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Washington County District Attorney

Job description:The District Attorney signs all bills of indictment and prosecutes all Washington County criminal cases for the state. He or she appoints assistants, detectives and clerks to assist in criminal investigation and prosecution of the cases to which the Commonwealth is a party. TERM 4 YEARS. SALARY $182,184.00. VOTE FOR ONE.

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Municipality Canonsburg
Date of Birth 06/20/1987
Education Thomas Jefferson High School Denison University University Of Pittsburgh School of Law
Occupation Public Defender
Qualifications Member of the Bar of Pennsylvania
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Party of Registration Democratic Party
First, I want to move toward eliminating cash bail for non-violent offenses. Most people in the Washington County Correctional Facility are there because they can't afford bail. Beginning the criminal process in this manner serves no public safety purpose, effectively punishes people for being poor, and pressures them to plead guilty. It costs Washington County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and enriches the bail bond industry.

Second, I would seek to treat drug addiction as a public health crisis and not a criminal justice issue. The "War on Drugs" has failed to curb drug use or make communities safer. Instead, it has resulted in destructive policing and prosecution. It's time to move toward decriminalizing drug addiction.

Third, I would like to make sure that victims of crime feel that their input is being heard in the criminal process through a system of restorative justice.
The transparency of the current District Attorney's is lacking. As a result, I'm unsure of what the current budget consists. However, it is clear that the budget of the DA's office is not being spent in an appropriate manner, as we spend an inordinate amount of money prosecuting and incarcerating individuals for petty crime.
Municipality Bentleyville
Date of Birth 12/8/1959
Education Pitt B.S. Biological Sciences M.B.A. M.H.A. Duquesne - J.D.
Occupation Attorney
Qualifications 20 years experience in law enforcement and criminal prosecution, managerial experience and paramedic.
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Party of Registration Republican
1. To do our work in the highest ethical and professional manner treating all parties equally without political regard to best protect the public that we serve.

2. To continue the successful community prosecution approach which we deployed two years ago. This strategy provides an assistant district attorney and crime victim advocate at every preliminary criminal hearing. This results in criminal cases being resolved faster and more efficiently which permits our office to focus more on serious criminal matters. This strategy has also proven to be beneficial to victims of crime in rapidly meeting their needs.

3. Continue the our work in several areas; with the Washington County Overdose coalition to reduce the impact of addiction and the opioid epidemic, promote the improved work of the special victims unit in domestic violence and sexual assault cases, and to further our work through the crime victims office to better serve elderly crime victims and the victims of all crimes
My administration has worked hard to stay within the confines of our budget. The office is staffed with exceptional attorneys who perform at a high level of service. We have requested additional detectives in the past two years as part of the budgetary process. To date, we have not received these additional detectives. We recently surveyed similar counties with smaller criminal caseloads. That survey indicated that we were below the number of full time detectives needed to assist with investigations. Many of the local departments do not have the financial resources to provide for their own detective. With additional county detectives we would be able to assist these departments with criminal investigations. This would result in higher criminal investigation clearances and insuring that the most violent criminal actors face justice.