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US House of Representatives District 5

Each state receives representation in the US House of Representatives in proportion to the size of its population but is entitled to at least one representative. There are currently 435 representatives, a number fixed by law since 1911. NC has 13 members of the US House. The House shares with the Senate responsibility for all lawmaking within the United States. For an act of Congress to be valid, both houses must approve an identical document. Each representative serves a two-year term. There are no term limits.

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    David Wilson Brown

  • Virginia Foxx

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    Jeff Gregory

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1. Upon election, what do you think is most important policy or action for you to accomplish in your first year?

2. Employment, income security and economic growth are always of concern to voters. If elected, what economic policies will you pursue to help Americans who are worried about their economic prospects in the coming years?

3. We have become politically polarized, particularly at the national level. Do you have any suggestions or actions you will bring to your role in Congress to address this?

4. Americans have become increasingly distrustful of government, particularly at the federal level. What policies can you suggest to address this distrust and protect our democracy?

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Position/philosophy statement I will fight for the rights for economic stability for ALL American citizens: work w/ fair wage; healthcare; housing; education.
Medicare for all, or at least a plan to move in that direction that doesn't leave a single American citizen without coverage. We need to find a way to deliver that care in a way that will be a net gain for all, even those with good insurance plans. No one should lose out in order for this to work for all. This is not a radical idea- we are one of the only modern industrialized countries without a solid program to ensure universal healthcare.
I want to complete FDR's vision for a Second Bill of Rights: Employment, earning a living wage; Farmers' rights to a fair income; Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies; Housing; Medical care; Social security for old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment; Education. These things should be a right for every citizen and does not have the come at the expense of others doing without. For so long we've been told that in order for one to succeed, another has to fail. That is the propaganda of the wealthy who have way more then their fair share and, in today's economy, means they are paying folks to deny paying their fair share in the name of shareholder value.
I will make sure that my constituents, all of them no matter their political persuasion, have full access to my office. I am proposing a new level of Congressional transparency: I will not accept any corporate PAC money; my office visitor logs will be available online; I will insist that any lobby group that wants to meet with me convince one of my constituents to participate in the meeting with them; I will publish a video weekly that will cover what we did the week before, what is coming in the current week, and what I see to be any hindrances to me serving the district to the best of my ability.
We must address all of the gaps in our government that the corrupt Trump administration have exploited. We can write new laws that make what have been considered norms respected by all parties required and failure to comply including stiff but appropriate penalties. We must take the power of the FEC away from the presidency and elevate it's power to enforce election laws. We must strengthen the offices of the Inspectors General in every executive branch with support from Congressional Oversight. We must roll back the requirements for judicial appointments, demanding a higher vote threshold to protected against appointing highly politicized judges. And, above all else, we must get big money out of our government. We have to adopt a constitutional amendment that overturns Buckley v. Valeo and Citizens United.
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Age (optional) 62
Contact Phone (704) 477-8750
Position/philosophy statement Ones oath to defend our country from enemies foreign and domestic never ends. God Family Country
Many are important. We are in a battle to kerp our Republic. Defend the constitution and all it stands for
For years now i have been speaking about unfair trade practices and the importance of reviewing nafta and other unfair trade agreements.
Look at all issues and make decisions based on whats best for our country and the people.
Make decisions based on is it constitutional and can the people afford it. Always remember you are a representative of the people and you work for the people. Keep your finger on the pulse of the people and seek term limits so the people know you are going to DC to work for them in an appointed time period not looking for a career.