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Nashua Alderman Ward 9

The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the City of Nashua and as such is the policy-making entity of the City, except where otherwise expressed in the City Charter. The Board of Aldermen consists of 9 ward aldermen elected for a term of 2 years at every municipal election and 6 at-large aldermen elected for a term of 4 years, 3 of which are elected at each municipal election.

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    Linda Harriott-Gathright

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    Bill Ohm

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What qualities and experience do you think would (or does) make you a good alderman?

How would you describe an alderman's duties to the people in Nashua in your own words?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the city right now?

If elected, what are three specific things you'd like to accomplish?

Do you have any priorities related to your own ward?

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the voters?

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I have over 50 years of business experience. Retired from Verizon at 34 ½ years, serving in many positions non-management, management and union. Served in business office, systems and operations customer service. I served in contract negotiation with 3rd party vendors. Serve as a tri-state Baptist Convention treasurer, serve as member of the Executive Committee for Hillsborough County. I have great people skills, negotiation skills, pleasant, dedicated, intelligent, educated, and number cruncher.
An alderman’s duties require understanding the functions of the many committees and departments of the City. Keeping abreast of our charter and making changes when necessary. Viewing and approving a balanced City budget. Being proactive in working to reduce taxes and updating and continuing progress with our infrastructure, educational system, our Police and Fire Rescue. Being attentive to our constituents, in terms of responding to emails and calls, then acting upon requests when applicable. Working with our Mayor to make the best decisions for our City. Listening to concerns of the residents and building a vibrant downtown.
Education, keeping quality teachers, and maintaining smaller classrooms to support our diverse populations. English as a second language continues to be a challenge, as well as children that are physically or emotionally challenged. They are our future.

I would like to accomplish rail to NH (Nashua, Manchester and Concord). Affordable housing is another priority that I would like to accomplish. I support the building of a new middle school, and smaller classes, and the tools our teachers need to provide a quality education.
I represent Ward 9, which is between exit 4-5 Northeastern Blvd Area. There is a park off Harris Road, that has not been updated in many years. The slide and other activities are dilapidated. Also, the park on Shady Lane residents would like to have one of the tennis courts renovated to pickle park, accommodating the elderly sports group. I spoke to our parks Director about finding the money to update both parks. Also, we will continue to have roads repaved. I have sponsored a bill for a 4-way stop sign to be installed at the school bus stop Nottingham and Glen, keeping our children safe
I will continue to fight at the city and state level to bring money to our great city. I am grateful that our Nashua team (Aldermen/State Representatives) fought to bring 5.1M for our Education Fund increase and 3.7M for the Municipal Aid increase. Municipal Aid Increase will help to lower city taxes. Educational Fund Increase is the most Nashua have received and we are so proud of all.
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I was General Manager of a high tech company of over 100 people. That requires being both a good listener and a problem solver. There is always more needs and opportunities than available resources, so the challenge is to properly set priorities and deliver results. My training includes a BSEE from MIT, and an MBA from Harvard Business school.

I have legislative experience from three terms in the Statehouse, serving on the Ways and Mean Committee (tax laws) and explaining complicated opportunities, such regenerative medicine, to the full House. As a member of House Leadership, serving as Deputy Majority Whip, I was in frequent contact with House Members to understand their concerns on upcoming bills.
The main duty of an Alderman is to deliver city services to the residents in a cost effective manner. This can range from having brush cleared out to preparing a budget that avoids tax increases. The Alderman needs to walk the ward, look for problems, and reach out to the residents.
The recent property revaluation has hit modest homes very hard. This is compounded by the city ignoring the tax cap and spending beyond it's means. In addition, the statewide pension system is severely underfunded and will require additional money to meet the obligations of retirees. Nashua needs a budget that better balances the desires of government with the ability of the residents to pay for it.
- No tax increase in the next budget - Negotiate additional State funding for pension obligations - Walk the streets and look for problems to solve. Don't let small problems grow in to big problems.
Most of the concerns I hear about are traffic and education. We have major streets such as Spit Brook road, Harris, Conant, Searles, East Dunstable and Northeastern. While there are radar speed meters on Spit Brook and East Dunstable to caution drivers near schools, these units are low cost and should be expanded elsewhere, making traffic enforcement easier.

The job of teachers has become much more complicated with more working parents, single parent families and student distractions from cell phones. We ask them to be educators, role models and sometimes surrogate parents. I would like to explore what the city can do to better help our teachers.
Nashua is a great city. I love living here, talking with my neighbors, and enjoying the best of life.