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U.S. Representative District 3

Duties: Representatives make laws along with the members of the Senate, and may conduct investigations on issues of national importance. Laws that impose taxes always begin in the House of Representatives. Representatives can recommend that the Senate remove from office a public official accused of a crime.Term: Two yearsBase Salary: $174,000How Elected: Elected by voters in each congressional district. Maryland has eight of the 435 Representatives, based on the state's population in the 2010 Census.Website:

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    John Sarbanes

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GOALS: Why are you running for this office?

IMMIGRATION: What, if anything, would you change regarding immigration policy?

HEALTH CARE: Would you vote to continue the Affordable Care Act as it is, expand it, or eliminate it? Please explain.

ENVIRONMENT: What should be the federal government’s role in addressing national and global environmental concerns?

GUN SAFETY: What policies do you propose to reduce gun violence?

ECONOMY: How would you address the growing income gap in our society?

DISCRIMINATION: What initiatives would you propose to address bias based on race, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, or disability?

STUDENT LOANS: What actions would you support to reduce burdensome student loan debt?

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I am running to strengthen our democracy by ending the influence of big money in politics, protecting the right to vote and ensuring that public officials work for the public interest. To make progress on the most pressing issues we face, we first need a political system that responds to the many, not the money. Too many Americans feel shut out by Washington; we need to bring them back in.
I oppose the Trump Administration’s immigration policies including zero tolerance/family separation, restricting asylum, ICE operating in sensitive locations, the public charge rule and efforts to end DACA and TPS, among others. We need an immigration policy that protects economic interests while providing a path to citizenship and a humane, legal framework for people to come to the United States.
I am a strong supporter of the ACA and believe that we must stop and reverse years of Republican sabotage, which has increased costs and limited access to health care. I also believe we can expand on the ACA’s successes, including by passing a public option or a single-payer, Medicare for All system – both of which I support – and passing H.R. 3 to reduce the costs of prescription drugs.
Climate change is the existential crisis of our day. The federal government must lead the effort to reach net-zero carbon emissions that includes a just transition for all communities, including our most vulnerable. We must rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, reverse course on Trump’s deregulatory agenda, and promote green technology that moves the nation towards a healthier, sustainable future.
I have voted to close loopholes and strengthen our background check system. I also support an assault weapons ban, banning large capacity magazines, a national system for extreme-risk protection orders, mandatory safe gun storage, raising the purchasing age for certain firearms and prohibiting persons convicted of hate crimes from buying guns.
The key to addressing income inequality is fixing our democracy so that economic power does not equal political power. We need to reverse decades of tax cuts for the wealthy and big business and reinvest those revenues in our people – including by reducing the financial burden of health care, housing and education. We must focus on economic justice and building wealth in marginalized communities.
I strongly support important civil rights legislation like the Equality Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, the End Racial Profiling Act and the NO BAN Act. I also support building on criminal justice reforms like the First Step Act. I authored H.R. 1, which would expand access to the ballot, particularly for racial minorities and persons with disabilities, who face additional barriers to voting.
I authored the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program to provide debt relief for individuals who work in public service. I introduced the What You Can Do For Your Country Act, which strengthens PSLF and ensures its proper administration by the Department of Education. I oppose the Trump Administration’s attacks on student borrowers and believe we must better protect them from predatory lenders.