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The ward selectmen are responsible for choosing the polling place, maintaining the checklist, ensuring that the polls are open and functioning properly, and ensuring the proper counting of election results. They are elected for a two-year term.

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    Barry Cardin

  • Margaret Gleneck

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I am running for Ward 4 Selectman because I want to be more involved in my community. I believe that the right for a person to vote, and the ability to exercise that right free of interference, is vital for our democracy to continue to function. The primary role of the selectman is to maintain the voter list and to aid voters in the election process. I want to be able to help my neighbors by helping ensure that the polls are functioning properly, and ensure that their votes are counted properly. I want to ensure that everyone’s right to vote is protected.
I have a Bachelors Degree in English from the George Washington University in Washington DC. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. I have worked in higher education, processing federal financial aid for almost fifteen years. My work and experience involves helping students obtain the funding they need to make college a reality, increasing access for students from a variety of backgrounds. I hope my neighbors and residents of Ward 4 in the City of Nashua will allow me the opportunity to serve as Selectman, and trust me to work at the polling place with the greatest of integrity.
I want the voters of Ward 4 to have the easiest experience at the polling location. I want to be able to do what I can to help the residents resolve any voting issues that they may have, and ensure that as many people as possible are able to partake in the voting process. The more people we can get involved in the electoral process, the stronger we are as a city. I hope you will trust me to serve as a Ward 4 Selectman.
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