember must be a resident of the district from which the person is to be elected for at least one year before filing and a qualified voter of the County of Maui.If there are 1 or 2 candidates for a seat, they will appear only on the general election ballot. If there are 3 or more candidates for a seat, they will appear on the primary election ballot and the 2 candidates receiving the most votes will appear on the general election ballot. The candidate who receives the most votes at the general election is deemed elected (Maui County Charter, Article 3, Section 3-2).Term: Two years, limited to a maximum of four consecutive full terms.Base Salary (2019): Councilmember - $76,475; Chairperson - $82,225

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    Alberta DE JETLEY

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    Gabe JOHNSON

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Please provide a brief Candidate Statement, describing why you are running for this office and why you are qualified to hold this office.

What are your top two goals and how will you achieve them?

What, if any, actions would you work towards in your first 100 days to address the threats facing Hawai`i due to climate change?

Age 75
Education High School Some college On the job training
Military/Community Service Served on boards, commissions, and advisory committees spanning more than 25 years of community service
Campaign Phone (808) 649-0808
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I am a candidate for the Lanai Seat on the Maui County Council. As the publisher and editor of Lanai Today, a community newspaper I started in December 2008, I've been present at almost all of the meetings taking place on Lanai. I served on the Lanai Planning Commission for five years and the Lanai Community Plan Advisory Committee, an 18-month commitment. As a businesswoman, farmer, and journalist, I look at both sides of an issue before making a decision. With more than 26 years of serving on boards, commissions and committees statewide, I have the necessary skills to work with a wide variety of people to achieve consensus on issues facing our county.
Affordable housing is our county's most pressing issue. However, instead of just building houses to purchase, I would like to see projects developed that will build communities: a project with mixed housing, ranging from single and multi-family rentals and houses that range from starter homes to larger homes. Partnerships between the county, developers, and residents are essential to make it work.

We must grow more food to feed our county. Farming is difficult; especially for young farmers just starting up. I will support grants for existing organizations that provide direct support to farmers: ie. provide hands-on education on soil health, irrigation, safe harvesting, and marketing. I will also support housing on ag lots for farmworkers
On Lanai, we have already established a 600 ft. shoreline setback around the entire island. County-wide, erosion caused by heavy surf and flash floods is already occurring throughout our county. I would work on organizing community focus groups to determine where problem areas are and what they would like to do. Each community is different and their concerns must be addressed individually.
Age 47
Education Bachelors of Arts in English from Kent State University, Kent Ohio.
As a single father I am running for my daughters sake. Our working families are suffering right now and I think we need fresh ideas in our local government that focus on other things besides big business. I'm qualified because I am a natural collaborator. I listen to peoples opinions in our community and try to form consensus.
One of my goals to assist with working class people to reduce health care costs. The County has lands next to Maui Memorial that could house the families of patience of the hospital. Many families pay to stay in hotels next to hospitals when loved ones are expecting or need to be admitted for health issues. This is a critical issue for people who live far away or on a different island. My second goal is to address the affordable housing crisis here in Maui County. My goal is to use county lands to create land trusts that will keep costs cheap into perpetuity. However, we must also address the funding for the mortgages for our working families. I propose we work with Credit Unions.
I know that the Green New Deal legislation was talked about at the federal level but I am asking what about at the local level? Energy efficiency is a key point to reducing green house emissions. The County is in control of building codes so I want action that makes our buildings work towards saving electricity and water usage.