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Nebraska US House of Rep - District 1

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    Kate Bolz

  • Jeff Fortenberry

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    Dennis B Grace

Biographical Information

What, if anything, should Congress do to protect the U.S. voting system from foreign influence?

What would you do to lessen the effects of climate change?

What are your thoughts on immigration policy?

What, if any, changes would you recommend for "sensible gun legislation"?

Occupation Executive Director, Nebraska Association of Service Providers
Education University of Michigan, MSW Nebraska Wesleyan University, BS/BA
Current Public Office, dates held Nebraska State Senator, 2013-present
Address 2945 Sherman St. Lincoln, NE 68506
Marital Status Engaged
Age 41
Volunteer experience Meals on Wheels Volunteer Board Member, Lincoln Public Schools Foundation Governor's Board of Advisors, Nebraska Wesleyan University Board Member, Nebraska Association of Social Workers
Twitter @katejbolz
I support provisions in H.R. 1 to protect our American democracy, including clarifications on the the prohibition of participation of foreign nationals in election-related activities, auditing and reporting of illicit foreign money in Federal elections, and prohibitions on contributions and donations by foreign nationals in connection with ballot initiatives and referenda.

I would prioritize a transition to a clean energy economy to lesson our dependence on fossil fuels, including incentives for innovation and re-training programs for workers. In the Nebraska Legislature, I have supported the University of Nebraska Water for Food Institute, which uses training and technology to increase water sustainability, and as a Member of Congress would develop additional similar institutes nationwide.
I believe in comprehensive immigration reform and a humane response to families at the border. In my service in the Nebraska Legislature, I have voted for driver's licenses and professional licensure for Dreamers.
First and foremost, I believe in violence prevention strategies, including job training programs, after school programs, and family counseling services. Like the majority of Americans, I also support universal background checks.
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Education Omaha South High School-1988; Metro Community College-1996, associates in Criminal Justice; Bellevue University- 2003, Bachelor’s Degree, Criminal Justice Administration; Bellevue University, 2004-2005, no degree, Master’s levels course work in Sec
Address 1555 East Dodge Street Fremont, NE 68025
Marital Status Married
Age 50
Military experience US Navy, USS Forrestal, Aviation Boatswains Mate (Aircraft Handler), Honorable Discharge 1990
Congress has tried to pass bills to combat that issue, but cant move past their budgetary chess board. Their idea is simply to throw money at cyber security, to the tune of tens of billions of dollars each year, just to watch as an average of 78 reported cyber attacks on government systems happen each year. And at the end of it all, they place the responsibility at the feet of the states. Which is where it belongs, of course. Congress can provide funding and IT assistance to the states. In at least one Congressional advisory statement, it is suggested that the Department of Homeland Security and the intelligence apparatus be the arbiter of security, as well as accuracy, in elections. It is suggested we allow the Department of Homeland Security even more access to personal information and complete control of YOUR voter registration. I’m sure most people would see the risk potential there. Leave the process to the states, where they can quickly and locally address problems.
The problem with addressing real issues like climate change, is that we are quick to immediately label it a crisis and activate emotional response systems. Rather than stating that some of human industrialization may be causing unforeseen damage to our ecosystems, we show videos of polar bears. In order to have an immediate impact on climate change, we must be truthful with the facts and understand that much of what we see is cyclical. We know that nuclear energy is not only the cleanest form of energy, but also among the safest and most regulated industries. Nuclear power is the best way forward, and an important aspect to combat climate change. Funding conservation efforts, promoting sustainable urban farming, fishing and outdoor education, and getting people out of the house will provide a lifetime of benefits.Imagine the difference we can make by simply spending more time without devices, talking to our neighbors, and teaching our children about the world around them.
Immigration policy is such a politicized issue that it literally tears apart families. Ironic, when we think about it. The immigration issue is a political hand grenade. Just mentioning it can spell the end of a new politician’s dreams of public service. But I’ve made it a central issue in my campaign. Our current issues regarding immigration policy are repairable by addressing three primary facets: border security, current illegal immigrants, and relations with our neighbor states. No conversation can be complete without addressing our porous border. But we can do it without hostilities. We can address the role all immigrants have played in our country and the benefits of their presence. We can do this while maintaining our principles and their dignity. We can help our neighbors rectify their emigration issues while maintaining their sovereignty.
Sensible gun legislation has already been passed and is used, in the form of background checks and restrictions on fully automatic weapons. I would revisit discussions on suppressors, which are not as they are depicted in the movies.