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Ohio House, State Representative - District 33

Salary: $60,584*Term: 2 yearsResponsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government.*Base salary.

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    Sedrick Denson

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    Mary L. Hill

Biographical Information

In what ways would you change our election system to be prepared for crises that impair the right and equal access to vote? (500 character limit)

What solutions do you propose to address challenges and inequities in the healthcare system? (500 character limit)

What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented? (500 character limit)

What policies do you favor around criminal justice reform? (500 character limit)

Twitter @sedrickdenson
Occupation Partner with 4CI Community Engagement Consultant
Education Attended University of Cincinnati BA Organizational Leadership
Experience Served as Chief of Staff to Councilman, Wendell Young with City of Cincinnati, SW Ohio Director for Ohio Environmental Council, Outreach Director for For Our Future,
Political Philosophy Leaving politics out of how we value people.
Endorsements Ohio Democratic Party Hamilton County Democratic Party Ohio Environmental Council ( More to come)
Affliations National Action Network - Board Member NAACP - Member Urban League Young Professionals - Member African American Chamber of Commerce
In these troubling times facing our nation, we are tasked with finding ways to make sure state laws and policies are fair. One of the most fundamental and easiest thing we can do is make make voting accessible to all. What needs to be in place are policies that ensure no matter what crises we are faced with, all elections are protected for voters to have safe and fair processes for all to vote.
Solutions for addressing our healthcare system have always been a priority. Healthcare in my opinion is something that should not have space for politics but unfortunately have controlled the process. Simply put, I believe all Ohioans should have access to affordable healthcare that addresses all families. The right to affordable healthcare is the right thing to do and something that party affiliation should not have a role in.
Gerrymandering has been a major issue in Ohio. Ensuring that voters have to opportunity to vote for the best representation is extremely important to ensuring fair elections. I will continue to support all efforts to ensure Hamilton County and all Ohio voters have fair districts. I will also continue to commit to working with parters who are working for fair districts and work to purpose legislation that support those efforts.
Criminal justice reform is something we have a lot of work to do in order to be a state where people are treated fairly. I support policies that will give individuals the opportunity that be faced with a system that treats them fairly and gives them a honest chance as a returning citizen. We have the opportunity to allow citizens to return to society and provide them with resources and options that gives them a sense of dignity and pride to be a productive citizen. This area is a priority for me
Twitter @MaryRep33
Occupation Seasonal Income tax prepare
Education Completed three years of college at Raymond Walters College
Experience 15 years in Insurance industry, 14 years in Financial industry, 11 years as payroll director/benefits manager
Political Philosophy Anything worth doing is worth doing right. You can do the right thing, or the wrong thing but the worse thing is to do nothing at all.
Endorsements Right to Life, Police Chief Village of Woodlawn
Affliations ProKids, North East Rep.Women Club, Woodlawn Community Improve Corporation, Active Woodlawn Inc.
Many depend on the US mail, so during these times I would have more temporary help added to US mail service. Also have the mail service to stay open 24/7 to ensure all mail is delivered on time. The counting of voted to be extended until the next morning around 5 or 6:o'clock. The board of Election to hire more help and extended hours also on election day. Special bus service on election day to and from polls.
The cost of medication in the USA is a health care issue especially for our senior citizens. Many times their pills are broken in half to make them last until they receive the next months social security check. Many must make the decision to buy food or their medication. I would look into the method used when an insurance company pays for a drug it is much less than when an individual pays for the same drug. I do consider this to be an inequality in the healthcare system.
I will push for a fairer distribution percentage by voters in district regardless of party affiliation.
The policies around criminal justice reform is correcting some social economic conditions in our every day society. racism, income inequality,a fairer justice system from the bottom up. The violence that is condoned within our systems must be addressed. R evaluate how we appoint lawyers for those who cannot afford a lawyer. We need to revisit the rules around our parole system.