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Warren County Freeholder

Warren County is governed by a Board of Chosen Freeholders whose three members are chosen at large by the citizens of Warren County on a staggered basis in partisan elections with one seat coming up for election each year as part of the November general election. Each Freeholder serves a three-year term in office. At an annual reorganization meeting held in the beginning of January, the board selects one of its members to serve as Freeholder Director and other as Deputy Director.

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    G.Carol Cook

  • Jason J. Sarnoski

Biographical Information

What do you consider the most important challenges facing your county?

What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges?

What do you consider the top priority(ies) in the next county budget, and how will you minimize impact on taxpayers?

Is there any specific department/agency you consider particularly in need of attention (oversight, auditing, and/or additional funding) and if so, why?

HIGH SPEED INTERNET: Should be available throughout Warren County. SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Businesses should complement where they are located. Warehouses do not belong in rural areas. IMPROVE TRANSPORTATION: Encourage telecommuting. More buses to lessen auto travel on major highways. Freight transportation via rail from Phillipsburg to Port Newark may be in the near future. Passenger trains are a few years in the future due to lack of engineers and infrastructure in our area. Declining population has plagued our area for various reasons; loss of jobs, downsizing among other reasons. This has caused the state to decrease funding of some of the county schools. While we need more people due to the terrain and the lack of sewers we need to work on plans for either converting existing buildings into two families or take land that is not suitable for farming and place affordable housing in pleasing proximity to accommodate wells and septics. We need to preserve the farms, this is the Garden State. However, we need farmers and we need to allow them to promote suitable businesses while maintaining the integrity of the farm.
Have taken Accounting and Sociology at County College of Morris. Business courses at Centenary University. Worked for 33 years and raised a family of two children and managed a household. Managed Orthopedic Office, Was Executive Assistant to senior executives in BASF Corporation. Have been involved in politics for 50 years. Have worked on many political campaigns Was a county vice chairman of my party. Attended numerous town and county meetings. My volunteer work has been as the Salvation Army treasurer for Warren County for 14 years, helped start the first county recycling program in Blairstown and ran for 10 years, was the Blairstown Township zoning officer, chaired the Environmental Commission and the Open Space Committee, was a member of the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment, was a Certified Volunteer Nursing Home Advocate through the New Jersey Ombudsman Office for the Institutionalized Elderly, a member of the Warren County Transportation Advisory Committee, Currently deliver meals at home and have done so for approximately 11 years. My candidacy has been endorsed by the Sierra Club.
The Warren County budget is pretty lean. However if the warehouse projects in White Township and Franklin Township are approved and extensive modifications of the county roads are required to accommodate the huge trucks it is possible that the county budget will be adversely affected and passed on to the residents.
Having attended the Warren County budget hearings which are held in January on Saturdays and Wednesday evenings. My husband and I were the only members of the public in attendance. It is interesting to see representatives of the various county departments present their budget requests. While we were not privy to the behind the scenes negotiations, the one area I would like to study further is the county counsel portion of the budget. While the current county counsel is certainly qualified he has been the county counsel for many years. It is my feeling that a change can bring a fresh approach. I feel certain there are qualified attorneys in Warren County. The current counsel is from Morris County. I would like to see the Warren County Environmental Commission reinstated. We need a coordinated recycling effort. Would like to see Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose promoted throughout the county. Also better plastic recycling and banning plastic bags as well as encouraging use of more environmental friendly food containers in restaurants and stores.
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