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Nashua Selectman Ward 9

The ward selectmen are responsible for choosing the polling place, maintaining the checklist, ensuring that the polls are open and functioning properly, and ensuring the proper counting of election results. They are elected for a two-year term.

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    Vijesh Shettigar

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I want to contribute in making my community and thus my country a better place. I have always had a strong desire to serve my community. However the adage "Charity begins at home" still holds true for me. I am responsible for the happiness and well being of my family i.e. my wife Dhanavati and my twins (son - Tejas and daughter - Avani). I also have a professional career to manage. In addition, I also manage the finances of my 182 unit MeadowView Estates Condominium as the Board Treasurer. This leaves me very little time to take on any larger responsibilities. Recently I was made aware of the position of Selectman and realized it was a manageable responsibility for me.

My belief in elections being the bedrock of any democratic society and the need for free and fair elections to ensure every voice matters helped make my decision to run. The Selectman's role will allow me oversight of the election process. It will also allow me to understand the workings of my city better.
- Being an engineer by training, I am used to following rigorous processes and procedures to ensure results.

- Having worked as a Treasurer for my Condo for the last 8 years, my fellow directors on the board and I have significantly improved the fiscal health of our community.

- At work, I am used to working under pressure and holding my ground when working with business leadership. Many times they are not close to the ground realities and are not aware of the potential roadblocks in their planning. I usually work out the details and thus help them shape their plans to be closer to reality.

- I enjoy learning new things and this would be another education opportunity for me to understand the strengths and areas that need improvement in our city government.
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