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Job description: Three County Commissioners (no more than two representing the same party) supervise voter registration and elections; assessment of real estate property; human services; veterans affairs; weights and measures; prisons; 911 and other emergency services; parks and recreation; and land use planning. They can establish housing and redevelopment authorities and conduct community development programs. They are responsible for the fiscal affairs of the county, including adoption of the annual budget, levying of real estate taxes, and investment of county funds. TERM 4 YEARS.SALARY $93,944.33. VOTE FOR TWO.

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Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for your office if you are elected or re-elected this year?

What is the toughest issue we face in the county and what trade-offs will we have to make to solve it?

Municipality Buffalo Township
Date of Birth 08/24/50
Education Graduate of California University of PA Served in U.S. Marine Corps Graduate of the Pennsylvania State Police Academy
Occupation County Commissioner
Qualifications Pennsylvania State Trooper for 25 years, Washington County Sheriff for 6 years, Marine Corps veteran. Active in numerous veterans groups. Current Washington County Commissioner.
For more information Facebook: Larry Maggi : Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi 2019 election
Party of Registration Democrat
1.Continue to keep County taxes one of the lowest in our region; 2. Continue to create an environment for good family-sustaining jobs and to keep unemployment at a low rate; 3.Keep our country charm and to keep Washington County a safe place to live, work and play.
Opioid and drug problems are prevalent throughout the country and have been for decades. They must be dealt with, and the solution to this problem has to be a multi- faceted approach and must involve all levels of government. This means diverting more resources to deal with this issue. This opioid and drug problem affects our courts, our correction system, education, the medical profession and every aspect of our society.
Municipality CANONSBURG
Date of Birth August 18,1979
Education Bachelor of Arts, Political Science Clarion University Minor in Business Certified Domestic Abuse counselor Certified Victim Advocate for Domestic Violence Certified Anger Management Instructor Certified Underage Drinking Counselor
Occupation Businessman
Qualifications Before serving as executive-vice president of Domestic Outreach Corp., I served as a grant writer for federal and state grants on behalf of local municipalities and organizations. My area of expertise was in writing FEMA and Economic Development grants. For the past eight years I have worked as an executive-level employee at a non-profit. In that capacity, I successfully operated a treatment service for court-ordered cases without costing Washington County taxpayers a dime for this service.
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Party of Registration Republican
1. Increase transparency in county government, including open discussion about nearly $100,000 reported missing from the county. I will use the commissioner’s post to openly advocate for government reform and openness at all levels of Washington County government: end nepotism, advocate for term-limits, and end no-bid contracts.

2. Begin the work of attracting new businesses to Washington County, while working to grow our vital energy sector, which has provided new jobs and economic vibrancy to our county. With the construction of the Shell ethane “cracker” plant, Washington needs to be positioned to encourage spinoff industries that will provide family-sustaining jobs.

3. Develop a strategy to make Washington County a destination place for families to live, work and play. This includes addressing and resolving the ongoing opioid crisis here. It is crucial that we keep our young people here by providing them careers and communities in which to raise families.
Right now, the toughest issue we face is trust in government. Citizens have been made cynical and distrustful of county leadership after decades of one-party rule. We are going to have to give up the comfortable, old-boy system of taking care of friends and political allies in return for political support. Government has to be open to every citizen, not simply powerful factions. There can be no tradeoffs here. These reforms must happen.

Instilling this trust requires that the county deliver better services. We need to upgrade the emergency communications system to ensure that different emergency services can communicate with each other. We need to eradicate the scourge of opioids. And we need to generate a system of government that is open and accessible to all citizens.
Municipality Chartiers Township
Date of Birth 12/17/1944
Education Attended Indiana State Teachers College, Mathematics, AT&T Sales, Computer & Technical Training
Occupation Washington County Commissioner
Qualifications Served in Local Government as School Director, Township Supervisor and County Commissioner. AT&T Manager - 32yrs, President and Owner of Shober Homes Inc. - 14 yrs
For more information Army Veteran, Have been active in many local organizations and on the board for United Way, Blueprints, Washington Symphony Orchestra and County Mental Health.
Party of Registration Democratic
1. Continue to work on programs that improve the quality of life for families in the County while keeping the taxes low and creating the atmosphere for job growth, especially in our urban communities. 2. Support the integration of our Human Services to address todays complex needs of our Youth, Seniors, Veterans, Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol. When more than one service is needed for an individual, we can be more efficient and timely in providing assistance across our organizations. 3. Support and develop plans to address the critical needs of our EMS, Firefighters and other First Responders through out the County. Availability of volunteers, day time rapid response, equipment needs, extensive training requirements and overall funding are serious issues.
On a County level, the economy is working well in some of the main corridors but the revitalization of our small towns and communities is a priority that we must continue to address. Yes, the reduction of the blight and restoration of some of our old buildings is necessary. Just tearing down a building is not the end of the process, developing plans to attract new businesses to these downtown areas must be part of the solution. The malls and retail outlets have taken most of the business out of the small communities and larger ones such as the City of Washington. What is needed to make things happen is to clean up the area, improve the buildings and promote the businesses to locate there, bringing jobs, new homes and additional support businesses. The trade-offs to make this happen are not negative. Local, county, state and business leaders must come together, setting their priorities and actions in motion. Working for the good of the whole region, not just their own objectives.
Municipality Nottingham Township
Date of Birth August 20, 1962
Education West Virginia Business College
Occupation Washington County Commissioner
Qualifications Currently serving as Commissioner
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Party of Registration Republican
• Implement a policy requiring “Requests for Qualifications” for professional contracts at the end of each contract’s current term to ensure we are receiving the best products for the most competitive price. • Revise and update our Economic Development Strategic Plan. Washington County deserves a strategic approach to recruiting businesses to ensure we have a diversified economy. We must recruit business to areas of the county that fit the skill, education and assets of that area. • Re-organize human services by creating the position of Director and implementing a single point of entry through human services for intake of clients. This new process would reduce duplication of services and would break down communication barriers allowing them to address all individual and family needs providing for the greatest chance of a family's success.
Drug dependency is affecting every aspect of our communities. 79% of crimes committed are while someone is under the influence of a substance. Over 80% of children removed from the home in protective services have parents with substance use disorder. Parents are liquidating their assets and sacrificing retirement to fund rehabilitation for affected children. Many grandparents now shoulder the responsibility of raising their grandchildren. The number of deaths due to overdoses has decreased, but we have little evidence that we’re reducing dependency. We need to develop a comprehensive plan to include all human service agencies that oversee clients with dependency issues. This plan will call upon these agencies to outline a specific path to recovery and self sufficiency, requiring the tracking of successes and failures within each agency. With the use of technology we can implement long term accountability for clients.