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NC State Senate District 28

The North Carolina State Senate is the upper body of the North Carolina Legislature and consists of 50 members who serve a term of two years. Each member represents an average of 190,710 residents, as of the 2010 Census. The Senate elects officers from their membership including the President Pro Tempore.The North Carolina General Assembly, of which the Senate is a part, is to convene a new regular session every two years. The NC legislature makes decisions on the budget: taxes, tax credits, economic development, education funding, Pre-K, the courts, Medicaid, etc. It also passes laws that set environmental standards such as water and air quality, tax rates, tax credits, criminal justice. Legislators in both chambers serve two-year terms without term limits. Sessions begin at noon on the third Wednesday after the second Monday in January.

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    Gladys A. Robinson

Biographical Information

What experience qualifies you to serve in the NC Senate?

What is the most pressing issue or legislation you would pursue if elected?

What is the impact on industry with renewable energy incentives for solar energy now eliminated?

What do you propose to close the coverage gap in health insurance for 400,000 North Carolinians?

What would you do to address the monitoring and cleanup, if needed, of potentially harmful chemicals such as PFOS and GenX that are in our air and water supplies?

What are your thoughts on an independent commission for redistricting?

The Parkland, Florida, school shooting has put gun rights vs. control back in the spotlight. What is your stance on the issue?

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Position/philosophy statement NC must guarantee equity which requires more than equality for all, to address disparities in health, education and the economy. This is democracy.
Senator Robinson has served 5 terms in the NC Senate; and 10 years on the UNC Board of Governors. She serves or has served on the following legislative committees: Appropriations Base Budget, Appropriations Health and Human Service, Finance, Commerce and Insurance, Education/Higher Education, Nominations, Transportation, Joint Legislative Oversight of Health and Human Services, Joint Legislative Oversight of Government Operations, Joint Oversight of Education/Higher Education, Joint Oversight of Medicaid and Health Choice. With such vast experience over 10 years, Senator Robinson is well qualified to continue her legislative role and move to leadership in the NC Senate.
As a health professional, my most pressing issue continues to be access to affordable health care for all citizens. I will again introduce Medicaid Expansion legislation in 2021. In addition to health, education is paramount for each citizen of our state; therefore we must adequately fund public education and those who make education possible, i.e., teachers and school support personnel. Higher education is also important. Once we return in 2021, we will still be in the midst of a health pandemic, therefore we must make smart, researched and best choices for our state's health, education and economy. Small and minority businesses contribute more jobs than any industry, thus we must adequately support and create policy that will spur the growth of these businesses.
Not too long ago, North Carolina had moved ahead in the production of renewable energy, some due to incentives offered to industry, but also due to the philosophy of the legislature about protecting our environment. We must once again adopt this environmentally safe policies and promote continued growth in solar energy. Some of the companies have continued to produce renewable energy but at a lesser rate; less incentives and crippling policies have stifled the interest and ability of these companies.
Enacting legislation to adopt Medicaid Expansion will help to close the coverage gap; I proposed this legislation (SB 3) in 2020 and will do so again in 2021. The estimate of the uninsured has grown beyond 500,000 with the impact of COVID 19, job loss and loss of health insurance. There are more uninsured individuals. We must enact Medicaid Expansion immediately. We are also now seeing an increase in the Medicaid population due to COVID 19; health care is a priority for our state.
It is the responsibility of the legislature to enact legislation that protects it citizens and the environment in which they live. At one time, North Carolina's EPA standards exceeded the required federal standards. Since that time, our environment and our citizens have suffered more. The EPA consent order requires testing for substances that pose health or environmental risks or controlled worker exposure. Standards also look at toxicitiy levels, etc. North Carolina's standards must be legislatively increased to protect the our water and air from harmful chemicals as the PFOs and GenX. Republicans cut a damaging amount of funds from DEQR for political reasons only. We must fund our Environmental Quality agency to have the quality of equipment and engineers to investigate these companies and chemicals that possibly pose harm.
All of us in the Senate Democratic Caucus have committed to appointing an independent commission for redistricting. The Commission must use the 2020 census data to determine the population demographics, etc. of our state and therefore recommend a fair and legal redistricting process for creating districts. Citizen hearings and involvement for inclusive input are critical. The commission must make final recommendations to the Legislative Redistricting Committee, and the NC Legislature according to the Constitution should ensure that the plan meets all legal and racially incluusive requirements.
We must legislate in 2021 that all citizens are required to have a background check as a part of the application for handguns, before any decision can be made to issue a permit by the local sheriffs. I am absolutely against the M16s and assault weapons. These should be confiscated by some legal means. We must have a school bond to build and renovate safe schools under construction standards that best protect our children in school buildings and on school grounds.