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City of Winston-Salem Council Member North Ward

The governing body for the City of Winston-Salem is an eight-member City Council. Voters go to the polls every four years in November to elect the Mayor and Council. The Mayor is elected at large and council members are elected by citizens in each of the eight wards within the city.The City Council is responsible for adopting and providing for all ordinances, rules and regulations as necessary for the general welfare of the city. It approves the city budget and sets property taxes and user fees. The Council appoints the City Manager and City Attorney and approves appointments to City boards and commissions.

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    DD Adams

Biographical Information

Identify the most serious issue you see facing the community you will represent.

How will you address this issue once you are in office?"

What life or professional experience has prepared you for this position?

What local measures would you support to contain the spread of COVID-19 or any other major public health crisis?

The Winston-Salem Local Governance Study Commission recommended that the City Council be expanded from eight members to ten. Do you support this idea? Why or why not?

Age (optional) 66
Contact Phone (336) 345-2153
email address
Facebook http://DD Adams
Twitter @wsddadams
Position/philosophy statement I do what I do because of what is right and just. I will fight the good fight and do the good work.
The City of Winston-Salem stands at the brink to create change on many key issues. Those issues are: Racism Housing Economic Development Education
RACISM The issue of racism and the systems that it welded have denied opportunities to black and brown citizens. There has to be intentional work to dismantle these systems and create new ones that provide hope and opportunities for a quality of life. The City has several race initiatives in policy and theory. But we now have to move to action oriented results verses just written policy. We have to review every policy for corrected and preventive action that delivers specific and measurable results. I will direct staff to work with citizens to review our policies and bring forth suggested action items with goals and time lines. HOUSING I've seen first hand how the insufficient supply of affordable housing has and is affecting our City. During a strategic planning session the Council voted to make housing our number one priority. The City voted to accelerate our efforts and establish new approaches by undertaking a housing study and needs assessment in 2018. This project identifies current housing conditions and offers a strategic direction for the City to address future needs. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT We need robust, economic development benefiting everyone. I know we need bold strategies to invest in local entrepreneurs, to help promising startups grow. EDUCATION Education and training are crucial building a strong, safe neighborhoods. We must establish a partnership with our school system and I will continue to work towards that collaboration.
I want to continue to serve to affect change in my community by working collaboratively with citizens through listening and engagement. Working as a Process Quality Engineer and High Performance Team Coordinator for Johnson Controls, Inc. provided me with the skillsets of knowing that customer service is what's important. I have over 38 years of manufacturing experience that can provide a process driven perspective that drives continuous improvement in how services are delivered to citizens. My goal is to provide input for strategic visioning that allows the City to realize needed change and be able to adjust for sustainability through asset building for the community.
The City of Winston-Salem like many throughout the county have instituted measures that included: - Stay at home order Since March we implemented stay at home as well as following the Governor's order - City staff teleworking from home that can - Mask requirement in public buildings - Screening - Working with medical community on testing sites - City social media platform for outreach. Elected officials videos - Closing or decreased usage based on social distancing at parks and recreation centers - Created supportive housing in partnership with housing agencies for fragile populations - Created a 1 million dollar COVID fund to provide assistance for housing, small business and medical needs - Provided two washable mask to each of our 2K+ employees - Opened recreation centers as feeding sites with partners - We suspended certain city services until we could create a process to continue
No I don't. I believe this change should've been put to a citizen referendum vote and not mandated by political partisanship.