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    Ethan Baker

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    Dave Henderson

Biographical Information

What skills, background and personal qualities would you bring to this position?

What do you see as the challenges and opportunities for Troy during the next four years?

How do you view transparency and what steps will you take to see that it is operational in Troy?

The Troy Trails System is underway. Do you favor expanding it? If so, what is a good way to facilitate that expansion? If not, why not?

Education JD, Whittier College School of Law BA, Political Science, Univ. of Southern California
Family Info Married to Bethany; 3 amazing kids (Arden, Canaan & Aven)
Length of Troy Residency 10 years
Prior Community Involvement Mayor Pro Tem/Troy City Council, HOA President, Troy Community Coalition, Troy Kiwanis
Campaign Phone (248) 716-4279
For four years on Troy City Council, I’ve made listening to our residents the top priority. Some of my proudest votes on council have been when we have had lengthy public discussion about a “hot topic” and passionate public comments from residents. Through all of this, I have consistently listened to the residents—our neighbors—and fought to have their voices heard. Additionally, I have always maintained a proper level of decorum and have worked extremely hard to maintain a professional and respectful relationship with my fellow councilmembers. That is what true representation is all about and I pledge I will set the right tone for our city by listening to you and respecting all voices, recognizing our great diversity, and governing with the integrity and decorum we deserve.
Troy is an exceptional city with opportunities aplenty! We have a strong, vibrant economy with solid business growth, business-friendly policies and our AAA bond rating, AND we have our beautiful subdivisions, quiet residential streets, parks and green space. With Police and Fire Departments second to none, and nationally ranked schools, Troy is the best place to live, work, and play! I have worked hard for you as a member of City Council to maintain this by listening to both Troy’s residents and its businesses and finding the right balance between sometimes competing interests. Balancing those interests likely will remain a challenge in Troy for the next four years. I will make sure we work responsibly to move our city forward, without losing that very special essence of what Troy is.
Transparency in our government is tantamount to our success. We all know what a positive experience it is to live in Troy, and yet there exists a negative cloud because of our disgraced former City Manager and the “culture of complicity” that enabled him and hurt us. I have fought for you to increase transparency, to ensure that we get to the root of these issues, so that history will not repeat itself and we can move forward in an open, honest, healthy and respectful way. With a fresh start and a new style of leadership, I will continue to fight for transparency. I will lead a renewed focus on ethics so we can rebuild trust in our great city, and again be the positive city we all can be proud of! Whether casting the tie-breaking vote to release the confidential report on our imprisoned former City Manager, or calling for an investigation and ethics probe of City Council, I’ve loved fighting for the residents of Troy—for transparency, for ethics, and making good decisions for our city!
I absolutely favor an expansion of the system, so long as we can protect the sanctity of our quiet neighborhoods. I’ve been a proud supporter of our Trails & Pathways for four years on council, and will continue to advocate for them. First, we MUST have active and meaningful community engagement. We’ve learned our neighbors do not want trails running through their subdivisions or down their quiet leafy streets. We must respect that and work with them to find a solution that is amenable to all of us, which likely includes using city owned property and parks, major roads, and potentially creating public-private partnerships with private landowners throughout the city. I’ve consistently advocated for an updated “master” Trails & Pathways plan to be presented to council, which can then be presented and thoroughly discussed with our residents. If we can show a vision of what the Trails & Pathways plan can be, we can work together toward achieving that plan one step at a time.
Education Troy Athens HS 1979, M.O.T.E.C.H. Automotive Trade School, OCC business and econ courses
Family Info Married to Kelly since 1982, 2 kids, 7 grandkids.
Length of Troy Residency 40 yrs
Prior Community Involvement Troy City Council 8 yrs, youth hockey coach, softball and golf league mgr, Troy Chamber
Campaign Phone (248) 321-0151
I have owned and operated various businesses in Troy, and assisted many others opening businesses. I'm very familiar with what makes a business successful and profitable, controlling costs, and mutually treating your people and clients with dignity and respect. I have the ability to read through sales pitches, and get to the core of an issue quickly, and can make decisions based on facts. I understand many issues are filled with emotion and passion on both sides, but leaders need to lead with a strong sense of what's best for the community as a whole.
Our biggest challenge is managing development and growth. Our economy has been so strong the past 8 years, it is difficult to bridle the growth. This isn't unique to Troy, we see it all around us, and in Oakland County especially. My goal is to get clearer understanding between Troys Master Plan, our planning department, and the citizens (which often includes developers), to continue solid growth. Growth needs to be mindful of neighboring subdivisions, yet capable of meeting the needs of our youth trying to remain in Troy after college, and transitions between neighborhoods. There are too many gray areas open for interpretation. We need to be more predictable for developers and residents alike with our decisions.
I am 100 % in favor of transparency. Nothing should be decided behind closed doors, nothing should be discussed behind closed doors. Two exceptions to this general idea are contract negotiations for labor groups, and law suits that have attorney client privilege or sensitive issues that need discussion while we litigate. If the promise of anonymity is given in order to get a testimony, then that promise should be upheld. I was also a proponent of putting the citys check book online for citizen review when I was first elected to council.
I think trails in Troy are a great way to connect neighborhoods. I favor expanding them, the way forward is not clear. When we try to expand inside a neighborhood there is often pushback from the citizens. We need to keep creating trails where there is an easy way to create them, explain the plans to the local neighborhoods and get them to buy in to the connectivity. This is an ongoing process, that will take years to complete. We are unique in this regard with our large roads, and lack of natural features that meander through our city. We have been nudging the process forward, thinking creatively as we develop new projects.