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NC District Court Judge District 19D Seat 4

The NC District Court hears civil cases involving less than $25,000 and criminal misdemeanors. District Court also oversees juvenile court and the magistrates, which handle things like small claims and evictions.Judges are elected for 4 year terms. Legislation in 2017 changed these elections to partisan elections with party primaries. There are 41 districts across the state, most of them either one or two counties.

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    Tiffany Bartholomew

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    Steve Bibey

Biographical Information

What unique personal and professional experiences have prepared you for this judgeship?

You are running for a partisan judicial position. What role should the platform of your political party play in your work as a judge on the court?

What do you perceive as the greatest obstacles to justice and do you think there is a role you should play to address these obstacles?

What experiences do you bring to the kind of cases likely to come before you in the areas of family law, criminal law and juvenile justice issues?

Age (optional) 40
Contact Phone (910) 691-5967
Position/philosophy statement Equal Justice Under Law
A good trial judge is knowledgeable, fair, and empathetic. I know that life does not always go as planned. I had my amazing son when I was 19 years old. I also know that by working hard, I graduated at the top of my law school class where I was the managing editor of the law review nine years later. Each of my life’s experiences from attending the United States Military Academy, to teaching reading to underprivileged children in Hawaii, to prosecuting domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse cases for ten years has taught me a valuable lesson. I know how to lead and how to listen. I have fought for justice and sought to be a voice for the voiceless. I am proud that I have dedicated my entire career to public service and I believe I am a better judge because of the diverse array of experiences I have had in my life.
As a judge, I took an oath to be fair and impartial. The people of Moore and Hoke counties deserve trial judges who know the law and who will apply it fairly to the cases before them. I understand that the cases that come before me represent real people who are relying on me to make decisions that will affect everything from their freedom to their families. Using words like conservative or liberal to describe a trial judge implies that the judge may rule a certain way based not on the facts of a case but on their political views which is exactly the opposite of what should happen in a courtroom. The same laws apply regardless of a litigant's political party affiliation. My loyalty is to the Constitution not a party platform.
The greatest obstacle to justice right now is the public’s distrust of the justice system. There is a general sentiment that the system only works for the wealthy and well connected. Some believe it is better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent. Yet, the bedrock principle of our justice system is inscribed on the front of the Supreme Court “Equal Justice Under Law.” This is my judicial philosophy. When we can show people that those words actually mean what they say, justice will be attainable for all people. Every morning when I take the bench, I work to restore the people’s faith in the system. I ensure that every person who comes in the courtroom is afforded the opportunity to be heard, is treated with respect, and has their case fairly decided based on the facts and evidence presented.
As a District Court Judge, I preside over multiple different courts and it is important that I have training and experience in each of them. In the last 18 months, I have received over 80 hours of continuing legal and judicial education on family and juvenile law issues. I have the benefit of being the only judge who is a trained child forensic interviewer and I was trained by the Child Medical Evaluation Program at UNC on medical evidence in child abuse cases. When it comes to criminal court, as a former prosecutor, I have tried everything from seatbelt tickets to capital murder. I am a certified criminal law instructor who has taught law enforcement classes on domestic violence and legal issues in driving while impaired cases. Additionally, I have received digital evidence training through the United States Secret Service. In the area of juvenile justice, I have served on the Moore County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council for over six years and worked diligently to identify community resources to serve our children. Qualifications matter and because of my extensive training and experience, I am the only candidate who can say I have never had a ruling or conviction overturned by the North Carolina Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.
Age (optional) 61
Contact Phone (910) 639-9284
email address
Position/philosophy statement I am an unashamed Christian believing in God and Prayer, a proud American & North Carolinian who believes himself to be conservative minded.
• Born in Moore County, NC • Grew up on a farm … Understands and appreciates working long hard hours and especially until the job is complete. … He is a Christian, He believes in GOD and Prayer, • Steve – specifically has served a total of 10 years as a Moore County Law Enforcement Officer During those 10 years, while he was full-time employed and fulfilling his commitment as an active Air Force Reservist; he completed a Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Central Carolina Technical Community College; a Associates Degree in Logistics from the Community College of the Air Force; a BS Degree in Criminology from Gardner Webb College, and lastly, in 1997 his Juris Doctorate Degree from North Carolina Central School of Law (Evening Program). • Voluntarily served a total 20+ Years • Honorably Discharged Enlisted • Air Force Active Duty 1976-1980 • Air Force Reserves 1983-2000, Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant • Retired Air Force Reserves with the rank of Captain … Promoted through the ranks from: Airman Basic to Master Sergeant, serving as First Sergeant of Civil Engineering Unit at Pope AFB, North Carolina … His Unit was activated during IRAQ Desert Shield/Storm war in 1990-1991, afterwards he received a “Deserving Airman Commission” as 2nd Lieutenant
Any political platform of any group should not play a role in our Court system. The court does not establish public policy or our laws; nor should a judge be a political activist. This is for the people and legislative branch of government. A judge should not allow behavior or actions to occur while serving in or out of the courtroom that would bring disrepute upon the Judiciary. Steve Pledges as a Proud American & Proud North Carolinian and as a Proud District Court Judge To Follow and Uphold the Constitution of the United States To Follow and Uphold the North Carolina Constitution To maintain a moral compass, his Integrity, and the professional competence to serve those who have placed their faith and trust in him to serve on the bench To be Fair, Impartial, Respectful and Courteous to all Individuals before the court as well as ALL Court Personnel To Judge within the bounds of the law, without being indiscriminate or judgmental of those before the Court
The affect today's social media has in society, and too many people attempting to litigate in the media, having NO LEGAL KNOWLEDGE as officers of the courts, while expressing statements as conclusive facts, which in most cases are nothing more than entertaining speculations and innuendos. Sells papers, makes nice for hits on the internet, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc; but NO PLACE in a Court of Law.
LEGAL PROFESSION • NC Licensed Attorney for over 23 years, having passed the State Bar Exam in 1997 and was sworn in to practice of law before the North Carolina Courts. • Solo Practitioner, owner 'Stephen A Bibey Law Office' with over 18 years in private practice ... Criminal Defense: Felonies, Misdemeanors, Infractions, Domestic Violence ... State Trial Courts: District and Superior Courts, including jury trials ... Juvenile Court: Delinquency and Undisciplined cases ... Traffic Court: DWI, speeding violations, etc. ... Abuse, Neglect and Dependency (DSS) Court: Termination of Parental Rights, Custody, Visitation, adjudications and disposition hearings ... Child Support Court DISTRICT COURT JUDGE IN 2014 - ELECTED BY THE CITIZENS OF MOORE COUNTY AND HE FAITHFULLY SERVED FOUR(4) YEARS AS ONE OF MOORE COUNTY'S DISTRICT COURT JUDGES UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2018. Steve is 'Certified in Juvenile Law' as a District Court Judge by Administrative Office of the Courts and Judicial Standards He completed more than 120 hours of 'Judicial Legal Education' thru Judicial Conferences, NC School of Government Classes and Specialized Classes or District Court Judges.