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The non-paid board of supervisors meets monthly to establish local soil and water conservation priorities based on the needs of the district. The Board chairs work groups to address these priorities through the installation and implementation of best management practices that protect and improve the natural resources within the district. The work is accomplished by partnering with local, state and federal agencies; businesses; and non-profit organizations for technical and financial assistance. . The Division of Soil and Water Conservation administers ACSP, AgWRAP and CCAP, and holds each local board of supervisors accountable to these state programs. Each district is governed by a five-member board of supervisors. Three supervisors are elected on the general ballot as non-partisan candidates during the regular election of county officers, and two are appointed by the NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission upon recommendation of the local district board of supervisors.

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    Anjali Boyd

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    Jan Cromartie

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    Patrick Poer

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    Terence Priester

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    Jillian Riley

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What do you see as the job of the Soil & Water Supervisors? (700 characters max)

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What are the most pressing needs facing the District right now and how do you propose to address them? (700 characters max)

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Age (optional) 23
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Twitter @Anjali4Durham
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Position/philosophy statement I am committed to using my experience, formal education, and immersion in the environmental conservation field to promote advocacy for Durham County.
Soil & Water Districts are broadly tasked with enhancing, protecting, and improving soil and water resources throughout the state of North Carolina. Durham’s Soil & Water Board of Supervisors is responsible for establishing local soil and water conservation priorities based on the needs of the county. This has direct health and economic implications for diverse communities throughout Durham County. In essence, as District Supervisor I would be tasked with representing and advocating for Durham’s needs across the state of North Carolina.
The combination of my international expertise in the environmental conservation field and my extensive roots in Durham County are a few of the reasons why I am the most qualified person to serve in this capacity. As a marine scientist, I have intensively studied these topics full-time; around water quality, natural resource management, and environmental conservation for the last 6 years. I have done so throughout the United States and internationally. As a #DurhamNative and a Durham Public Schools graduate, I have the connections, perspective, and awareness needed to advocate for our communities and connect new and existing Soil & Water programs to those who would benefit from them the most.
Pressing issues facing our County are food insecurities & the plethora of financial and technological hardships facing our farmers. Being a Durham, NC native, I have witnessed first-hand the rapid urbanization of our County and the resulting effects it has had on our natural resources. I have also seen how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated various industries, such as agriculture. As District Supervisor, I will work to develop sustainable & equitable solutions to combat food insecurities by expanding Farm-to-Table programs, connecting farmers with essential technology to increase sales & connecting students with conservation opportunities to utilize & learn from more hands-on approaches.
Our district's cost-share programs are one of our biggest assets in assisting farmers and landowners in making environmentally conscious decisions and assisting the district in enhancing, protecting, and improving natural resources throughout the county. Our district offers a variety of cost-share programs, that are designed to provide technical and financial assistance for installing best management practices. Durham County residents can apply to a cost-share program for a variety of assistance, such as 1) restoring an eroding or degraded creek/stream on their property, 2) installing a system to reduce runoff, and/or 3) installing a system to conserve water resources.
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Contact Phone (919) 937-7951
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Position/philosophy statement My role and philosophy for Durham County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor centers around sustainability .The covid-19 pandemic has crip
The job and role of a Soil & Water Supervisor is to seek to conserve, enhance, and providing technical assistance, and environmental education, information, and economic incentives to county citizens and by exhibiting a diversified to meet its changing needs. We must have sustainability in the county because of the covid-19 pandemic. If you support, elect, and vote for me I will work 24/7 and fight for you Durham. I will not agree with every proposal or endorsement of the staff without through and strategic evaluation. I am not a "yes person, but I do believe in team concept. I was not born in Durham, but I was reincarnated in Durham. I bleed Durham with Carolina and NC Central blood.
I was born one mile from our family farm. I work that farm four summers. I witness and was expose to the sweat, blood, and tears my family put in this farm. I also, served in the United States Navy. I lived on a carrier on the Chesapeake in Norfolk, Virginia. My travels internationally allow me to appreciate the value of our soil, water, and land. I have held positions in Durham County in leadership roles. I was the former health chair of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People. I am an executive board member for Partners Against Crime in my district. I am an Associate Supervisor with Durham Soil Water. I am Vice-Chairman of Precinct 8 Democrats for the Durham I have proven.
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused me to altered the needs of Durham County. I feel that to help curb some of the effects the pandemic has on our community when it comes to our soil and water is to install an innovative infrastructure system to aid in the solution. I also would try to implement a volunteer compliance training class for all Durham County citizens. I will propose to the soil and water staff an implementation of a comprehensive/ strategic training program. This program will be aim at urban,rural areas, especially within our Durham County school system, parks, and many of the commercial sector. Finally, we must focus heavily on the areas of high demand. I am not selected.
We have many awesome service programs associated with our district. I think our most effective program with the presence of the covid-19 pandemic is the Community Conservation Assistance Program. This is a voluntary incentive-based program designed to improve water quality through the installation of various best management practices on urban, suburban, and rural lands not directly with agriculture production, I want purified water with no high levels of lead, pesticides, waste, and other harmful chemicals. We do not need the same fate of Flint, Michigan and Newark, New Jersey. This program helps address erosion. If our citzens need any information they should contact us at (919) 560-0558
Age (optional) 32
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Position/philosophy statement I am not a career politician nor do I have any friends or family to facilitate my political ambitions.
Soil & Water should be tasked with improving, preserving, and developing our resources throughout the state of North Carolina. The Soil & Water board should be responsible for managing our local resources and prioritize them based on the needs of the community. There are several responsibilities needed to build a partnerships with the government with honesty and transparency in all political avenues. To protect natural resources by implementing the most beneficial management practices and support our communities through environmental education, park projects, and easements.
As an Engineer, I have a good idea of managing these topics full-time. Also, as a #DurhamNative and a graduate of Northern High school and Durham Technical Community college, I have the connections, foresight, and awareness needed to help for our communities. I am, first and foremost, an activist. As an activist, I know how important it is to have someone on the ground level. As District Supervisor, you'd be electing someone who advocates for the environment. I'm not a carrer politician or apart of the system. Hopefully, I'm a breathe of political fresh air.
Being born and raised in Durham, I have had a front seat to the transformation of Durham. I have witnessed the rapid changes to our County. I would develop a sustainable plan to reduce harmful chemicals used in farming. To reduce our reliance on insecticides such as neonicotinoids to protect our bees, reduce our dependence on dangerous herbicide such as atrazine from mixing in our pursue water supply, and reduce nitrogen and phosphorus levels in our water sources. As an advocate for clean water, I will give it my full support to Stream restoration.
I believe any programs that educates children and adults is the greatest gift we can give to the community.
Age (optional) 33
Contact Phone (919) 706-7160
Twitter @terence4durham
The role of a Conservation District Supervisor is very important to establish local soil and water conversation priorities and to oversee the implementation of programs that positively impact the citizens of our community.
I have a Masters in Public Administration and over ten years of experience working with teams to implement programs and best management practices through local, state, and federal partnerships both professionally and civically. I believe that my passion in the area of environmental justice, and my love for Durham combined with my education, and skills make me the best candidate for the job. I am committed to improving environmental equality, justice and inclusion. I am running for District Supervisor for several reasons: agriculture is part of my family's heritage, to assure the quality of natural resources for all citizens, and to make Durham a better place to live for everyone.
In Durham County, all citizens do not have access to the same quality of natural resources. Likewise, in Durham County, all children do not have equitable opportunities in accessing or exploring safe parks and enjoying nature. However, I have a comprehensive plan to address concerns regarding air, soil and water pollution, safe and equitable parks and play zones, fighting to improve the Farm Bill and preserving SNAP, educating citizens about conservation efforts, and bringing awareness of the Conservation District and its programs. My policy priorities will be achieved through strategic planning and collaboration with non-profit organizations, local, state, and federal agencies.
The Durham County Soil & Water Conservation District is leading in North Carolina Conservation Districts with providing educational and training programs to students about the environment and STEM as well as the Bionomic Educational Training Center (BETC) Program. There are several community programs hosted by the Conservation District annually.
Age (optional) 28
Contact Phone (919) 659-5831
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Position/philosophy statement An environmental justice activist running to make a Greener Durham from the Roots Up.
Board Supervisors have 4 main responsibilities: 1. Protect Natural Resources by implementing bet management practices to protect and improve Durham’s environment; 2. Build Partnerships with government, nonprofits, and businesses for technical and financial support; 3. Approve Local Projects for all financial assistance projects presented by the staf; 4. Support Communities through environmental education, park projects, and easements. After speaking with 13+ people involved with Soil and Water in some capacity, I believe my skill sets of environmental justice organizing, advocacy, relationship building, and hard work will complement the work of the Durham SWCD.
I've been an environmental justice activist for over a decade. When I was 15 years old, I started supporting small farmers, as a way to stand up to factory farms. I've worked on the coast of NC repairing hurricane damaged homes; and I've been in the fight against big fossil fuel polluter, Duke Energy. Lastly, I’m an Associate Supervisor on the Durham SWCD. But the fight for environmental justice isn't over. Right now, Durham doesn't have an elected official with a background in environmental justice. As an activist, I know how crucial it is to have an advocate at the local level. As your Board Supervisor, I will be that elected official who advocates for environmental justice for all.
SUSTAINABILITY IN SCHOOLS: A stormwater project at Southern High School reduces dependency on water, saving DPS $15,000/year. I will support projects that put money back in schools and conserve our water. INNOVATION IN AGRICULTURE: The NC supports new hemp farms in NC’s Pilot Program. I will work to support hemp farmers. In particular, I will address the racial discrimination that is preventing farmers of color from accessing hemp licensures. PROTECT CLEAN WATER: Stream restoration reduces nitrogen and phosphorus levels in our water sources, Little Michie and Little River Reservoir. I have worked with communities across NC to advocate for clean water and I signed the No Toxic Money Pledge.
The Agricultural Cost Share Assistance Program, supporting local farms, is an effective Durham SWCD program. However, the process to apply is not transparent and can feel like an insider’s game. I’ve spoken with farmers who did not know we provide grant assistance. As an organizer, I have the skills to outreach to farmers. I’ve spoken with a current Board Supervisor about updating the website to create a tab for grant information, including an online form so folks can easily begin the application process. These adjustments are a step in making sure the programs are transparent and equitable. I will work with staff to make these changes in a realistic and socially conscious manner.