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Nebraska State Legislature - District 3

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    Carol Blood

  • Rick Holdcroft

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Does Nebraska need to change its method of redistricting? Why or why not?

Do you feel there is a need for voter ID? If so, why and how should it be implemented?

How should the problem of prison overcrowding be handled?

Does Nebraska need a paid family medical leave program? Why or why not?

Should there be increased restrictions on money in politics? Why or why not? What specific restrictions would you support?

What is your plan to ensure Nebraska’s infrastructure and economy are stable during and post pandemic, such as COVID-19?

Occupation Business Consultant
Education Metropolitan Community College
Current Public Office, dates held 2016 to 2020 Nebraska Legislature-District 3 Senator
Past Public Office, dates held 2008 to 2016 Bellevue City Council At-Large Council Representative
Volunteer experience Bellevue Public Safety Foundation, Nebraska Farmers Market, Sarpy County Nursing Homes, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sarpy County Museum, Nebraska Veteran's Day Parade, Riverfest, Worldfest, Bellevue Police Citizens Advisory Council
Address 2812 Jack Pine Street Bellevue, NE 68123
Marital Status Married to Joe Blood for 33 years. 3 children and 10 grandchildren.
Age 59
Twitter @senatorblood
Yes it does. It is paramount that we have a process that is fair, non-partisan and information based. The location of district lines decide which voters will vote for which representative. Changing these lines changes the relevant voters, and it can also change the identity, allegiance, and political priorities of a district's representative, and of the body of the legislature as a whole. We must have a process that does not dilute minority votes, divide communities, or increase partisanship here in Nebraska.
I believe that it is our job to make it easier for people to vote and not harder. There is zero evidence of voter fraud in Nebraska. We have many more important problems to address such as property taxes, school funding and public health. We should not be trying to find a solution to a problem that does not exist where there are many more important issues to be handled.
There's no one fix for the overcrowding issue. The most obvious and easily addressed issue that must be kept in the forefront is making sure those who are eligible for parole have easy access to the rehabilitation programs that are required in order for them to be released by the State Board of Parole. However, there is a component that must be fixed and that is making sure the parole board offers release reconsideration should someone be denied and also makes it a priority to get those ready for parole in front of them to move them through the system. I think we are moving in the right direction by looking at our laws and deciding if the punishments truly fit the crimes when they are victimless crimes. We strive to keep people out at the judicial level and work with special demographics such as we do in Veteran's Court. It's not one answer, it's many answers. Additionally, if we lift up those who live in cycles of poverty and provide good resources, we sent a foundation for the future
The reasons for paid family medical leave are endless. If you look at the current research on this benefit, it clearly shows that businesses who offer paid family and medical leave have increased employee loyalty and reduced turnover, resulting in a cost-saving for businesses. It allows employees the flexibility to devote more time to family demands, which boosts efficiency, productivity and engagement while on the job. In a state where we have more jobs than we do people, it would serve us well to be more enticing to young families who may be considering which states offer them a competitive advantage where they may want to live and raise their families.
Yes. I believe it will reduce the political shenanigans and partisanship that we see in todays political arena. It's nauseating to see how many people are elected based on how much they spent. I believe in Nebraska that all races should be kept at $5,000. Then it won't be a competition as to how much money can be raised/spent but it becomes more about how many doors can be knocked. I also believe that outside organizations that get involved should be clearly transparent and MUST give clear information about who they are, where they come from (state located) and the bias they are pushing.
We protect our infrastructure and economy during the pandemic by doing everything we can to flatten the curve and move Nebraska forward. We have the ability to slow down the progress if EVERYONE follows the rules and stays home whenever possible. As a member of the legislature, I and other senators made it a priority to come and vote for emergency funding to make sure our frontline pandemic workers have the tools they need. Providing unemployment benefits, resources and funding in tandem with the federal government helps to keep our citizens and businesses above water until we are on the downslide of this pandemic. Then, as things improve we must continue to be cautious while helping get Nebraska residents back into the workforce and the storefronts open as soon as we can. Meanwhile, as individuals, we can provide resources, outreach and lead by example. My office has been making thousands of outreach calls to our residents for wellness checks and to provide resources.
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