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Ohio US House, Representative to Congress - District 1

Representative to Congress 1st District – 1 to be elected – 2 year termSalary: $174,000 Term: 2 yrsResponsibilities: To represent the people of Ohio, their district, and the United States in dealing with matters of national and international importance. The general welfare should be a prime concern.

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    Steve Chabot

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    Kevin David Kahn

  • Kiumars Kiani (Write-in)

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    Kate Schroder

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What kinds of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our community? (500 character limit)

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Where do you stand on efforts to protect our water, air, and land? Include how you would address climate change. (500 character limit)

Twitter @SteveChabot
Occupation U.S. Representative, Ohio’s First Congressional District
Education Bachelors Degree, College of William and Mary; Juris Doctorate, NKU’s Chase Law School
Experience U.S. Representative, Ohio’s First Congressional District, 1995-2009, 2011-present; Hamilton County Commissioner, 1990-1995; Cincinnati City Councilman, 1985-1990
Political Philosophy Conservative Republican
Endorsements SBA List; Club for Growth Action; Cincinnati Right to Life; National Right to Life
In Congress, I’ve worked in a bipartisan manner to enact critical criminal justice reforms and re-entry programs. These reforms will help non-violent offenders transition from incarceration to job and skills training programs, enabling them to resume their lives as contributing members of society. To improve relations between police and the communities they serve, I’ve authored legislation to encourage cities to use the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement as a model for their communities.
When the pandemic caused most states to shut down a thriving economy with the lowest unemployment rates in a generation, we knew we needed to act to help the American people survive this unprecedented challenge. As Ranking Member of the Small Business Committee, I worked closely with a bipartisan group of House and Senate Members on the Paycheck Protection Program, which has helped save a quarter-million jobs in Hamilton and Warren Counties, more than any other congressional district in Ohio.
We must ensure that every vote validly cast is counted accurately and in a timely manner, which requires both appropriate voting options for all eligible voters, and protections against foreign interference. I voted for the CARES Act which provides the Postal Service access to $10 billion to help process mailed ballots this November. I’ve also supported federal grants to help state and local governments update their elections infrastructure and protect their systems from foreign cyberattacks.
As a father and grandfather, it’s extremely important to me that our children and grandchildren have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. In my lifetime, we’ve made incredible strides in cleaning up our environment, but we don’t need the heavy hand of government forcing one-size-fits-all regulations on every community. That’s why I worked with the late Todd Portune on legislation (now law) to promote flexible solutions that lead to cleaner water at a much lower cost to taxpayers.
Twitter @Kahn4C
Occupation Entrepreneur and Business Owner. I own a Manufacturer's Representative agency that works with USA manufacturers of industrial valves and fittings to export Made in USA products around the world.
Education University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business - MBA; University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies - M.A East Asian Studies; Middlebury College - A. B. International Politics and Economics
Experience I have been involved in executive and management roles in the manufacturing industry for the past 23 years with a heavy emphasis on sales management. I have served on the Board of Directors of both a public company and non-profit organizations
Political Philosophy Libertarian - All individuals are sovereign over their own lives, and should be free to live them in a manner of their choosing as long as it does no harm, nor interfere with others living their lives as chosen. I oppose government interference in any voluntary or contractual relationship between consenting adults whether social or economic. Individuals own their own bodies and labor and have inherent rights over them that other individuals, groups or government may not violate.
Endorsements Ohio Stand United - Ohio's largest pro-Constitution organization with chapters in over 88 counties and ~60,000 members; De - Escalate Ohio Now! Heartbeat Movement - Goals are to Change Public Policies, Justice Reforms, Drug Policies, Gun Reforms, Police Accountability and Transparency on a State and Federal Level; Libertarian Party of Ohio; Hamilton County Libertarian Party; Jeremy "Spike" Cohen - Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Candidate; Mike Mains - City of Harrison Councilmember
Affliations Chairman, Hamilton County Libertarian Party; Vice Chairman, Sycamore HS Ice Hockey Association Board; Midwest-USA Chinese Chamber of Commerce (past Vice-Chair and Treasurer); Let Us Vote 4 A Balanced Budget Amendment; FAIRtax Organization; Downsize DC; American Promise
End the 49 year old War on Drugs. It has led to policies that specifically target and are unequally enforced against our racial minorities and other marginalized groups. Continue supporting the current legislation to end Qualified Immunity. Police should be required to carry private misconduct insurance, and receive compensation increase to cover the expense, but they need external accountability to their actions. End Civil Asset Forfeiture andNo Knock Warrants to restore Due Process.
I advocate for the dismantling of the current income and asset based tax system and move to government revenues being earned via a consumption tax.  I am a proponent of the FAIRtax method of taxation. It would allow those working to keep all of their income, and make payment of taxes more voluntary as each can control how much they consume.

I will also vote against any federal budget that requires deficit spending. Adding to the debt only steals economic opportunity from our future generations
I will support all methods of voting, including absentee mail-in, early in-person and election day in-person to give all voters the option to participate in the method most comfortable to them.

I would also encourage more transparency on the intelligence our agencies collect on the issue of concerted attacks by foreign governments on our election process. There can be national guidelines prepared on steps to protect voting systems against these attacks that can certified by the Election Boards.
The federal government's role should be minimized to providing the necessary information to make informed decisions on how to interact with the environment and ensuring that there is a free-market mechanism to allow individuals to take preferred environmentally related decisions. Eliminate subsidies we give to energy companies so that the true cost of energy is factored into market decisions. We should continue encouraging all zero-emission sources of energy. Require carbon neutral production.
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Occupation I have spent my career working in healthcare and public health policy, including 3 years in best practice research for hospitals and 12+ years in global public health. I have also spent 3 years in legislative politics at both federal and local levels
Education I received my B.A. from Indiana University (1999) and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (2004). Growing up in Cincinnati, I attended Ursuline Academy for high school and Nativity for grade school.
Experience In addition to my work in public health and healthcare policy, I have served on the Cincinnati Board of Health since 2016.
Political Philosophy At our core, we’re all people, and most of us want the same things. We want to see a doctor when we’re sick, our kids to have access to good education, and jobs that allow us to take care of our families. We want to be treated with dignity and respect. With all the negativity and divisiveness in our political system, I'm running to be a low-ego problem solver who helps bring people together to get things done for our community -- to work hard to advance these shared goals.
Endorsements I am proud to be endorsed by EMILYs List, DCCC Red to Blue, Barack Obama, Moms Demand Action, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Planned Parenthood, AFL-CIO and many labor unions, League of Conservation Voters, J-Street, and many more organizations. Locally, I have been endorsed by Mayors John Cranley, Nan Whaley, and Sen. Cecil Thomas, Reps. Brigid Kelly, Cathy Ingram, and Commissioner Denise Driehaus.
Affliations I am a lifelong member of the Democratic Party and am proud to send my children to Cincinnati Public Schools.
We have an obligation to acknowledge racism in our institutions and work collaboratively to do better. I support the Justice in Policing Act which would eliminate the use of chokeholds, curb use of force, and institute better training for law enforcement officers. Though Cincinnati isn't perfect, we have made tremendous strides toward improving police/community relations. We still have more to do, but there is a roadmap to improvements.
To create good paying jobs in our community, we must have significant federal investment in infrastructure. As our roads and bridges have fallen into disrepair, we are in dire need of building our communities back to not only create jobs now, but to attract future jobs that require a reliable broadband and transportation infrastructure.
We must make sure that voters can access their ballots safely and securely though expanded vote-by-mail options, an online option for ballot requests, fully funding the USPS, increased ballot drop boxes in communities, and more polling locations so that voters who wish to vote in person can do so in compliance with public health guidelines.
If elected, I will help champion investment in renewable energy and innovative technologies that are sustainable and help reduce our emissions. I will support the U.S. re-committing to the Paris Accord and work to create measurable goals for reducing our dependence on non-renewable sources and our own emissions. In Cincinnati, the City is embarking on an ambitious project to use 100% renewable energy over the next three years. In Congress, I would help to showcase and build upon this example.