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Ohio House, State Representative - District 29

Salary: $60,584*Term: 2 yearsResponsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government.*Base salary.

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    Harrison T. Stanley (Write-in)

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Twitter @writeinSTANLEY
Occupation Published research archaeologist, certified electrical technician, currently working towards my degrees in Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cincinnati.
Education July 2020 Shaffer Honors College of Leadership 2016-present University of Cincinnati 2014-2016 West Suffolk College
Experience Held multiple elected executive positions in non-profit organisations and clubs. Formal education in legal compliance (archaeological curation and workplace health and safety).
Political Philosophy I am an American first, an Ohioan second, and a political independent third. Growing up in an active-duty military family I learned that honor, duty, and integrity are important above all else. I'm not looking to launch a political career, I'm just trying to serve our state and our fellow citizens the way I know how, by doing what ought to be done. Until all of our people are treated equally with dignity and compassion by our government, I'll keep fighting.
Affliations Ohio ACLU - Member Society for American Archaeology - Member Archaeological Institute of America - Member Phi Delta Theta - Member Liberal Gun Club - Member National African-American Gun Association - Member
Firstly I would challenge HB680. This bill when introduced went through the House’s State and Local Government Committee, had a single supporter, overwhelming opposition (by multiple voter advocate organizations including the Ohio LWV, ACLU, & AARP), and still passed the House along partisan lines. Universal mail-in ballots and multiple county ballot drop-off boxes at no cost to voters are reasonable, safe, and logical approaches to supplement in-person voting during crises.
Medicare-for-all, in the simplest terms. There is already a bill stuck in committee in the House (HB292, introduced 6/19/19) that sets out a state funded program that would replace the existing medicare/medicaid in the state and expand coverage to all in Ohio. With this, total costs to individuals would be reduced, equal access to quality healthcare could be greatly improved, and by cutting out insurance companies, money spent can actually go towards care, not lining executive pockets.
After the ACLU and LWV backed Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute v. Smith lawsuit challenging districting that created a 12-4 GOP advantage in Ohio (resulting in them winning more seats than their proportion of total votes) was found to be a political question by the SCOTUS, we’re no better off than a decade ago. The only way to fight this oppression is to beat a rigged system and elect candidates with enough backbone to see democracy win. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s democracy at risk.
I am a supporter of the #8cantwait campaign which advocates for immediate implementation of 8 researched-backed methods that could be enacted at the departmental policy level for cities. Beyond that, I am a proponent for a statewide licencing system for law enforcement, similar to the existing systems for dozens of other professional careers. An armed police officer requires less training and accountability than my barber, there’s obviously something wrong with that.