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Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas - General Division (term commencing 2/10/2021)

Salary: $121,350 Term: 6 yrs Responsibilities: To preside at trials of both civil and criminal cases; to supervise the jury commission, grand jury, and other departments of the court.

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    Stacey DeGraffenreid

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    Alan C. Triggs

Biographical Information

What kinds of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our community? (500 characters)

Would you approve requests for no-knock warrants from law enforcement? If so, what considerations influence your decision? (500 characters)

How will you work to provide all defendants coming through your courtroom equal treatment, regardless of race, gender, ability to pay, or mental status? (500 characters)

Twitter @ElectStacey
Occupation Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Education JD, University of Cincinnati of Law; Master of Education, University of Louisville; BSBA, University of Louisville
Experience Assistant Chief Prosecuting Attorney, Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office; Public Defender, Hamilton County Public Defender's Office; Attorney, Stacey L. DeGraffenreid LPA
Family Married with four children
Endorsements Hamilton County Republican Party; Cincinnati FOP, Queen City Lodge #69
Affliations Cincinnati Bar Association, American Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, African American Chamber of Commerce
Political Party Affiliation Republican
I promote social and racial justice every day in my current position as an Assistant Chief Prosecuting Attorney. Over the years the jury pool has been expanded. I would work to help continue to expand the jury pool. This would include an educational component to improve information that emphasizes the importance of serving.
As a judicial candidate, I am precluded from discussing legal issues that may come before me on the bench. I will, however, apply the appropriate law to all matters. Using my experience, common sense and judgement gained during my thirteen plus years practicing in the Common Pleas Court to the specific facts of each individual situation.
As a public defender, defending juveniles and as a prosecutor, prosecuting adults, I have always treated all people fairly and equally regardless of race, gender, ability to pay, or mental status. I will continue to treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of their circumstances.
Twitter @triggslaw
Occupation Judge, Hamilton County Municipal Court
Education Concord Law School, LLM; University of Akron Law School, JD; Memphis State University, BBA
Experience I have over 25 years of legal experience of which 15 years in a judicial capacity. I am a former Cincinnati Assistant Prosecutor, former Hamilton County Municipal Court Magistrate Judge, and current Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge.
Family Married with one teenage daughter.
Endorsements Hamilton County Democratic Party The Collective PAC Equality Cincinnati PAC Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council Cincinnati Federation of Teachers Greater Cincinnati Building Trades Union UFCW Local 75 IBEW Local 212
Political Party Affiliation Democrat
There are 3 major polices that I will pursue to promote social and racial justice: 1. The creation of a statewide criminal sentencing database to promote fairness in sentencing. A felony sentencing database will enhance public confidence and trust in Ohio’s criminal justice system. 2. The commitment to scaling back and eliminating the use of cash bonds for individuals accused of low-level and non-violent crimes. 3. The commitment to providing equal access to the courts.
I must be convinced that exhaustive efforts were made to support the accuracy of the location, the individuals sought, and that one of the following circumstances applies: 1. Announcement of the officers presence will increase the chance of injury or death to themselves or others 2.The announcement is meaningless since the occupants are already aware of their presence, or the premises is vacant 3.Announcement of their presence will lead to the destruction of evidence or escape of the suspect.
For the past quarter-century, I have worked tirelessly to make a difference at the Hamilton County Courthouse. I have promoted equal treatment by: 1. Promoting treatment over incarceration for addicted individuals; 2. Eliminating the use of cash bonds for individuals accused of low-level non-violent crimes; 3. Providing equal access to the courts; 4. Making sure all individuals have the opportunity and time to be heard.