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Wake County Board of Commissioners District 1

Wake County is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners. The Board enacts policies such as establishment of the property tax rate, regulation of land use and zoning outside municipal jurisdictions, and adoption of the annual budget. Commissioners represent districts and are elected at the same time, at mid-term elections, to serve 4-year terms.

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    Sig Hutchinson

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    Greg Jones

Biographical Information

What is the most important issue the County Commission will have to address in the next term? (Allow a Youtube answer, or text, or both)

What is the most effective role the county commission can play in improving the local schools? What policies or funding will you suggest when elected?

What policies will you proposed to improve the economy of your county?

What policies would you propose to improve the quantity and quality of social services in your county?

Age (optional) 67
Contact Phone (919) 740-8848
Twitter @Sig4Wake
Position/philosophy statement Working to improve the Lives, Health and Well Being of all residence in Wake County
For me, it will be improving the health and well being of all our residence here in Wake County. We have recently kicked off a NEW community led initiative called "Live Well Wake" of which I am honored to serve as Co-Chair. "Live Well Wake" will focus on 7 areas of interest including 1) Affordable Housing, 2) Transportation & Transit, 3) Access to Health Care, 4) Job Creation, 5) Mental Health and Opioid Addiction, 6) Vulnerable Communities, & 7) High Utilizes known as Familiar Faces. Committees have been established during our "Design Day" to develop strategies that can be implemented and measured over a 2 year period of time to truly move the needle on improving the health and well being of our residence in Wake County. Beyond that, I will continue my work on Transit and Transportation issues, as well as protection of water and natural resources while building even more parks and expanding our Amazing Greenway System.
1) To work with the school board to ensure that our teachers are paid at a level that can recruit and encourage great teachers to come and stay in Wake County. 2) To ensure that our schools have the resources they need to provide a the highest quality of education possible. 3) To build schools on time and on budget to keep up with growth.
1) To continue to work with our amazing and talented Economic Development team to recruit and retain the best companies and talented professionals to Wake County. 2) To work with the newly formed "Live Well Wake" team to create more jobs in Wake County. 3) Support and promote a living wage like we do for all Wake County staff. 4) Support Wake Tech's "Launch Wake" initiative to teach entrepreneurial business skills to communities often left out of new business development. Currently, "Launch Wake" has programs in many Wake towns and cities but I would like to see all 12 municipalities have a Launch program. Katie Gailes with Wake Tech is responsibly for that program.
1) Expand Medicaid!!!! 2) Continue to increase Pre-K opportunities. 3) Increase mobility and transit access for all residence of Wake County. 5) Continue to expand food security programs for youth and families 4) Support "Live Well Wake" initiatives in the 7 areas identified.
Contact Phone (919) 713-3543
email address
Position/philosophy statement "Willing To Serve"
Ensuring Public Safety to Every Citizen of Wake County
Making sure that the funding allocated to the school system is spent wisely without waste. Ensure that the teachers are prioritized over administrators and facilities by increasing teachers pay and benefits packages. Rewarding teachers with higher pay should help in the recruitment of experienced and successful teachers and should ultimately benefit the educational quality of all students. We need to simplify our school campuses and new facility construction designs in order to save money on construction cost and the maintenance of the existing school campuses while maintaining the highest level of security. The savings could then be allocated to school supplies for the students, higher quality meals, and increased teacher salaries, while reducing the cost to the Tax Paying Citizens of Wake County.

As for Funding, Funding is not the issue, Wasteful Spending is the problem! Our school system could operate far more efficiently without the loss of providing a quality education. I would try to reduce the County Debt quickly as possible. The interest on the Wake County Debt each year is enough money to improve our county school system and benefit the education quality of our students.
I believe in a free market capital society therefore, I would promote small business ownership and I would make every effort to recruit large fortune 500 companies and startups to locate near small rural Wake County communities and municipalities. Good paying jobs and limited government control along with lower taxes always promotes the economy.
Prioritize County Expenditures: Example 1: Do we really need all of the open space, parks, and bike trails that have cost millions upon millions of dollars for Wake County Taxpayers or would those millions be better served helping citizens that are truly in need?