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The non-paid board of supervisors meets monthly to establish local soil and water conservation priorities based on the needs of the district. The Board chairs work groups to address these priorities through the installation and implementation of best management practices that protect and improve the natural resources within the district. The work is accomplished by partnering with local, state and federal agencies; businesses; and non-profit organizations for technical and financial assistance. . The Division of Soil and Water Conservation administers ACSP, AgWRAP and CCAP, and holds each local board of supervisors accountable to these state programs. Each district is governed by a five-member board of supervisors. Three supervisors are elected on the general ballot as non-partisan candidates during the regular election of county officers, and two are appointed by the NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission upon recommendation of the local district board of supervisors.

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    Jeremy Tominack

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What do you see as the job of the Soil & Water Supervisors? (700 characters max)

What experience do you bring that makes (will make) you an effective Soil & Water Supervisor? (700 characters max)

What are the most pressing needs facing the District right now and how do you propose to address them? (700 characters max)

What is the most effective service/program the District provides currently for your county? (700 characters max)

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Age (optional) 36
Position/philosophy statement All citizens of New Hanover County deserve clean soil & water in order to have healthy environmental quality and nutritious food systems. Go Seahawks!
Connecting citizens to resources & technical expertise which helps conserve natural resources & improve environmental quality of life in New Hanover County is the responsibility of District Supervisors. The District works with landowners & operators to assist in responsibly managing natural resources, both on public & private lands.The District approves soil & water conservation plans with objectives identified by local conservation work, while providing environmental education to any citizen. This may take form through grassroots advocacy, educational programming, partnership building, maintaining government agency relations, publishing information, & sharing info among similar agencies.
For over a year, I have served as an Associate Supervisor of the New Hanover Soil and Water Conservation District, unanimously voted to the role by the current Board. After graduating UNCW in 2007 with an Environmental Studies degree, I worked for NHC Park & Gardens for nearly a decade ending up as the Environmental Education Program Manager at Airlie Gardens. Recently, I have pursued a life of farming, working with Centripetal Farms, the LINC Urban Farm, the Hemp Pharmacy, & Xanadu Farms. Currently, I own & operate my own tiny farm near ILM. I've served on boards including the Cape Fear Audubon Society, Tidal Creek Co-op, Cape Fear Biofuels, & am a member of the Coastal Composting Council.
My goals, in line with the District's strategic goals, include increasing tree canopy & quality in New Hanover County, improving water quality, reducing stormwater volume, increasing access to urban agricultural & aquacultural opportunities, improving citizens' understanding of being an environmental steward, improving government's leadership and awareness of the District's mission, and conservation of Eagles Island's natural & cultural resources to be established as a regional Central park between Brunswick & New Hanover counties. The new government center should encompass stewardship design. If elected, I'll continue to help lead identified target actions to achieve these desired outcomes.
The District provides many incentive-based, voluntary conservation programs to operators & owners of land in New Hanover County. The Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP) & the Agriculture Cost Share Program (ACSP) both allow the District to use State appropriated funds to assist landowners in the design & implementation of stormwater best management practices (BMPs). Other programs include the NHC-Water Quality Improvement Program (NHC-WQIP). You can can also buy rain barrels from the District. There are many educational programs provided by the District to citizens of all ages and backgrounds. The District owns and manages many acres in conservation.
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Age (optional) 42
Contact Phone (910) 604-8093
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Position/philosophy statement Jeremy Tominack is an independent, non-partisan, candidate. If elected, he will create involvement/awareness to reduce litter and have cleaner water.
To be a conservationist, committed to the long term preservation and sustainability of the water, wildlife, and natural resources on the public and private lands in the area.
In West Virginia, I witnessed and experienced first hand the negative impacts and pollution caused by the fracking and oil industry. I'm knowledgeable of their methods and will not be influenced by their lobbying or intimidated by their tactics. As an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, I'm passionate about protecting the natural resources and wildlife in New Hanover County and its surrounding waters.
Currently, the biggest challenges are cleaner, less expensive drinking water, reducing litter, and protecting the beautiful, unique environment we are fortunate enough to live in. I feel the current board is missing out on important outreach opportunities to partner with the area's academic institutions. If elected, my goal is to partner with universities, colleges, and even high schools using grant funded projects to protect the tax base. I would like to create more involvement in fostering an appreciation for nature and conservation among young people.
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