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NC House of Representatives District 20

The North Carolina House of Representatives is the lower house of the North Carolina General Assembly. The House of Representatives consists of 120 members who serve a term of two years. Each member represents an average of 79,462 residents, as of the 2010 Census. The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House, who holds powers similar to those of the Senate President pro-tem. The Speaker is elected by the members from their membership for a two-year term. The Speaker’s duties include maintaining order in the House and appointing members to the House standing committees.The North Carolina General Assembly, of which the House is a part, is to convene a new regular session every two years, and the dates for these sessions are set by law. The NC legislature makes decisions on the budget: taxes, tax credits, economic development, education funding, Pre-K, the courts, Medicaid, etc. It also passes laws that set environmental standards such as water and air quality, tax rates, tax credits, criminal justice. Legislators in both chambers serve two-year terms without term limits. Sessions begin at noon on the third Wednesday after the second Monday in January.

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    Ted Davis, Jr.

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    Adam Ericson

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1. What do you see as your most important priority if you are elected? [Youtube video for this question or text or both].

2. Education policy and funding issues have been in the news lately. What are your views and priorities on how this should be addressed in the coming year?

3. Tax policy can be used to address many issues –giving subsidies to companies coming to NC, balancing the needs of urban and rural areas, providing family support such as the earned-income tax credit, etc. What are your views about the tax policies in NC?

4. Many communities in North Carolina are experiencing significant violence. Do you think that changes to the laws in our state would improve safety in our communities?

Age (optional) 70
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Position/philosophy statement Presently State House of Representatives - District 19
I voted to reduce the personal, corporate and franchise tax rates to make our state more business friendly. I voted to reduce the personal tax rate so that individuals will pay less taxes. I voted to increase the standard deduction to $21,000 to help reduce the tax liability for low income individuals. I voted to extend the Historic Rehabilitation tax credit because of the economic benefit resulting from restoring and refurbishing old structures. I am also in favor of tax incentives to recruit new businesses to come to North Carolina, as well as existing businesses expanding in our state, as long as there are benchmarks that a business must satisfy (such as a certain number of jobs at a certain salary or a certain amount spent on infrastructure) before any incentive is actually given. These are examples of the tax policies that I supported because they benefit the citizens of our state, and I will continue to support such positive policies.
There are different ways as to what can be done in North Carolina in order to improve safety in our communities, and I will give the following examples. While I support the Second Amendment, I am in favor of pistol permits; background checks; proper training; and access to mental health records. As a former State and Federal prosecutor, I support tougher penalties for those involved in drug dealing and gang activity because these definitely contribute to crimes being committed that endanger law abiding citizens. I voted for legislation to address the opioid epidemic, because addicts frequently commit crimes to support their habit. I voted for state and local law enforcement to cooperate with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and not releasing criminal aliens back onto the streets. I voted to appropriate $6 million to clear the backlog of untested rape evidence kits throughout the state and to put in place new protocols to prevent any future backlogs. I voted for reforms to further protect victims of child abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. I voted to increase the funding for school safety measures to protect children in schools, including additional mental health professionals and school resource officers. Hopefully, once fully implemented, these measures will result in a decrease in violence in our state and local communities.
Contact Phone (910) 216-0315
Twitter @ElectAdam_HD20
Position/philosophy statement Adam is a public high school teacher and coach running to protect our air and water, improve public school funding, and fix our healthcare system.
Tax policy impacts every area of public spending, health, and safety. We need to prioritize school funding, jobs in renewable energy, and public infrastructure. We need to restore the tax incentives for North Carolina’s film industry, and offer incentives to companies that will invest in North Carolina and our people. That means investing in the public good: green energy jobs, supporting local agriculture, conservation efforts to protect our air and water, and laying trenched fiber-optic cable to expand high-speed broadband across rural North Carolina.
We need to properly fund public services which ensure our most vulnerable citizens can seek help and be protected. That means funding women's shelters, enacting extreme risk protection orders, ensuring background checks are conducted properly on applicable firearms purchases, funding mental health clinics and expanding after school and mentoring programs for at risk teens. Yes, I think changing our funding priorities and associated laws would improve safety in our communities, that is the first duty of our elected officials.