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Ohio House, State Representative - District 30

Salary: $60,584*Term: 2 yearsResponsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government.*Base salary.

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    Tom Roll

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    Bill Seitz

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In what ways would you change our election system to be prepared for crises that impair the right and equal access to vote? (500 character limit)

What solutions do you propose to address challenges and inequities in the healthcare system? (500 character limit)

What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented? (500 character limit)

What policies do you favor around criminal justice reform? (500 character limit)

Occupation Pharmacist (retired)
Education Oak Hills High School - 1969 ------------------------- University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy - 1980
Experience This is my first attempt at running for a political office.
Political Philosophy One's liberty ends where the next individual's begins. This is a simple philosophy, but difficult in practice.
Endorsements I claim no endorsements from any politically oriented group.
Affliations None
Our electoral process is broken. It is systemically corrupted by the influence of money. Reducing the influence of money in politics is my campaign platform. I intend on doing this by introducing to the General Assembly as many provisions as possible found within the model legislation known as the American Anti Corruption Act (AACA) - see . In doing so I hope to repair and resolve the damage done to our electoral process by money.
As a pharmacist, I have seen several problems with our health-care system. Almost all are rooted in a for-profit corporate system. The least-worst scenario I see for our health-care system is some form of universal Medicare. This will present new problems, but will resolve the main problem: health care for profit - a system which benefits the rich. One of the six reasons for our constitution listed in the preamble is "...promote the general welfare...". I feel it's time to do so.
Passage of provisions of the AACA would resolve these issues. Presently, 90% of American citizens do not have a say in the policy-making of our government (see: "Corruption Is Legal in America" video on my web site). The Ranked Choice Voting provision of the AACA would greatly aid in this area. AACA passage must occur at local and state levels and then escalate to the federal level (such as occurred with Women's Suffrage, Civil Rights, and other democracy-oriented movements).
"Defund the police" is a terrible catch phrase. "Reallocation of funds" doesn't capture the headlines as well, but it better exemplifies how I feel. Being a police officer may be the hardest job there is in our country. Ensuring that only the best attain the position of a police officer is of paramount importance, and may in the long run reduce the need for use of force in many situations. However, some humans will always deviate from proper social behavior where use of force is warranted.
Occupation Attorney
Education B.A., University of Cincinnati; J.D., University of Cincinnati
Experience See "qualifications" below
Political Philosophy Conservative
Endorsements Ohio Republican Party, Ohio Education Association
Affliations Western Economic Council, Westwood-Cheviot Kiwanis Club, Westwood First Presbyterian Church, American Legislative Exchange Council, Green Township Republican Club, Delhi Historical Society.
Only the legislature may change the date, time, and manner of holding an election – certainly not any unelected bureaucrat. Ohio’s 28-day window for no fault absentee voting and in person voting, which exceeds most in the U.S., already prevent “crises that impair the right and equal access to vote.” We have used federal money to help local boards prepare for in person voting this fall.
We have already acted in the House this session to greatly expand the use of telehealth opportunities and to end the practice of “surprise billing” from non-network providers. More needs to be done to expand scope of practice to safely allow intermediate healthcare professionals to provide services at lower cost.
I dispute the premise that the current system creates “gerrymandering”. Voters have largely segregated themselves along a rural/suburban/urban divide. The convoluted redistricting reforms approved by voters will be followed, but I expect no significant changes at the end of the day.
The Ohio Innocence Project and the Ohio Justice and Policy Center will attest that no one has championed these reforms more than I have. We have worked to compensate the wrongfully convicted, reduce the chance of mistaken lineup identification, and offer reduced time to persons taking job training and education projects while in prison. I support HB 1, granting additional flexibility on sealing records, and SB 3, reducing most drug possession charges from felonies to unclassified misdemeanors.