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Hawaii State House District 4

Duties: The Hawaii State House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Hawaii State Legislature. The Hawaii House of Representatives is a part-time body.Areas Represented: PunaHow Elected: The house consists of 51 members elected from an equal number of respective representative districts. A Representative must be a Hawaii resident not less than three years, is at least 18 years old, and is a qualified voter of the representative district from which the person seeks to be elected.Candidates for state legislative offices who are nominated in the primary election and are unopposed in the general election will be deemed elected to the office sought after the primary election regardless of the number of votes received by that candidate (Hawaii State Constitution, Article III, Section 4). Term: Two years, not subject to term limits.Base Salary (2020): $62,604 plus $225/day if living outside Oahu, $10/day for members living on Oahu; Speaker of the House - $70,104

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  • Hope (Alohalani) CERMELJ

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    Desmon Antone HAUMEA

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    Greggor ILAGAN

  • Brian LEY

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What, if any, actions would you work towards in your first 100 days to address the threats facing the Hawaii due to climate change?

Age 67
Education 2 yrs assoc. PH college, Ohio University
Military/Community Service delayed enlistment US Army 1976 to go Viet Nam
Campaign Phone (808) 896-9201
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the corruption of the de facto Democratic Party Hawaii.
1) transparency of the truth. Make transparency of ANY & ALL LEGISLATORS, (1) expenditures, (2) Bills written, (3) "perks" from outside influences LOBBYISTS, (4) expose the "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" NEW EXCISE TAX not voted on by the taxpayers. 2) D.O.E. administration TAKE PAY CUT. Shame for the lack of leadership & the amount of salary(ies) to the top administrators. TAKE A PAY CUT from JAN 31ST 2020 until AUGUST 2020, start of NEW SCHOOL YEAR.
In KE AKUA's hands, we have nothing to do except "STOP DRIVING ALL VEHICLES."
Age 69
Education Waikea Kai , Keaukaha, Hilo High, Kaplan University, Belford University, Hokulea-Polynesian Voyaging Society
Military/Community Service Royal Order of Kamehameha-Puna District, Culinary Arts, Youth Athletics, Warriors Against Diabetes, Entertainment/Musician, Event Coordinator, Crisis Management, Hawaiian Self-Defense, Multi-Ethnic Traditional Healing, Pahoa Main Street Association-Holiday Parade, Puna Jr. Lifeguard, Ka Holo Hula & Mana Wahine
Campaign Address Hc 2 Box 6935
Keaau, HI 96749
Campaign Phone (808) 895-7424
Campaign Email
Twitter @haumeahelpu
Please enjoy this narrative, in hopes we come together on our wa’a, allow Akua and Puna Strong to fill our sails, and allow Haumea to steer and navigate these seas of change, as Makali’i rises in the East so will our precious Puna District. This process of elections is purely a western-minded concept, utilized as a tool to manipulate the electoral popularity process, but our only pathway to change all of Puna's disparities. As your representative, the tools I possess are the discipline of ‘Ohana; the fortitude to teach our children to succeed in this modern climate. I provide service over ambition and I possess a deep passion for Hawaii, as many of my family, friends & enemies well know the spirit of Haumea. Integrity over experiene.
De-Centralizing Government control, Access to Culture-Based Education & a balanced Medical & Self care. Puna will achieve this through correct Governance by having our community to participate in the process.
It is increasingly recognized that our Puna district are severely affected by climate change impacts and are the least equipped to cope and adapt. I would create a pilot project to implement community-based projects that seek to enhance the resiliency of Puna, and/or the ecosystems on which we rely, to climate change impacts. I will essentially create small-scale/policy laboratories, generate knowledge about how to achieve and develop a planned implemented portfolio of local community-level adaptation projects. As crew onboard Hokuleaʻs World Wide Voyage & visiting with South Korea, Peru & New Zealand allowed me to be trained in this discipline. I also have developed a Humanitarian Plan that will diminish many of Punaʻs disparities.

Age 34
Education Hawaii Community College
Military/Community Service Air National Guard (six years)
Campaign Address HC3 Box 14048
Keaau, HI 96749
Campaign Phone (808) 219-4240
Campaign Email
Campaign Website
Twitter @voteilagan
Former Hawai‘i County Council member Greggor Ilagan announced his candidacy for the District 4 seat in Hawai‘i State House of Representatives, representing a portion of Puna, as a Democrat. An emigrant from the Philippines as a child, Ilagan graduated from Waiākea High School and served in the Air National Guard. He was elected to represent the Puna makai district on the County Council from 2012 to 2016, when the district faced threats from natural disasters and economic stagnation, and was a voice of reason and civility in a divisive political environment. Ilagan said that listening to people’s concerns, considering their ideas, and understanding their dreams are important qualities of a good representative.
The Kea‘au-Pāhoa Road, also known as Highway 130, is currently over capacity and experiencing long delays and traffic congestion during the peak morning and evening rush hours. As your state representative, I will advocate for widening Highway 130 to four lanes between Kea‘au and Pāhoa. In addition, Ainaloa Boulevard, Maku‘u Drive, and Orchidland Drive are the three intersections that rank among the most dangerous in the state with some of the highest vehicle crash rates. I will advocate to install safety improvements, such as roundabouts, one of which was installed in 2016 at the Pāhoa town intersection, which demonstrated it is possible to go from a dangerous intersection to one with almost no collisions.
The most notable way renewable energy can help the environment is by replacing fossil fuels emissions. Hawai‘i Island should be the first in the state to reach 100 percent renewable energy with all the options available. Solar panels on roof tops are becoming more common and affordable, but still out of reach for many. Geothermal and biomass energy sources ensure a reliable source of energy when solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are not available. I will advocate for accelerating the timeline for our island to reach the 100 percent renewable energy portfolio because we need to be energy-independent and sustainable, while also cutting consumer costs. Prices for electricity are too high at over 40 cents per kilowatt. We can do better.
Age 58
Education some college. dropped out when I figured out I could make more money, doing my own thing. instead of my chosen field
Military/Community Service working with Mental Restorations, non profit. Involved with environmental issues
Campaign Phone (808) 345-9049
Campaign Email
Campaign Website
Twitter @LeyPuna
I decided to run for office, because I got tired of party politics. everyone is ignoring Hawaii's real issues, and playing politics. I have been a self employed businessman, Worked cattle, done agriculture, commercial fisherman, and moved into commercial Nuclear power plants. i know hard work, and how to get it done. in the last ten years I've gotten involved in state politics with environmental issues. I've seen how mainland groups and companies are influencing our politicians . Hawaii needs to take control of our resources and culture
one goal is to deal with our homeless, crime, drug and alcohol problem. all three are the same problem. I would like to get more rehabs going both inpatient and outpatient. we need to offer help to the people suffering from addiction. this one step will help all three of the problems Hawaii faces.

Another goal is deal with environmental issues. I would like to work closely with the DLNR and set up sound management plans, based on sound science that respects Hawaiian culture
well as a state representative there isn't a lot I could do, besides getting the ground work and start drafting bills.