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Each state receives representation in the US House of Representatives in proportion to the size of its population but is entitled to at least one representative. There are currently 435 representatives, a number fixed by law since 1911. NC has 13 members of the US House. The House shares with the Senate responsibility for all lawmaking within the United States. For an act of Congress to be valid, both houses must approve an identical document. Each representative serves a two-year term. There are no term limits.

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    Kathy Manning

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1. Upon election, what do you think is most important policy or action for you to accomplish in your first year?

2. Employment, income security and economic growth are always of concern to voters. If elected, what economic policies will you pursue to help Americans who are worried about their economic prospects in the coming years?

3. We have become politically polarized, particularly at the national level. Do you have any suggestions or actions you will bring to your role in Congress to address this?

4. Environmental policy has been a flashpoint recently. Are there any environmental policies that you will prioritize and bring forward legislatively if you are elected?

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At a time when there are so many challenges facing our country, it’s hard to choose just one. That being said, I will prioritize bringing down the cost of healthcare and prescription drug prices. As you may know, the fight for affordable healthcare is personal to me. When my daughter was younger, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness and the insurance company tried to charge me $10,000 a month for the medication she needed to stay healthy. I fought them and won but I started to wonder, what do other people in similar situations do? As I've traveled the district, this is an issue that continues to come up time and again: how will people afford healthcare and their prescription drugs? It’s imperative that we protect and build on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA extended healthcare insurance to 20 million Americans and ensured protections for people with pre-existing conditions. To continue building on the success of the ACA, I propose we start with offering a robust public option, allowing people to buy into Medicare at an earlier age, and allowing the government to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies through Medicare. These are commonsense options we can start with to begin bringing down the cost of healthcare and prescription drug prices.
Republican members of Congress often point to the stock market as an indication of economic prosperity for the middle class but if you look underneath those numbers, we find that wages continue to stay stagnant. The average family is making nearly the same income that they made a decade ago while prices continue to rise. Meanwhile, Republicans passed a tax cut that increases corporate profits, without increased benefits for working families. That’s got to change. In Congress, I’ll support legislation that requires corporations to pay their fair share and fight to protect programs that Americans depend on, like Social Security and Medicare. I will also support an increase to the minimum wage and legislation that addresses the other costs that are burdening families such as: the cost of education, healthcare, and childcare.
Since moving to Greensboro more than 30 years ago, I've worked hard to bring people in this community together to tackle tough projects. Together, we've been able to expand early childhood education in under-resourced schools, offer food and mortgage assistance during the Great Recession, and spur economic development downtown with the construction of a new performing arts center. All of these projects required me to work with people from all parts of the community, with different backgrounds and political beliefs. We didn't always agree but we always found a way to come together and get projects done for the betterment of our community. These are skills I've used in my community and they're skills I'll take with me to Washington. I believe in standing up for what is right, and I also believe in finding a way to work together to make progress for the people who are relying on us. If we put our mind to it, we can do both.
Since taking office, the Trump Administration has rolled back dozens of environmental protections. Instead of moving backwards, the United States should be positioning ourselves as a global leader in addressing the climate crisis, creating more clean jobs, researching green technologies, and reducing our carbon footprint. Each of these initiatives is possible if we recommit ourselves to them to ensure that future generations will inherit a healthier world.