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Nebraska US House of Rep - District 2

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    Don Bacon

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    Kara Eastman

Biographical Information

What, if anything, should Congress do to protect the U.S. voting system from foreign influence?

What would you do to lessen the effects of climate change?

What are your thoughts on immigration policy?

What, if any, changes would you recommend for "sensible gun legislation"?

Occupation Retired Brigadier General, USAF
Education Masters, National War College; MBA, University of Phoenix; BA, Northern Illinois University
Current Public Office, dates held Representative, Nebraska's Second District 2017 - current
Address PO Box 391368 Omaha, NE 68139
Marital Status Married to Angie since 1984
Age 57
Military experience 29.5 years in United States Air Force; Retired as Brigadier General; Five time commander, including Ramstein and Offutt; Four deployments; Former Director of ISR Strategy, Plans, Doctrine and Force Development, AF/A2, Headquarters of USAF, Pentagon
Volunteer experience My volunteerism has included the following: - USAF Academy Advisory Board - VP, Air Force Association, Aksarben Chapter - Chaplain, Nebraska Military Officers Association of America - Boy Scout Merit Badge University Instructor - Life member VFW
Twitter @donjbacon
As a retired USAF intelligence general officer who oversaw cyber intelligence training for the Air Force, this is an area of concern that I take seriously and have taken actions in our defense. There are three areas of concern with election security and foreign influence: election ballot hacking, social media influence operations, and hacking into candidate emails with intent to undermine those candidates. Congress has a role to defend our voting process from foreign influence, but that does not include taking control of elections away from the states, staying in compliance with our Constitution. I’ve cosponsored bills to strengthen cyber-security, which gave over $800 million to states to shore up their election systems. I cosponsored the Honest Ads Act which increases transparency into social media ads and reduces foreign intelligence capabilities in this area. My three decades of experience in cybersecurity and intelligence makes me a key voice in Congress on national security.
I believe climate change is real and happening. I am a strong supporter of renewable energy and I led the efforts in the U.S. House to reinstate tax credits for its producers. In fact, I was called the “Champion of Wind Energy” by leaders of renewable energy in Omaha. I believe in incentivizing behavior we want, not using punishments. I believe in the “all of the above” approach so that our nation expands in renewable energy, but also so that we become energy independent. With these incentives, our free market system and innovation have enabled America to reduce carbon emissions more than the next 12 countries combined, while becoming the largest energy producer in the world. American natural gas has been part of this success and it burns 40% cleaner than Europe’s. I also support battery storage and carbon capture research to expand our renewable energy capabilities. I oppose carbon taxes that will raise gas prices, utilities costs and air fares, and that falls unfairly on the poor.
When I first ran for Congress I supported a pathway for DACA recipients when many in my party did not. I was one of seven GOP representatives who asked the President to reconsider his policy on DACA, and he subsequently modified his views. I support allowing those with TPS protections to stay in the country legally while they pursue citizenship, because they have contributed to society and proven to be good neighbors. I was also one of the GOP representatives to ask the President to stop the policy of family separations (which was started in previous Administration) and he subsequently shifted to a more humane policy, while still protecting children who are being trafficked or in custody of adults wanted for previous crimes. I support E-Verify and better border controls, including a targeted border wall, to reduce illegal immigration and human/drug trafficking. Evidence exists that walls work. In the end, we must support legal immigration and respect those who naturalize the legal way.
The best thing we can do to reduce senseless gun violence is to enforce laws already on the books. Criminals don’t follow laws, so creating new ones won’t have an impact. Instead, we should focus on enforcement of existing laws. I’ve worked closely with the law enforcement community on legislation they say will be of the greatest benefit in reducing gun violence, like straw purchases (when someone buys a gun for an individual who is not allowed to have one) and stronger information fusion centers, which allow law enforcement agencies to better communicate with each other regarding threats. Our own Omaha Chief of Police says the most important action we can take to reduce gun violence in Omaha is enforce the Straw Purchase Laws, which are not being enforced now and leads to dangerous felons getting firearms illegally. I supported the Stop School Violence Act that passed, and led efforts to fund these needed programs.
Occupation Business owner, nonprofit executive
Education MSW Loyola U; BA Pitzer College
Past Public Office, dates held Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors 2015-2019
Address Omaha, NE
Marital Status Married
Age 49
Military experience none
Volunteer experience She has been a board member of the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands and has served as an appointed member of the Mayor of Omaha's Fair Housing Advisory Board.
We need to invest in our Democracy, which means investing in election security. I support a government which is efficient and transparent. The current administration has too many ties to large corporations, not to mention business arrangements with some of our foreign adversaries. Similarly, my Republican opponent accepts a great deal of corporate PAC money from special interests. This is wrong, and I will not accept corporate PAC dollars. I also think “dark” money should not be allowed to corrupt our elections. Therefore, I stand against the 2010 Supreme Court decision Citizens United. Gerrymandering must be ended, and citizen commissions should draw fair, non-partisan districts. Participation in our electoral democracy must be increased through automatic voter registration and by ending voter suppression tactics. Finally, I have seen how difficult it is for candidates who do not come from wealth to raise funds and want to move toward public funding of federal election campaigns.
Climate change is the number one moral and security threat our nation faces. We must reorient our environmental and economic policies to meet this incredible challenge and once again become a global leader in innovation and sustainability. Following the 2020 elections, we must get back into international agreements like the Paris Agreement and then aggressively update them to bring down carbon emissions. In the meantime, wind and solar must be harnessed as clean energy options, especially here in Nebraska. I will fight for a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, getting to net-zero by 2040, and a 100% clean energy plan for America.
NE-CD2 has over 100,000 immigrants who contribute to key sectors of our economy and help build the fabric of our diverse community. The current administration’s policies of separating families, imprisoning babies without access to basic needs, and rounding up hard-working immigrants is immoral and un-American. They are more concerned with scoring political points with their base than they are with border security. Now is the time for us to make significant investments in smart technology, work-force development, and foreign aid. Other solutions that transform our immigration system include hiring more immigration judges and fully staffing ports of entry. We must make law-abiding Dreamers citizens and ensure that immigrants who follow the law can earn a lawful presence in our country.
As a mom, I am outraged by the lack of movement we have seen in the country on this issue. Groups like the NRA have commandeered the discussion. This is a public health menace, and common-sense solutions are supported by 85 to 90% of Americans. Universal background checks, mandatory waiting periods, smart technology, age requirements, and a ban on the sale of weapons of war would help ensure our children are not gunned down in their schools or playgrounds.


The vast majority of private sales (including gun shows and online) must fall under the existing background check umbrella.

We must end the gun show loophole. All gun purchases should be subject to the same background check standards.

I support raising the minimum age to buy a firearm to 21 years old. We need to keep guns out of the hands of young people, and this is a good way to do it.