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Ohio House, State Representative - District 32

Salary: $60,584*Term: 2 yearsResponsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government.*Base salary.

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    Catherine D. Ingram

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    Dadrien Washington

Biographical Information

In what ways would you change our election system to be prepared for crises that impair the right and equal access to vote? (500 character limit)

What solutions do you propose to address challenges and inequities in the healthcare system? (500 character limit)

What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented? (500 character limit)

What policies do you favor around criminal justice reform? (500 character limit)

Twitter @cingram32
Occupation Ohio Realtor; Ohio Legislator; certified Ohio Notary Public; Business and education consultant
Education Woodward HS; Knoxville College,(HBCU) Knoxville TN; undergrad; University of Cincinnati BS Marketing UC College of Business; MBA
Experience Corporate; CG&E; CINergy;(Duke; Exec Director MBEMP (Cin USA Chamber) ; instructor NKU, COEHS; TMC grad inst.; community council frm VP; various boards of directors; former Rec commissioner ; education consultant; current legislator, Mother; G Scout
Political Philosophy That our Nation was established to be a democracy to create opportunities for life progress for individuals and families. All opportunities should be for all Americans regardless of differences such race or physical characteristics, religion, sexuality, gender identity, et al. That justice should be for all regardless.
Endorsements Equality Cincinnati PAC; OEA; Emily's List; The Matriots; CWPC; Ohio Society of CPAs; Ohio Assn of Plumbers and Pipe-fitters PCE ; HCDC; Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council; Emily's List; NARAL Pro-Choice; OCSEA/AFSCME Local 11; Local 4; Planned Parenthood; UFCW 75; HCDC; OFT; CFT; ; Gr Cincinnati UAW CAP Council; Senator Sherrod Brown; IBEW; CDP; OH Legislative Black Caucus
Affliations CABR, Cincinnati Ambassador; NAR; OH Realtors; Girl Scouts of Western Ohio; CWPC; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Mt. Auburn Community council; MLK Corridor Steering Committee; Uptown Neighborhoods group; Women in Government;Ohio Legislative Black Caucus; National Council of State Legislators; Ohio School Boards Assn.;
We must make sure that all of our Emergency response systems are aligned and prepared to react as a whole to expose and deny any Pandemic specifically on a national, state, and local level. Coordination of services and resources must be in place and prepared at all times. Our ability to vote by mail or in person should be expanded. More drop boxes. We must require systems’ accountability for safety for all electors. We must demand transparency in how a future event will be expeditiously managed.
Part of the silver lining of the Pandemic is that it has exposed systemic inequities which have always existed in our country. As evidenced by the disproportionate mortality of black and brown people due in part to poor healthcare access despite your economic status and poverty to compound it. Medical research must focus on how to eliminate disparities. Preventive care must address the individual and should be available to all at minimal or no costs. Investments in prevention for will save us.
My first voice is for the sake of my constituents and to ensure that that can help the lead to the best for all Ohioans. It will be important for me and my colleagues to know and adhere to what is required for formulation and function of the "committee" and the ensuing process to draw district lines. The make-up of the participants will be very important and I expect to argue as to how they address the demographics of the entire state. I am pushing for a complete Census count of Ohio and 32.
_ Complete bail reform; Alternatives to incarceration for low level offenders; Elimination of minimum sentencing; Focus on rehabilitation through meaningful programming for reentry to decrease recidivism; Align work of Judges, Prosecutors and Public defenders to eliminate "hurry up' plea bargaining; Require documentation and reporting of disparities in sentencing for like crimes; Dismantle the the use of For-Profit Private Prison System Corporations which incentivize incarceration; and on
Occupation I am a security contractor with a secret clearance so I can not or allow to explain what I do for my country.
Education Associate degree in Technical and Network support.
Experience Security Guard Government contractor Computer analyst
Political Philosophy We are Better together!
Affliations Former CYC Mentor
First, I would extend early voting out from 28 to 40 days. Next, polling locations would open for 24 hours on election day, because I believe that all voters should have access to vote at their polling locations without being constricted by time.
I propose a tiered level health care system. Tier level 1 may include free or $20-$25 health urgent care clinics operated by students who are practicing medicine.
What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?
I favor Medication-Assisted (MAT), public defense reform, and drug law reform.