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Nebraska State Legislature - District 25

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    Stephany Pleasant

Biographical Information

Does Nebraska need to change its method of redistricting? Why or why not?

Do you feel there is a need for voter ID? If so, why and how should it be implemented?

How should the problem of prison overcrowding be handled?

Does Nebraska need a paid family medical leave program? Why or why not?

Should there be increased restrictions on money in politics? Why or why not? What specific restrictions would you support?

What is your plan to ensure Nebraska’s infrastructure and economy are stable during and post pandemic, such as COVID-19?

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Occupation Staff Attorney with Student Legal Services for University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Education Nebraska College of Law, J.D., 2017 University of Nebraska - Lincoln, B.A., 2013
Address PO Box 6392, Lincoln, NE 68506
Marital Status Married
Age 31
Twitter @StephPleasant
Nebraska should review its method of redistricting and ensure that it is implemented fairly and not for the benefit of a political party.
"A restriction on a right, is never created to be more inclusive." Those were the wise words of my late professor, Dr. Combs. Dr. Combs taught me a long time ago, that rights should not have qualifications, and if they do, it is not a sign that the person creating the qualification wants everyone to participate. Voting is a right in this country. Voter ID laws put a qualification on this right, that prevents some from exercising that right. As such, I do not believe there is a need for them.
Nebraska is facing one of the worst prison overcrowding issues in the nation. This issue did not form at the end of the line. Instead, Nebraska could reduce its prison population by diverting more low-level crimes out of the penal system, giving more funding to mental health initiatives, and creating more community-based correction programs.
Yes. Nebraska needs to implement a paid family medical leave program. Only a few U.S. states have taken responsibility for caring for its workers and providing paid leave for employees. Evidence shows that paid family leave creates more productive and healthier employees. It also closes the wage gap between women and men. Nebraska can provide protection for both its workers and its businesses.
Campaign finance reform is necessary to create a more transparent government. Constituents have the right to know who is bankrolling their candidates so they can make informed decisions on who to vote for. I support any regulation that would increase transparency.
To ensure Nebraska's infrastructure during and after the pandemic, we must continue to support families while they are unable to work. In addition, we cannot put more barriers on an already struggling family. That is why the state should push to block evictions and utility cut-offs during this time. Putting families out on the street will make the recovery harder and will increase the chance of the virus spreading.