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Nashua Alderman Ward 6

The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the City of Nashua and as such is the policy-making entity of the City, except where otherwise expressed in the City Charter. The Board of Aldermen consists of 9 ward aldermen elected for a term of 2 years at every municipal election and 6 at-large aldermen elected for a term of 4 years, 3 of which are elected at each municipal election.

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What qualities and experience do you think would (or does) make you a good alderman?

How would you describe an alderman's duties to the people in Nashua in your own words?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the city right now?

If elected, what are three specific things you'd like to accomplish?

Do you have any priorities related to your own ward?

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the voters?

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I have lived in Ward Six much of my life. Although this does not automatically guarantee being suited to serve the ward, I have been involved in our neighborhood watch group and spent afternoons with that group landscaping and raking at Field’s Grove. I have done volunteering in many capacities in the city. My children attended the Nashua schools. My B.A. is in Accounting, and my work experience has been in financial services and marketing. My goal is to inform Ward Six residents of ward specific proposals, to actively solicit your input, and to prepare for and attend each committee and board meeting. By nature, I am a collaborative person, and I am committed to being informed, responsible and available to you.
The role of an alderman is to serve as a liaison for the ward residents in citywide policy proposals (ordinances) and budget decisions. Ideally, the alderman engages with a large number of people in the ward, has a method of keeping the ward informed about important issues, and also solicits residents’ perspectives and is responsive to their concerns. The role of the board of alderman is described on our city website as ‘policy setting’. This indeed is a frequent result of the work we do. If elected, my votes will be shaped by the feedback I solicit from our ward residents as well as the inquiry I conduct on proposals brought before the board of aldermen.
The future for Elm Street middle school is one, gaining funding for the Center for the Arts is another, and our aging population and the need to attract and retain young people and families is the third.
My ward priorities are first – to be a voice for you in voting and long term planning, and be a contributor in the committee work of the Board of Alderman. Each ward must pull its own weight. Second priority is to ensure that our ward receives its fair share of tax revenues. Finally, actions taken to attract and retain young citizens must take the long term consequence of borrowing into careful consideration.
Conversations with residents have brought to my attention some concerns. I have not yet determined priorities, but it would be my plan to facilitate simpler access to ward news. Relegating this to the local paper is not realistic. Traffic hotspots and taxes are also a concern.
If you believe that maturity, respect and willingness to work hard are qualities that are needed for our city government, then please vote on November 5th, and please vote for me to represent your ward. Thank you.
Mailing Address 40 Roy St
Nashua, NH 03060
Campaign Phone (603) 897-0701
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I have set Civility-Integrity-Service as my motto. I can assure you that all 3-tenets mean a lot to me.

Ward Alderman is the ultimate 1st-level service connector to our City government. I believe in listening to all PoVs with civility & respect. I've made it a point to highlight that our City elections should be free from the Party Partisanship as seen in nearly all areas of govt.. At the local level, we have to stress that Collaboration & Respect lead to getting things done, not what Party is backing you. I have many friends that are Dems, Reps, Undeclared (like me). We all have good ideas & need to work daily to move things forward.

I was also a Nashua Bd of Ed Member for 4 years & a replacement Alderman for 1-yr (our Alderman went to jail!), I think my track record was well known & was one of being a Problem Solver, not a zealot. I have 2 college degrees (BS Plymouth State & MBA Rivier). Combined that with nearly 39 yrs of experience in 2 multi $B companies, I have the skills.
I wrote above, a Ward Alderman is the ultimate 1st-level connection. Especially, as Ward Alderman, you need to focus on the details. There's a saying that "Elephants don't bite, Mosquitoes do". What this means is that the little things matter. This is so true for a Ward Ald. We need to be assured that our Alderman shows up at Mtgs, does his/her homework, knows the Ward, the people, the streets, the schools, the businesses.

One reason I am running is that our current Ward 6 Ald. had missed nearly 40% of the Board Mtgs I know there were reasons for some, but it I believe it really hurt our Ward. We really had no representation directly focused on Ward 6.

I have l lived in Nashua for 51 yrs (23 in Ward 6) & that does mean something. I know the neighborhoods, the schools, the parks, the streets, etc. Its the Mayor that sets the tone & budget for City govt. As a Ward Alderman, I'll do all I can to work with my peers & the Mayor to assure we do that intelligently & with fairness.
Keeping Nashua on track. Overall, for most people in Nashua, things are pretty good here. Nashua has been recognized by many people as a great place to live, work, & play. That's great, but "we can't fall asleep at switch".

Challenges are always in front of us. At work we'd like to call them "Opportunities". Nashua needs to be able to adapt to the changing ways work is defined & attract companies & workers. We are doing that now, but we need to "look around corners" for the next disruption or changes that will surely come. Nashua is not the same place I grew up in & it shouldn't be. Times change, challenges occur, the population mix changes, & so on.

We need to push our public Schools to be the best in the area & not be afraid properly fund & staff them. We have great Teachers & Admin in Nashua, so let's get next to them, help them.

Our Police, Fire, Parks & DPW are excellent too; I'll work with them & their Boards to help where I can
Oh, 3 things? There are so many to look at. If I were to choose 3 :

1. Ward 6: get back to being truly represented & listened to in City govt. Unless my health fails me, I plan on being at Mtgs. doing my work, & doing all I can to communicate with our Ward 6 Residents. Heck, I even joined the Facebook world. All kidding aside, I'd do my best to serve with Civility & Integrity, listen to all, think stuff through & not be a Reactor, No to All, stuck in my ways Alderman. Compromise & Collaboration are not weaknesses, they are Strengths.

2 & 3. Budget: Understanding the needs-guidelines articulated by the Mayor & his Team at City Hall, as well as School Superintendent Mosley's & the BoEd asks. One of my opponents is using what I call the "Standard Playbook" that w/out a Cap, Nashua's spending will "spiral out of control". My response is that is him using a scare tactic & will not happen. I am, just like him, a Taxpayer. I want accountability & discipline just like all of us do.
Elm Street Jr High ( oops I mean Middle School) : This is a Alderman & School Board issue. It's the next big issue that is going get more light over the next 2-yrs,. What is the best way to handle this building? Renovate or Build a new Jr. High?

Ward 6 has kids that attend Elm St & Fairgrounds Jr High (my alma matter, go Falcons!). Heck, I attended Elms St for 2-yrs on "dual sessions" when it was Nashua High School back in the '70s.

The building is full of memories & affection for me, but... it does not reflect what a school should be in the 21st century. Whatever path that is taken is going to cost Nashua a lot of money, bring forth emotional arguments, & disruption. I want us to approach this with data & "common sense". It's a face the music type of challenge, that hopefully will bring out the best in our community & leaders. If we do this right, it will reflect well on Nashua as a place to be in. I am sure we can find a good solution
Yes, I may be on my high horse on this one, & it may be redundant, but...

I am concerned that we remember as City leaders, we can't solve all of the societal problems we face. At the local level, we do need to remember we represent all of our Residents. It's not what Party, if you pay Taxes, Black, White, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Religion, Rich, Poor, Education Level, the car you drive, or Your Golf Handicap, etc, etc.

I try to be blind to favoritism & privilege. I was brought up to value the person. No one is better than any other. I am all about trying to serve.

Hope you'll relate to that & Vote Tuesday 11/05/19 for JoeMac Ward 6 Alderman
Campaign Phone (603) 689-9057
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I have served as a State Representative for our Ward. Over the course of all my campaigns, I’ve knocked on most your doors, and have talked to hundreds of you and your neighbors. I have a well-developed understanding of our Ward and our issues.

While serving as your State Representative, our delegation met with the Mayor for his briefing on what he considered to be the biggest City issues, and I also received communications from his office regarding his legislative priorities. This has given me a good understanding of citywide issues.

I also bring to the position the mind-set of a fiscal conservative. I know that spending more money is not the way to solve every problem. The key is to understand how to prioritize, and to understand the difference between what some people want and what Nashua truly needs.
A Ward Alderman is the representative of a group of people, defined by a geographic area, to the governing body of the City of Nashua. The Board of Alderman is the policy-making entity of the City responsible for deciding what the City government should do on their behalf, when it will be done, and how much we will spend to do it.

The Alderman is also responsible for establishing ordinances, local laws that apply within our municipal boundaries. They govern matters not already covered by state or federal laws such as zoning, safety, and parking.

Finally one of the most important jobs of Alderman is to serve as advocate and ombudsman for the people he/she represents to make sure they get the city services they pay for and deserve.
I believe that more securing state funding for the City to reduce your tax rate is a major priority. I will work with our State Representatives and use the connections I made in Concord to help do that.

Attracting more business and industry to diversify our tax base is a major challenge since we compete with other cities in the area. If successful, we increase revenue to the city coffers while providing good, high-paying jobs for city residents. If we bring in more good businesses, the young workers will follow.

Ensuring that we have a safe, high quality school system that operates at a reasonable cost is a major challenge. The recent reports and newspaper articles we’ve all seen or heard show that we’re facing real challenges, including poor academic performance and student safety issues. This is completely unacceptable. I’ll work with the members of our Board of Education to improve our schools, starting with student safety, without breaking your bank.
1. I want to make sure that city spending does not spin out of control. Folks in Ward 6, I want to keep your housing affordable.

2. I want to make sure that the City focuses on the core services that everyone uses and needs the most. This includes: roads, public safety, water and sewer, trash collection, and schools.

3. I want to make Nashua as attractive as possible to new businesses. New businesses are the generators of wealth and jobs.
In addition to the issues listed above, I want to do everything I can to improve the safety of our neighborhood schools.

Again, I want to emphasize the importance of constituent services. I want to make sure our city services are responsive to you. It may be that your issue is better served by a state or federal program. If I can’t help you, I’ll find someone who can. I've done it as a State Rep and I will do it as your Alderman.

I want to make sure the voices of our Ward residents are heard in city government. I’ll be your voice at the table when decisions are being made.
I have been married to my wife Teresa for 36 years with two grown children. Teresa and I have lived in Ward 6 for over 33 years. I have been working in the environmental industry for 34 years and have managed multi-million dollar investigation and cleanup projects.

I have been taking steps to be as well prepared as possible to be an effective Alderman for you on day-one. I have been meeting and talking with the heads of the city departments to better understand the challenges they face I have also reviewed the city budget and have spoken to our city Chief Financial Officer, John Griffin, on two occasions to get my budget questions answered. I'll hit the ground running.

Please visit my Ward 6 Alderman Campaign Facebook page, it has links to some interviews I have given so you can get a better sense of who I am and how I hope to serve you. It also provides information on things I did as your State Representative to make all our lives better.