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Hamilton County Engineer

Salary: $114,914 Term: 4 yearsResponsibilities: To oversee the construction, maintenance, and repair of all bridges in the county, and of county roads and other public improvements except buildings in the county.

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    Eric J. Beck

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Occupation County Engineer
Education Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, Michigan Technological University Surveying coursework at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Experience Employee of the Engineer’s Office for over 30 years. Have had varying areas of responsibility; bridge inspector, bridge technician, Bridge Engineer, Construction/Maintenance Engineer, Deputy Engineer and County Engineer
Political Philosophy I have a conservative political philosophy when it comes to spending the public’s money to maintain and improve our transportation infrastructure. Safety and a good transportation system are a priority.
Endorsements Hamilton County Republican Party
Below average
Above average
In general, the roads maintained by the Office of the County Engineer are in average condition and the bridges are in above average condition. Available funding has not been able to keep up with the rate of deterioration nor the cost of inflation. A concerted effort has been made to prioritize projects and to leverage local funds against other funding sources to improve the overall condition.
The office is currently upgrading how we rate the condition of our roadways, using new technologies, to provide a timelier and consistent method for our maintenance and replacement programs. Bridges are inspected annually per State and Federal methodologies allowing us to properly prioritize repair and replacement. I will continue to search for outside funding sources to help make the local dollars go further.
I intend to use data collected on our roads and bridges to determine trends in our aging infrastructure. In general, the worse roads with the highest public impact will be repaired first. There are exceptions where the cost to repair a marginal road brings a better return on the investment of public funds.