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Nebraska State Legislature - District 29

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    Eliot Bostar

  • Jacob Campbell

Biographical Information

Does Nebraska need to change its method of redistricting? Why or why not?

Do you feel there is a need for voter ID? If so, why and how should it be implemented?

How should the problem of prison overcrowding be handled?

Does Nebraska need a paid family medical leave program? Why or why not?

Should there be increased restrictions on money in politics? Why or why not? What specific restrictions would you support?

What is your plan to ensure Nebraska’s infrastructure and economy are stable during and post pandemic, such as COVID-19?

Occupation Executive Director of Conservation Nebraska and Nebraska Conservation Voters.
Education BS, Business, Embry-Riddle University
Current Public Office, dates held This is the first time I would serve in elected office.
Volunteer experience Lincoln Electric System, Board of Directors City of Lincoln Climate Resilience Task Force, Member
Address 3800 S 42nd St Lincoln, NE 68506
Marital Status Married
Age 33
Twitter @BostarEliot
Voters should choose their representatives; politicians shouldn’t choose their voters. To protect Nebraskans from partisan gerrymandering, Nebraska needs a nonpartisan redistricting process that ensures boundaries are drawn fairly so everyone’s voice is represented in our democratic system.
There is no need for increased voter ID requirements. This is a solution in search of a problem. Numerous studies have concluded that the occurrence of voter impersonation in this country is exceedingly rare; in fact, there have been zero documented cases of it occurring in Nebraska. The negative impacts of implementing voter ID laws, however, are wide-ranging and have been demonstrated to prevent eligible U.S. citizens from exercising their right to vote. Let’s focus on making it easier to vote, not stopping eligible voters from participating.
Nebraska has the second most overcrowded prisons in the country, which requires immediate action by the State Legislature. Comprehensive legislation that addresses overcrowding, staffing issues, and rehabilitative programming is needed to create a long-term solution to the problems facing our criminal justice system.

We need to address why people are ending up in our prisons in the first place and improve services for mental health and drug addiction. For those who are already in our prison system, there needs to be robust rehabilitation programs to reduce the recidivism rate and ensure the safety of our communities. These solutions require taking a comprehensive approach and pulling many different stakeholders together. I’ve done this kind of work for years to address environmental and economic challenges, and will bring this same long-term, collaborative approach to addressing the problems facing our criminal justice system.
Nebraska should have a paid family medical leave program. The current pandemic makes clear the impact of having a family member fall sick and the importance of providing flexibility for workers to care for their loved ones. Businesses and workers need to be brought together to design a common-sense approach -- that ensures workers can prioritize their wellbeing without fear of losing their job or missing a paycheck and that our small businesses can thrive.
Yes. Nebraska is one of the only states in the country with no contribution limits for individuals, corporations, or PACs. Nebraska needs to increase transparency and reduce the influence of special interests by setting a limit on campaign donations and passing other common sense reforms.
The health and safety of Nebraskans is the most important thing for us to focus on as we look at how to stabilize the economy and rebuild in the wake of COVID-19. Most immediately, we need to ensure our critical infrastructure - medical facilities, utilities, and supply chains - is secure and reliable as the pandemic spreads. We also need to be compassionate towards those who have been impacted by illness or job-loss. As a member of the LES Board, I advocated to suspend disconnections. Our utilities must continue to provide this relief to those in our community who need help.

Once this public health crisis is over we need to get Nebraskans back to work. We must support our small, local businesses - those places that form the identity of our community and create thousands of jobs. We need to invest in our roads, bridges, dams and levees. We also have to invest in our human infrastructure, by supporting quality schools, paid family medical leave, and access to affordable healthcare.
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