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District attorneys are the elected representatives of the state in all criminal and some juvenile matters. The primary responsibility of the district attorney, with his or her assistants, is to prosecute all criminal cases filed in the Superior and District Courts. District attorneys also advise local law enforcement and prepare the criminal trial docket. Each of the 44 prosecutorial districts has one district attorney and at least four full-time assistant district attorneys. Each District Attorney is elected to a four-year term by the voters within the district he or she serves.

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    Mike Hardin

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What do you think makes you the best candidate for this office?

What is the most important issue for the District Attorney’s office currently?

Are there any new programs you would like to implement at the DA’s office?

Do you believe the DA’s office receives sufficient funding to operate effectively? If no, what services could be improved with more funding?

Age (optional) 49
Contact Phone (910) 527-1617
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Twitter @HardinForDA
Position/philosophy statement “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” -- Frederick Douglass
Experience. I am the only candidate that has 23 years experience prosecuting cases. I am the only candidate that has prosecuted serious felony cases including robbery, kidnapping, rape, child sexual abuse, and capital murder. I am the only candidate that has managed a district attorney's office, to include managing the attorneys and staff. I am the only candidate that has managed a two-county district with two separate offices, in different counties, with different staff and attorneys. I have experience juggling serious cases in separate counties while balancing my time in both offices. Additionally, I am happily married and dedicated to my family and our community. I believe that this position is more than a "job". It is my calling. I have been a public servant for 23 years and I hope to continue to serve the public.
During more than two decades as a prosecutor, I’ve seen families torn apart by the murder of a daughter, a mother, a father, a son. My job as the District Attorney, first and foremost, is to do everything possible to make sure law enforcement nabs the right person for the crime and respects all the constitutional rights of the accused. But then, my hardest job is to tell the story to a jury of what happened and make sure that criminal defendants are held accountable for their crimes. I never ever forget what happens to the victims and their families. I owe them a duty as a prosecutor to bring justice under the law.

My job as District Attorney is to uphold and enforce the laws of North Carolina and protect the innocent and law abiding citizens. This also includes seeking the death penalty. I am the only candidate for District Attorney who has asked a jury to impose the most severe sentence of capital punishment.

I am a tough and fair-minded career prosecutor, and I have a successful track record of prosecuting thousands of cases. The actual work of a prosecution team is what keeps our community safe. As your District Attorney, I will have a strong prosecution team in both the Moore County and Hoke County offices, and we will work closely with law enforcement in both counties to send a clear message to criminals.
Veterans Treatment Court: With so many of our servicemembers calling Moore and Hoke Counties home, I believe a Veterans' Treatment Court would be a good pilot program. I will seek funding from the legislature to build a Veterans' Treatment Court.

Opioid Task Force: There is an Opioid Epidemic. Moore and Hoke Counties are not immune. I will work with law enforcement to build a strong opioid task force. Like many families, our family has experienced the tragedy, first-hand, with the loss of my sister-in-law to a prescription drug overdose. I am committed to working collaboratively with law enforcement, health officials, and the court system. This is important as drug overdose deaths continue to increase.
Funding for "Raise the Age" Cases: As of December 1, 2019, North Carolina implemented "Raise the Age" legislation, which provides that 16 and 17 year olds who commit crimes are no longer automatically charged in the adult criminal justice system. With the creation of "Raise the Age", the increase in juvenile cases will place a strain on the current district attorneys' staff. Therefore, more funding for attorneys and staff would alleviate many difficulties. Funding for Investigators: A new prosecutorial district will be created with the joining of Moore and Hoke Counties. It would be helpful to receive additional funding, providing for an investigator for each county.