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NC House of Representatives District 113

The North Carolina House of Representatives is the lower house of the North Carolina General Assembly. The House of Representatives consists of 120 members who serve a term of two years. Each member represents an average of 79,462 residents, as of the 2010 Census. The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House, who holds powers similar to those of the Senate President pro-tem. The Speaker is elected by the members from their membership for a two-year term. The Speaker’s duties include maintaining order in the House and appointing members to the House standing committees.The North Carolina General Assembly, of which the House is a part, is to convene a new regular session every two years, and the dates for these sessions are set by law. The NC legislature makes decisions on the budget: taxes, tax credits, economic development, education funding, Pre-K, the courts, Medicaid, etc. It also passes laws that set environmental standards such as water and air quality, tax rates, tax credits, criminal justice. Legislators in both chambers serve two-year terms without term limits. Sessions begin at noon on the third Wednesday after the second Monday in January.

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    Sam Edney

  • Jake Johnson

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What do you see as your most important priority if you are elected?

Education policy and funding issues have been in the news lately. What are your views and priorities on how this should be addressed in the coming year?

Tax policy can be used to address many issues –giving subsidies to companies coming to NC, balancing the needs of urban and rural areas, providing family support such as the earned-income tax credit, etc. What are your views about the tax policies in NC?

Recently the legislature changed both the NC and US legislative districts. What are your views about drawing maps in 2021 when this will again need to occur?

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Position/philosophy statement People in WNC struggle to put food on the table, buy medicine and educate their kids. The epidemic made life harder. I will work for working people.
Expand Healthcare. Refusing to expand healthcare has increased risk for all of us now in this crisis. People who make too much to qualify for traditional Medicaid but not enough to buy private insurance hesitate to see a doctor to avoid losing pay. If they work while sick they expose others. Expanding Medicaid helps us all - Low paid people get healthcare, doctors and hospitals get paid and those with private insurance see lower premiums. $4 billion more of our tax dollars circulate in our economy creating jobs. All with NO NEW TAXES. We all win. Help Small Employers.. In our district, small businesses have been badly hurt. As a small business owner for 32 years, I understand what happened firsthand. Small businesses like mine are the backbone of our economy. Working capital loans and grants can make the difference between staying open and closing for good. Expanding broadband will help small businesses put people back to work. It will also help our kids get the education they need to thrive. We all win. Protect Our Clean Air and Water. Expanding incentives in renewable energy protects our air and water and creates jobs. NC ranks 2nd in the nation in solar energy. Wind energy is successful in NC. Renewable energy creates jobs and protects our air, our water and our future. We all win.
Invest in Public Schools. Having our public schools closed has highlighted how poor policy decisions and budget cuts have hurt our kids. Investing in our schools is investing in our future. Coronavirus has taught us that internet access is important for our kids and our working families. Teachers struggle to make ends meet. Cutting pay and benefits has created a teacher shortage that discouraged an entire generation of teachers. It may have saved money in the short term, but will cost us more in the long run.Successful students drive business investment to our state creating more jobs with higher pay.We all win. We should rebuild the Teaching Fellows Program that was highly successful. We should fully reinstate the pay for advanced degrees. Better educated teachers are better teachers. We should end the A-F report card system for public schools and instead invest in early childhood education. That is the real way to help under performing schools. Schools are the biggest employers in the mountains. Paying them more puts more money in the local economy and helps us all.
First, expand Medicaid which is a tax issue, $4 billion of our tax dollars go to other states to expand their healthcare. Expanding Medicaid provides access to healthcare for people who have lost their jobs and their insurance. This strengthens our rural hospitals and creates jobs. Next, reinstate the earned income tax credit. This benefits low wage workers - many are single moms. It helps 25% of children in WNC who regularly don't have enough food. Internet access is a necessity for education and business, especially in rural areas. Private companies won't have enough customers in rural areas to recover their investment. Our government can encourage that investment with tax incentives or low cost loans. By reinstating and expanding tax incentives in renewable energy we protect our air and water and create jobs. Renewable energy is the future.
I favor the creation of a non-partisan commission to draw the maps. The legislature is constitutionally required to play a role in redistricting. My view is politicians should only get an up or down vote on maps. If the maps drawn by the commission are rejected by the legislature, then the commission would modify the maps and legislators would vote again. This process would continue until maps are approved by the legislature. Elected officials should not be drawing maps.
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