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US House of Representatives District 2

Each state receives representation in the US House of Representatives in proportion to the size of its population but is entitled to at least one representative. There are currently 435 representatives, a number fixed by law since 1911. NC has 13 members of the US House. The House shares with the Senate responsibility for all lawmaking within the United States. For an act of Congress to be valid, both houses must approve an identical document. Each representative serves a two-year term. There are no term limits.

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    Deborah K. Ross

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    Alan D. Swain

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Upon election, what do you think is most important policy or action for you to accomplish in your first year?

Employment, income security and economic growth are always of concern to voters. If elected, what economic policies will you pursue to help Americans who are worried about their economic prospects in the coming years?

We have become politically polarized, particularly at the national level. Do you have any suggestions or actions you will bring to your role in Congress to address this?

Environmental policy has been a flashpoint recently. Are there any environmental policies that you will prioritize and bring forward legislatively if you are elected?

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Age (optional) 57
Contact Phone (919) 606-1608
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Twitter @DeborahRossNC
Position/philosophy statement I have spent my career fighting for justice and progress. In Congress, I will continue to fight for fairness and the rights of all people.
In the wake of this pandemic, our country’s need for equitable health care is more dire than ever. Coronavirus’ disproportionate impact on minority and poor communities reminds us that our current healthcare system does not serve everyone. I have always fought to protect healthcare. In the state legislature, I helped expand coverage for children's healthcare, and fought to expand Medicaid coverage for five hundred thousand more North Carolinians. It is wrong for our people that some leaders are trying to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. In Congress, I will work to improve the ACA, lower healthcare costs, protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, pass paid sick leave, and reduce prescription drug prices.
We need economic policies that support working families - that means raising the minimum wage and a real tax break for hardworking people. The pandemic has highlighted how important it is for small businesses and workers who have lost their jobs or hours to receive help to make it through these tough times. As a state legislator during the Great Recession, I advocated for an earned income tax credit aimed at returning tax dollars to working families, supported raising the minimum wage and sponsored paid sick leave legislation. I supported tax breaks to small businesses and passed legislation spurring economic development. I’ve always been a champion for working people. I’ll continue to prioritize workers and small businesses as we rebuild our economy, making sure that relief dollars go to the small businesses and families that need it most. In the wake of COVID-19 and its subsequent recession, we must pass real relief and recovery legislation that helps everyday people.
I have a history of bringing people together to get results, even people I don't always agree with. In the state legislature, ninety-two percent of the bills I introduced became law, and most had bipartisan support, including working with both parties to get insurance coverage for birth control. In Congress, I will fight against bitter partisanship and will find common ground to get results.
I know that climate change is one of the most imminent threats facing our country and we must take immediate action to address it. I have been a champion on environmental and climate issues, voting repeatedly to support clean energy, oppose fracking, and address climate change in North Carolina. I helped grow the state's clean energy sector, which has created tens of thousands of jobs here in North Carolina.
Age (optional) 66
Contact Phone (919) 589-3302
Twitter @swain4congress
Position/philosophy statement Alan is a retired Army Colonel and small business entrepreneur who believes in building a better Second District for everyone.
Upon election, my primary objective is to act. I’ve become increasingly tired of the congressional gridlock that prevents common-sense legislation from benefiting the people of our district. My first priority is to listen to the people of Wake County and work tirelessly, and across party lines, to ensure that we do what’s best for this community. Amongst the top of my legislative priorities will be to optimize healthcare, improve our county’s infrastructure and public safety network, and to better our education system.
Reviving our economy is paramount in these troubling times. I’ll work to enact legislation that is pro-business so that people across our district have access to high quality, good-paying jobs. We must reduce regulations that are roadblocks to these jobs. We must also ensure that taxes are kept low to allow our community members to invest here in our community. As we navigate this pandemic, one of my utmost objectives is to protect our incredible small businesses, as well as the livelihoods of all of our people. By enacting these policies that support our small businesses, our local communities can truly flourish. Above all else, I’ll remember that our community can reach its full potential only when we are each able to reach our own fullest potential.
Like many of you, I’m just a concerned citizen. Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly concerned about the polarization that prevents progress in our district. Simply put, we have no other option but to come together as one and work together to solve the problems we face. I’m prepared to do just that. I’m not a career politician, I’m a 26 year Army veteran and a small business entrepreneur. I know what it’s like to put in tireless effort to get things done. My promise to you is this - I’ll fight for what’s right for the district night and day. Above all else, I’ll only report to you, the people of this district.
The time has come for us all to work together to strive for a carbon-neutral footprint. In office, I will work to ensure that we pass common sense, free-market approaches to work towards this important milestone. By exploring these free-market avenues, we can easily add jobs to our community as well as work to build a better planet for all of us. In addition, I’ll work to preserve our lands so that future generations of Americans will be able to enjoy them for years to come.