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Nashua Alderman Ward 4

The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the City of Nashua and as such is the policy-making entity of the City, except where otherwise expressed in the City Charter. The Board of Aldermen consists of 9 ward aldermen elected for a term of 2 years at every municipal election and 6 at-large aldermen elected for a term of 4 years, 3 of which are elected at each municipal election.

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What qualities and experience do you think would (or does) make you a good alderman?

How would you describe an alderman's duties to the people in Nashua in your own words?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the city right now?

If elected, what are three specific things you'd like to accomplish?

Do you have any priorities related to your own ward?

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the voters?

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I am running because the City is approaching a fiscal crisis; my experience and ability to work effectively with others dealing with complex budget and financial matters. I bring a lot of experience to the Board of Alderman having served two previous terms on the Board before during particular hard times when tough decisions were made to remain beneath the existing CAP and keep the Tax Rate below 3%. During my term I was not afraid to stand up for my constitutes, even at the cost of public outcry for the decision. My strength is the ability to approach everything with an open mind, listen to all points of view, process the information and make informed decisions. I have extensive business acumen of solving budgetary problems throughout my career. Over 30 years of leadership and management experience solving problems and getting things done. I work under pressure and collaboratively reaching across the aisle to achieve the proper result is something I have done all my life.
The first and for most is to be fiscally responsible to the people of Nashua and control spending by overseeing how the Mayor spends THEIR MONEY. Then there are coordinated but separate duties that befall Alderman-at-Large and Ward Alderman. The Ward Alderman in addition to participating in the business of overseeing the City spending also deal with the business of problems within their individual Wards. Such as Stop signs, parking issues, et al.. I intend to deal with these issues as I always did by holding monthly meeting within the Ward.
Spending is to high. The Property tax rate needs to come down but the problem with no existing CAP; the Mayor, in conjunction with the Board of Alderman, set the rate. Downtown spending is too much. This, and past administrations, have put too much emphasis on Downtown Nashua without getting the results that was expected. The administration should take the funds being spent downtown and appropriate them else were to help improve the quality of life for other citizens of Nashua. Drugs and Homelessness. An increase in both the drug problem, due the Public Health clean needle program being abused, and a Homeless problem resulting in the creation of a new Homeless shelter at the old Hanger plant building. The increase in Homelessness is a direct result of increase in rents due to cost of renovations/construction costs, increase tax rate to business/landowners passed on to tenant’s, Nashua’s status as a Welcoming City also plays a part in the homeless situation.
My top priorities are, generating communication within the entire Ward, initiating monthly meeting and teleconferences to determine and inform residents of what is happening in the Ward. Handling constituent issues; such as parking, stop signs or Ordinances within the Ward. Second, work to keep tax rate low and prevent an override vote without consensus of the Ward 4 voters. Third, work to generate Economic Reinvestment Zones to attract businesses, expand our Corporate Tax Base, generate job growth and eventually our Residential Tax base. Lastly, back to basic infrastructure repairing sidewalks, side streets outside of downtown
My strength is the ability to approach everything with an open mind, listen to all points of view, process the information and make an informed decision. I have extensive business acumen of solving budgetary problems throughout my career. Over 30 years of leadership and management experience solving problems and getting things done. I work under pressure and collaboratively reaching across the aisle to achieve the proper result is something I have done all my life As former two-term Alderman (2009 to 2013), I held the tax rate low, spending was under control and I worked to develop various projects throughout Ward 4 to beautify and expand business opportunities. I worked with Office of Economic Development to develop Business Tax Incentives for businesses to open in the Mill Yard while the Broad Street Parkway was under construction. I worked for the establishment of Park-Social after the Labine Building burned down and the saving of the Mill Yard Chimney with Alderman Pressley
A change of leadership and experience is needed in the Chamber. The City of Nashua is approaching a fiscal turning point and tough decisions must be made. The Voters of Ward 4 need an Alderman who can sit in that chair, cast the tough vote without fear of retribution. Retiring from the US Army after 25 years of Service, I understand the need for leadership during challenging times. A Disabled Veteran, I understand challenges of those living on fixed incomes. It takes strength of character to stand up, cast a vote, give an opinion, that goes against popular consensus. Even more enlightened to cast it, speak out and then taking the intensity of emotional outcry generated because you did what your constituents expected, despite your beliefs. I have been tried, toughened and strengthened in the public arena. On November 5th, stand with me against unnecessary spending and tax manipulation; get back to basics on expenditures for Public Safety, Education and Infrastructure.
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I have represented Ward 4 for two consecutive terms. I care about neighbors and neighborhoods, and ensuring that their needs are well represented. I have experience working with a diverse range of people representing many cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs. I have a master's in counseling and a bachelor's in social work that help me focus on constituent services, as well as experience founding managing and developing community organizations, a background in vocational developement and a creative approach to problem solving. I have the time and the energy to invest in being part of our community and present for it's people, and I am experienced as a community leader and legislator.
Alderman are responsible for enduring the the needs of the community are represented in how the city government spends tax dollars. Ensuring that programs, plans and investments are well considered, that services are effective, neccessary and accessible, and that resources are managed appropriately for the people I represent, to best benefit the neighborhoods I represent, is part of the budgetary responsibilities of a ward alderman.

Aldermen also have a responsibility to maintain, develop or remove legislation that governs the city, such as updating parking regulations, street signage and building codes to current needs, addressing public health and safety crisis that our city faces and ensuring that legislation crafted specifically represents the needs of the constituents I represent.
We have a lot of infrastructure that needs to be managed, including sidewalks, roads and public buildings. We need to invest strategically to avoid incurring significant unplanned costs later, while addressing current needs of these resources, such as installing sidewalks that are handicapped accessible width, curb cuts for crossing, as well more diverse means of pedestrian transportation, like bicycles. We need to better address public health issues, such as homelessness, the SUD crisis, and a relative explosion of suicide and mental health issues. We need to modernize our energy resources to improve cost effectiveness while reducing environmental impact so that we can respond to issues like the meteoric rise of recycling costs, without impacting tax payers unfairly. We need to address our housing crisis to improve affordable housing options for increasing numbers of retiring elderly adults and sustain Nashua as a liveable welcoming community.
I would like to improve affordability and quality of apartments in Nashua, utilizing more supports for landlords, more recognition of public health and code enforcement issues that have been ongoing for years without resolution. This includes better options for elderly and differently abled adults, to maintain an independent engaged lifestyle, as well as housing options for families with multiple children. I would like to achieve the kind of mobilization towards child and family homelessness, mental health issues and SUD recovery in this city that we saw energen at the height of the SUD crisis, and better support the city 's charitable organizations in the work that they are trying to dom I would like to achieve a complete update of onstreet-overnight, downtown and garage parking that does not unfairly restrict participation in activity.
We have aging infrastructure which has only begun to have been address along Kinsley and West Hollis, a shortage of affordable housing within walkable communities, and inadequate planning for youth and family homelessness. I think improving housing options, as well as transportation and economic options is important to resolving this, such as completing the East Hollis segment of the heritage rail trail, encouraging additional density focused housing development of under developed properties and developing a comprehensive plan for parking and transportation that meets the needs of a growing city.
I have appreciated the opportunity to serve as Alderman twice now, and have done my best to be responsive, engaged, and effective to the needs of my community. I am committed to meeting the needs my ward to the best of my ability, both politically and personally wherever possible. I see ward 4 as the intersection of many different connunities, whether they are neighborhood communities, cultural communities, faith, business or other, I am proud of the diversity we have of people living and working together, the beating heart of a city repeatedly recognized as a model for others.