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Nashua Alderman Ward 2

The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the City of Nashua and as such is the policy-making entity of the City, except where otherwise expressed in the City Charter. The Board of Aldermen consists of 9 ward aldermen elected for a term of 2 years at every municipal election and 6 at-large aldermen elected for a term of 4 years, 3 of which are elected at each municipal election.

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Campaign Phone (603) 598-3528
Email Address 8 Ascot Park
I am running for re-election as the Ward Two Alderman. I have served four consecutive terms as the Ward Two Alderman and during that time I have also served as the Board of Aldermen Budget Chairman, Chairman of the Joint Special School Building Committee, Pennichuck Special Water Committee, City of Nashua Rail Committee and liaison to the Board of Education. I bring over 36 years of appointed and elected official experience in Nashua to the position of Ward Alderman and enjoy making Nashua a great place to live and raise children Prior to my election to the Board of Aldermen I was a member, and past president, of the Board of Education for ten years. During my tenure on the BOE and the BOA I have been directly involved in the design and construction of the two high schools, the renovation of the Broad Street elementary school, Fairgrounds Elementary School, Charlotte Avenue Elementary school, Ledge Street Elementary School and Sunset Heights Elementary School.
As a Ward Alderman you represent not only the residents of your Ward, but also the entire City of Nashua. Now being retired I have more time to devote to city business and watching out for the needs of my Ward constituents. I am currently working with residents who neighbor Edgewood Cemetery to help resolve the major tree cutting that took place off Ashland Street so that this area of the Cemetery is once again, however different, a pleasing site. Working with the Cemetery Trustees and the Mayor, we have included the neighbors in the new design process for this portion of the Cemetery. I hope to continue to ensure the neighbors voices are heard. I also, since well before the election process, have been working to improve school safety at the Charlotte Avenue school. I had a solar speed indicator installed on Charlotte Avenue which has slowed traffic down, had spaces blocked off on either side of the crosswalks to improve sight lines when children are crossing the street.
While Nashua has once again been selected as one of the best cities to live in New England (3rd) and the Best in New Hampshire, and having been selected as one of the safest cities to live in, your Mayor and the Board of Aldermen have been doing a very good job for the residents of Nashua. We are not without challenges, however. We are still fighting the opioid drug problem which is hurting our residents. We have done a great deal to fight this epidemic and one of the best assists in this area is our Safe Stations program. Our fire fighters have taken on the challenge to assist in this program and have helped hundreds of people kick this terrible problem. Our Police Department has made it extremely hard to sell drugs in Nashua without being caught and prosecuted. We also face a challenge of fixing our City infrastructure. Roads under past administrations had fallen into terrible shape and your Mayor and current Board of Aldermen have taken on a bonded project to repair our streets
I lost a very true friend in Alderman President Brian McCarthy a year ago and I would like to see his priorities reach a successful conclusion. One of his true desires was to see the Nashua Middle School project be successful We are just finishing the completion of Phase I where the largest decision to be made is whether to renovate the 84-year-old Elm Street middle school or build a new middle school in the Southern part of Nashua. I would like to see the middle school project meet a successful conclusion by ensuring our middle schools meet State and Federal middle school requirements and provide the educational opportunities and physical space that our children need to handle the successful transition from the elementary school level to the high school. I’d also like to see us complete the current street re-paving program, which is well underway. While not directly involved in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) project, this was one of President McCarthy’s top priorities.
My top priority for Ward Two is to ensure the safety of our children. When children go to school, they should feel safe and secure and their parents should feel safe sending them to school. The walk to and from school should not be threatened by people driving far too fast near a school. Ward Two is a great place to live in Nashua and I want to do everything I can to ensure that stays true. I need to continue to push for more streets to be repaired and repaved in accordance with the current City DPW Plan so that everyone can have a street that is smooth and safe to ride on. I hope to continue working with the residents around Edgewood Cemetery to resolve the massive tree cutting that occurred recently. We had an issue recently with roosters being dropped off at the Humane Society which caused a lot of residents to be awakened and annoyed by the sounds coming from that sight. Roosters are not allowed in any Zone in Nashua and we were successful in having the roosters removed.
I have devoted 36 years to serving the citizens of Nashua in appointed and elected positions and hope to continue that service for another two years on the Board of Aldermen. I feel that I have lent my expertise in many areas to ensuring City spending is reasonable and directed at the things the residents of Ward Two and Nashua need and deserve. I will not approve wasteful spending and will ensure that money spent in Tax dollars are spent wisely and in the right areas. It would be foolish to promise no new taxes as much of our spending is driven by areas beyond our control (health Insurance, utilities, school busing, increasing costs of goods and services to the City to name a few). Our job as Aldermen is to do the best job, we can in controlling spending while providing the services our residents need. We’d also be in a much better position budget wise if the State did not keep increasing costs to the Cities and Towns in New Hampshire by reducing revenues sent back to us.