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NC House of Representatives District 74

The North Carolina House of Representatives is the lower house of the North Carolina General Assembly. The House of Representatives consists of 120 members who serve a term of two years. Each member represents an average of 79,462 residents, as of the 2010 Census. The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House, who holds powers similar to those of the Senate President pro-tem. The Speaker is elected by the members from their membership for a two-year term. The Speaker’s duties include maintaining order in the House and appointing members to the House standing committees.The North Carolina General Assembly, of which the House is a part, is to convene a new regular session every two years, and the dates for these sessions are set by law. The NC legislature makes decisions on the budget: taxes, tax credits, economic development, education funding, Pre-K, the courts, Medicaid, etc. It also passes laws that set environmental standards such as water and air quality, tax rates, tax credits, criminal justice. Legislators in both chambers serve two-year terms without term limits. Sessions begin at noon on the third Wednesday after the second Monday in January.

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    Dan Besse

  • Jeff Zenger

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Identify the most serious issue you see facing the community you will represent.

How will you address this issue once you are in office?

Tax policy can be used to address many issues –giving subsidies to companies coming to NC, balancing the needs of urban and rural areas, providing family support such as the earned-income tax credit, etc. What are your views about the NC State tax policies?

Age (optional) 65
Contact Phone (336) 491-7673
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Twitter @bessefornc
Position/philosophy statement I am committed to working together with our entire community to solve common problems and help build a better future for all our children.
We must address more than one community need. Chief among my priorities are the following: --Protecting and expanding access to health care and controlling costs. --Fully funding public education, including fair pay and respect for our teachers, so that a high-quality education is available for every family and student. --Building a strong economy with good jobs that pay well, with good benefits, security, and opportunity to advance. --Protecting clean water and air and public health. --Defending human and civil rights. --Maintaining safe communities.
Some specifics are easy to name, such as expanding Medicaid to cover an additional half-million North Carolinians who currently lack access to affordable health care, including 19,000 here in Forsyth County. We must also protect health care coverage for all who have "pre-existing health conditions." No one should lose their health insurance because they fall ill, or be denied health care because they have an existing health problem. And, we must do more to address rising health care costs. Public education must once again be treated as our top state budget priority. We must work together to develop affordable, common-sense solutions. I will use my experience of working across party lines as an elected city council member to get it done.
Over the past decade, the current leaders of our NC General Assembly have taken the wrong approach to tax policy, by focusing first on benefits to big corporations and special interests. Instead, we must focus first on keeping taxes low for working families. Family-friendly tools such as the earned-income tax credit are more important for the prosperity of our community than further cuts to the corporate tax rate. Business assistance must prioritize the needs of small businesses. We must ensure that we build and maintain the transportation infrastructure and broadband access to support a strong economy. Finally, we must ensure that our tax policies never again jeopardize our ability to fully fund our public education system.
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