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The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the City of Nashua and as such is the policy-making entity of the City, except where otherwise expressed in the City Charter. The Board of Aldermen consists of 9 ward aldermen elected for a term of 2 years at every municipal election and 6 at-large aldermen elected for a term of 4 years, 3 of which are elected at each municipal election.

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What qualities and experience do you think would (or does) make you a good alderman?

How would you describe an alderman's duties to the people in Nashua in your own words?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the city right now?

If elected, what are three specific things you'd like to accomplish?

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the voters?

Mailing Address 188 Ash St
Nashua, NH 03060
Campaign Phone (603) 305-9969
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I have served as an Alderman for over 6 years. Nashua has had many past successes that I have been a part of and which I intend to build upon in the next 4 years. From securing city ownership of the water-company Pennichuck, Building the Broad St Parkway, converting some of Nashua's vehicles to run on Compressed Natural Gas, saving dollars by having some bus routes run trolleys, and battling the opioid epidemic with the creation of the Safe Stations program, Nashua must continue to innovate and have a pro-active look towards the future.
From the small things, like pot holes and stop signs, to the big issues like making Nashua an attractive place to do business, these are the things that the Board of Aldermen discusses in Nashua. Nashua needs someone to who understands that an open mind and positive attitude is the key to success in any endeavor. I hold this attitude, and I believe together, we can continue build a Nashua we can all be proud of.
The biggest challenge the city faces is ensuring that we continue to provide quality essential services for our growing city while keeping our tax rate low. The best way to do this is by promoting our city as a great place to live and do business. The more we can grow our commercial sector, the less the burden will be on homeowners.
Continue to support and build the Performing Arts Center Build a new middle school Continue to expand our tax base by promoting business and economic growth.
I have deep roots in Nashua. I was born here, educated here at Nashua public schools, and settled here immediately after college. I feel Nashua needs people with experience and know-how who can take Nashua to the next level. My record on the board of Aldermen shows that I am a champion of causes that move Nashua in a positive direction. I hope you will cast your vote for me on November 5th.
Campaign Phone (978) 483-0182
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I am an experienced business manager having worked in non-profit and for-profit industries. With my experience in clinical and program operations management I have managed complex operating budgets of multiple programs. From management of multi-million dollar program operations, I have had a long and dedicated career of ensuring fiscally responsible in the programs I have managed. Over the last two years I have started my own private social service agency based here in Nashua that requires not only clinical expertise to deliver the required services, but fiscal responsibility in maintaining rigid vendor contracts for the services rendered.

As Alderman I seek to bring my expertise in social science to the Board. Focusing on transparent conversation of city operations, advocating for improved social intelligence in City departments and helping guide City policy that ensures improved quality of living for all residents.
I believe it is the responsibility of an Alderman to hear the points of views of all the residents they represent. Only through respectful dialogue, open communication and having the ability to be willing to hear different perspectives of City residents can an Alderman be prepared to support or enact policies that improve the quality of life for residents. Further - an Alderman at Large needs to be aware, knowledgably and engaged throughout the entire community in order to experience life circumstances and perspectives of the residents. An Alderman at Large that is engaged in their community beyond their own agenda will certainly be prepared to make decisions that represents the City residents as a whole.
1) Housing ā€“ I fell the City needs to take a different approach in how it attracts new homebuyers, rather than an overt focus on encouraging overcrowded housing development that come with unrealistic rental rates. 2) Infrastructure ā€“ Once thing has been consistent over the time my family has lived in this City, half-hearted investment in infrastructure. I firmly believe that maintained roads and sidewalks are essential to the quality of life of all residents and City workers. We need to advance infrastructure projects that are implemented and completed in a reasonable timeframe. No more dragged out projects that prolong our ability to enjoy a quality life. 3) Workforce ā€“ We are having a workforce crisis. The workforce is stretched thin with many of our critical workforce members getting ready for a well-earned retirement. I feel that the City must seek to engage in policy making that provides incentives to workers to live and work here.
1) Transparent and straightforward conversation on expenditures of City funds for projects throughout the City. I really hope we can come together and do more in regards to communication from City Departments on their agendas and work plans. 2) Work with the other BOA members, Mayor's office and key Department Directors to address the need of affordable housing in the City. 3 I will be advocating for first time home buyers grants targeted at high need workforce professions needed in the City to help not only address affordable housing options but also to help stimulate a well balanced generation workforce for the City.
Iā€™m running for Board of Alderman to bring about fundamental change in how we serve the working-class people of this City. I feel that often City residents and City workers may feel that their concerns are heard but see slow action or no response from our elected officials. I plan to bring my skills as a licensed independent clinical social worker and knowledge of social science to the Board of Alderman. I have a long-dedicated career of advancing positive social interest in education, social services and civil service. I believe my perspective as a helping professional working on the front lines in this City will bring value to the work being done here.
Campaign Phone (603) 888-8051
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For 35 years I worked as a Firefighter for Nashua Fire Rescue, and retiring at the rank of Deputy Chief. In this occupation I witnesses the true needs of our city that most do not see. This has given me the insight for a strong Public Safety force in Nashua. I have seen the benefits first hand of "Safe Stations" combating the opioid problem that faces our City, and supported Drug and Mental health Court to assist in this need. I am currently serving as a State Representative, and have been a strong advocate in Concord to make sure Nashua receives assistance from the State in education, DOT projects to relieve traffic congestion, and for over 14 years have lobbied for commuter rail for Nashua. I have found my term as State Representative like a hand in glove fit for many of the issues I currently face as an Alderman-at-Large.
I have always believed that an Alderman is a true custodian to the residents and to our City to provide an atmosphere of healthy growth, maintaining and improving the infrastructure in our City, and providing for all a quality educational system, all with a watchful eye to the responsibility and accountability to the tax payer. This balancing act can be achieved if done properly, establishing Nashua a a viable community to live, raise a family and flourish.
Some of the challenges facing Nashua right now is affordable housing, with the right density requirements for our downtown. This will require a City wide parking study which I support. Traffic needs to be addressed and currently working on road redesign of the East Hollis and Bridge Street area to relieve congestion and with the anticipation of a commuter rail depot in that area. After over 25 years of a spending cap, much of our infrastructure in the city is in need of tender loving care. As Chairman of the infrastructure Committee I have seen examples such as sewage pumps pushed to longer than desired or designed use. Therefor I have asked for and support a preventive maintenance program for our city's infrastructure. Downtown improvements and continue support for a Preforming Arts Center enhancing our downtown, our postcard snap shot of our City. The hiring of more Teachers fulfilling our students needs for a quality education,and stimulating businesses to locate to Nashua
Insuring the best City services we can afford for our citizens including and not limited too Police, Fire, DPW and education. Building a new Junior High School thus replacing the Elm Street Middle School with a modern designed building that will enhance the educational experience for our students. The building of the Preforming Arts Center downtown improving our access to the arts and improving the quality of life for our citizens. Any and all projects that improve the quality of life here in Nashua making Nashua a desirable place to live, grow, raise a family and thrive.
if re-elected I will continue to serve the Citizens of Nashua as I have done on the Fire Department, as State Representative, and currently on the Board of Alderman. I promise to embrace projects that will improve the quality of life of my constituents and make Nashua a great place to live. I have lived in this City for over 40 years, educated my children here in Nashua Schools, and now have my grandchildren entering the school system. It would be my honor to leave a legacy to all including my grandchildren of a City that will be the envy of other communities, and a City where they can grow and thrive and establish themselves.
Campaign Phone (603) 261-5317
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My twenty years of experience on the board makes me a qualified candidate. During my time on the board the city has built two new high schools and renovated many other schools, built a rectangular field at Stellos Stadium, built the Broad Street Parkway and purchased a water company. The two high schools have been a great asset to the education of our students and serve as community assets. The purchase of Pennichuck Water Company means there are no shareholders to pay so we are able to keep rates lower.
The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the City of Nashua and as such is the policy-making entity of the City. The duties of an alderman include providing constituent services, approving the city budget and working with the administration to make Nashua the best it can be for all who live here. Sometimes this means making compromises.
The biggest challenges in Nashua right now include the lack of affordable housing, lack of commuter rail and maintaining our schools for the safety of all students. Affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing our community. This results in higher rents, more people couch surfing or being homeless. We should task developers with setting aside some units in large developments for folks who make minimum wage and cannot afford the market rents. A family needs to earn more than $25. per hour to afford a market rate apartment in our city. Commuter rail would drive the vibrancy of our city and our state. Young families might make the decision to stay here and raise their families knowing they can get to and from Boston without sitting in traffic for 3 or more hours per day. This would improve the economy of our city and our state. School safety should be tops on our list of priorities.
1. Currently I serve on the Joint Special School Building committee charged with overseeing the middle school improvement project. This is important for safe and equitable learning at the middle school level. 2. Commuter rail is important to the economic vibrancy of our community. Bringing rail to Nashua would enhance our ability to keep young families here in Nashua. I will continue to advocate for rail here in Nashua. 3. The opioid epidemic is still posing problems for our first responders. This is an area we need to focus on and make resources available for those who need them.
I am a Nashua native and have served on the board for twenty years. During this time we have seen many improvements and have been recognized as one of the best run cities in the country. This and many other positive designations are not given away lightly. The accomplishments made to earn those accolades are many and a result of working together for one common goal: a better Nashua.