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Henderson County Board of Commissioners District 2

The 5-member Board sets the policy for the county, determining the strategic vision for the county, appoints a county manager, attorney and others to serve the county, adopts ordinances, including zoning, and establishes an annual budget, which includes setting the tax rate and calling bond referendums. Commissioners live in districts but are elected county-wide in even-numbered years and serve staggered 4-year terms.

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  • Daniel Andreotta

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    Debbie Roundtree

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What is the most important issue the County Commission will have to address in the next term?

What is the most effective role the county commission can play in improving the local schools? What policies or funding will you suggest when elected?

What policies will you proposed to improve the economy of your county?

What policies would you propose to improve the quantity and quality of social services in your county?

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Position/philosophy statement Government for All be apart of the movement move with .
There are so many issues of importance. A candidate can lead with water, water recovery, sewage and all the issues of our aging infrastructure. I could write about our schools and their needs. I could also write about access to health care, support for our agriculture industry, too. However, right now the County Commission must focus on a safe recovery from this pandemic; safely getting people back to work and realizing how essential our low income people really are and institute a Living wage for our citizens.
Our County Commission is an essential partner in public education. Our next commission needs to be certain we are paying a competitive supplement in order to compete With our neighboring counties in the hiring of top notch employees. Too, the management and continuous upgrading of our schools is an ongoing need, especially with an eye toward the sort of instruction in these Covid time. Toward that end, we must be sure to see to it that high speed connectivity reaches every corner of Henderson County so that even children in remote parts of the County, as well as the poor, have equal access to learning opportunities.
A. We need to look into and pursue a living wage for our base income citizens. B. We need to be certain that our LatinEx citizens feel welcome and wanted. We should do everything we can to abandon helping ICE track down and harassing the hard working immigrants in our County. C. We need to continue to promote affordable housing for our labor force and stop gentrification in our historic neighborhoods. D. We need to work with local investors and local banks to support our businesses struggling to survive during this pandemic. This can be accomplished by supplementing state and federal programs and focusing on those entities that ‘fall through the cracks’. E. We need to develop policies that support the growth of communities like Mills River and Fletcher. For example Fletcher is anxious to build a new library. Libraries can be the heart of a community, resources for information and community unity. F. We need to help work with our agricultural community to help those entities which are in trouble survive the pandemic. We cannot allow family farming to die. G. We need to address disparities in the cost of water and sewage between different parts of our County. H. Finally, for now, we need to reach out in all districts, to improve the quantity and quality of contact - town halls and the like - with our citizens. All people have a right to be heard.
Through the acquisition of grants and prioritizing funding, we need to do more to increase the number of social service employees in our County. A study should be conducted to evaluate the community’s needs and together with all stakeholders, be certain that social services provides for those with mental health needs, housing challenges, assistance for those struggling to keep up with the expenses of water, sewage, and power.