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Nashua Alderman Ward 7

The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the City of Nashua and as such is the policy-making entity of the City, except where otherwise expressed in the City Charter. The Board of Aldermen consists of 9 ward aldermen elected for a term of 2 years at every municipal election and 6 at-large aldermen elected for a term of 4 years, 3 of which are elected at each municipal election.

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    Drew Sullivan

Biographical Information

What qualities and experience do you think would (or does) make you a good alderman?

How would you describe an alderman's duties to the people in Nashua in your own words?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the city right now?

If elected, what are three specific things you'd like to accomplish?

Do you have any priorities related to your own ward?

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the voters?

Campaign Phone 883-6717
Email Address
An alderman should be able to work and compromise with other aldermen for the betterment of the city as a whole. An alderman needs to look at the total picture when making decisions, even if the decisions are not what they wanted..
An alderman's main duty should be to make sure that the people in their ward knows where and who they can contact if they have a problem or question that the alderman may not have the answer. To simply assists the residents of ward 7...
1 Infrastructure 2 School Maintenance of existing buildings 3 The possible need for new buildings 4 Maintain a reasonable Tax Rate
1 Paving 2 Building Maintenance
1 Ensuring the Waste Water Plant remains neighborhood friendly 2 Continue to offer strong constituent services
To continue to work hard for the community and the residents of ward 7
Mailing Address 2 Howard St
Nashua, NH 03060
Campaign Phone (603) 417-2109
Email Address
Being a Nashua native gives me a unique connection to this city and its residents, this connection drives me to have the peoples best interests in mind. In addition to being a Nashua native, I also grew up in a military home where honor, discipline and integrity were paramount. Being a US Army veteran having served in the Iraq War I learned what it takes to not just lead, but to inspire, and to live up to the ideal of selfless service. These qualities are what I believe will allow me to serve the people of Nashua to the best of my ability.
The duties of the Alderman to the people of the city are numerous, but the most important thing we can do is to listen. Listen to the people, everyone's story is different and if we make decisions solely based on our own personal opinion then we have failed. We have a duty to the people to provide a well maintained, safe and clean city to live in. We have the duty to the people to allow everyone to keep as much of their hard earned paychecks as we can. Most importantly we need to listen, to be available and to be help accountable for our own actions.
The biggest challenges facing our city right now are the opioid crisis, government employee accountability, and budgeting. The opioid crisis is devastating lives and homes on a daily basis and must be stopped. Our city officials need to held accountable to do their jobs, as made evident by the tax assessors office debacle. Finally the constant bonding of projects is driving up costs and taxes, and the people pay twice due to interest on the bonds.
I would like to get the bonds reeled in a bit, I understand spending is necessary but there must be limits, especially when we have a city population growth rate of less than 1% and a spending limit that has increased exponentially. Teachers are the lifeblood of our community and as such I will attempt to alter the disparity in pay between education administrators and education providers. The city has been making good forward strides in updating roads and infrastructure but I truly believe there is more to be done.
The roads continue to be a key point made by many of the residents of ward 7 I have spoken with, in addition to the roads, other complaints have been crumbling sidewalks and the numerous areas of overgrown vegetation that dots the ward. I plan on organizing a community clean up effort that will make the ward a nice place to live in certain areas. This effort will help give the people a sense of pride and community accomplishments and allow me to maximize my involvement in the community to be able to take time to listen to the people of the ward.
Vote Drew Sullivan for ward 7 Alderman this November. Veteran, husband, local. Common sense leadership with the peoples common goals. I look forward to representing you and taking the time to listen the people and take everyone's situation into account. My only question for the residents of ward 7 is, how can I help?