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Carteret County Board of Education District 4

The Carteret County Board of Education is the local governing body of the County Public School System. Its members are elected in partisan races by districts and serve staggered 4-year terms.The 7-member school board has 5 primary responsibilities:1. Employ the superintendent2. Establish policy3. Determine annual operating and capital budgets4. Approve student assignment boundaries5. Oversee the management of the school district’s major systems, including budget and finance, curriculum and instruction, personnel and auxiliary services

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    Travis Day

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What are the critical state funding needs for this county’s schools and how would you address those needs? (500 characters max)

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Position/philosophy statement Providing oversight; requiring accountability; making researched & fiscally conservative decisions for the betterment of our school system as a whole.
With 23 years of teaching experience as a professor at UNC’s Business School, I understand the value of quality education. I apply business principles in decision-making concerning the BOE budget. I am fiscally responsible with tax dollars provided by citizens to our schools. My daughters have attended Carteret County Public Schools for their entire education, attending the same schools my wife & I attended while growing up in Morehead. I have pride & a vested interest in our public schools.
BOE members hire the superintendent, provide oversight for his or her work, and create policies by which the superintendent and staff must abide while serving our school system. BOE members must represent and listen to all the citizens of our county.
Our teachers have much pride in our school system & the hard work they do. We should allow teachers to provide regular feedback to our superintendent’s office & our BOE about concerns regarding our schools & administration. This should be made possible without fear of reprisal.

Professional Development contributes to teacher satisfaction because it shows we value the job they do. Our current budget expenditures must be prioritized with professional development receiving a much higher priority.
Beyond teacher pay, working conditions & quality of life are very important components. Our county has multiple advantages, from its highly ranked schools to the natural draw of our coastal community.

But our school system could benefit from increased flexibility in hiring. We often are unable to make commitments to hiring some of the best applicants because of unfinalized budgets. As a result, we may lose great teachers to school systems that are able to commit early to hiring these teachers.
Rather than requesting funding for a particular program to benefit a select group, it would be nice to receive undesignated funds that we could use as we see fit, based on financial priorities that we evaluate and rank as a board.

Specifically, our county could benefit from increased funding for teacher development, which could benefit ALL our students as well as our teachers. Such funding could be advocated for via our NC School Boards Association to lobby state representatives on our behalf.