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NC Superior Court Judge District 26A Seat 1

The NC Superior Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in North Carolina. It hears all felony cases and certain misdemeanor cases. In civil matters, superior courts hear civil disputes involving amounts over $25,000. Judges are elected for 8 year terms. Legislation in 2017 changed these elections to partisan elections with no primary. The Superior Courts are divided into 8 divisions and further into 50 districts. There are 97 regular Superior Court judges under current state law, in addition to "special judges" who are appointed by the Governor, not elected. Judges rotate from district to district within their division every six months in order to avoid the danger of corruption or favoritism.

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    Alicia D. Brooks

  • Casey Viser

Biographical Information

What unique personal and professional experiences have prepared you for this judgeship?

You are running for a partisan judicial position. What role should the platform of your political party play in your work as a judge on the court?

What do you perceive as the greatest obstacles to justice and do you think there is a role you should play to address these obstacles?

What experiences do you bring to the kind of cases likely to come before you in the areas of family law, criminal law and juvenile justice issues?

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Position/philosophy statement I believe that every person who appears in court deserves to be respected and heard. The law must be followed and applied fairly and evenhandedly.
I have practiced law in Mecklenburg county for over 26 years. My experience has been unique in that I have held various positions, each of which has prepared me to be a Superior Court Judge. During my tenure as an Assistant Public Defender, I represented hundreds of citizens in Superior Court. I also served as an Assistant District Attorney where I prosecuted felony offenses such as homicide and armed robbery. I was the owner of my own law firm where I continued to practice in Superior Court and gained a reputation for stellar work as a trial attorney. I continued my service as a District Court Judge in Mecklenburg County. As a judge, I presided in nearly all of our District Courts, and I was the presiding judge in two of our outstanding treatment courts. My ties to Charlotte through my community involvement provides me with the unique personal perspective to serve this community as a judge. I have participated in expungement clinics to help returning citizens remove barriers to employment because of past behavior. I volunteered in our schools in truancy court in an effort to support our young children and keep them in school. Working in the community to provide these services to our citizens has helped to inform me of what is needed to better serve as a judge. All of these experiences provided me the knowledge and the tools necessary to be a Superior Court Judge
I do not believe that political affiliation should play a role in how I function as a judge nor does the platform of the party. The law should always be applied and followed in a manner that is irrespective of party affiliation, race, sex, age,color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background.
The greatest obstacle to justice is the lack of access by many of our citizens. There are still segments of our society who do not have the ability to seek and obtain true justice as a result of racism, poverty, substance use disorders, and mental illness. As a Judge, I actively worked on these issues in treatment court and by participating in Race Matters for Juvenile Justice. I educated myself on these issues and was intentional in my efforts to effectuate change. In Drug Treatment court, I presided over cases in which clients were given resources to help them on their journey to recovery. Likewise in Wellness Court, those who suffered with severe and persistent mental illness were provided medication, therapy and a supportive environment to help them live a balanced life. My role as a judge is to recognize that we cannnot dispense justice if we do not acknowledge these inequities and strive to remove these barriers.
I have extensive training in the area of family law and I presided for 2 years as a family law judge. I handled child support, divorce actions, child custody, equitable distribution, child custody, separation, post separation support, and domestic violence cases. Most of my experience, a total of 22 years, as an attorney has been in the area of criminal law. I practiced criminal law as an assistant public defender, an assistant district attorney, and a defense attorney. I also presided in criminal court as a judge. During my practice as a defense attorney, I represented many juvenile defendants in Superior Court. I have handled cases in all of these areas of law. Each of my positions has given me a variety of experience in these areas and makes me uniquely qualified to be a Superior Court judge.
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