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Flemington-Raritan School District-Raritain Twp-1 year unexpired term

The Flemington-Raritan School District serves children from both Flemington Boro and Raritan Township. The district consists of four K - 4 elementary schools, one intermediate school for grades 5 and 6 and a middle school for grades 7 and 8. The Board of Education is the governing body of the school district, responsible for developing policy to ensure the proper care, management and control of district affairs, and supporting the mission of educating our students to reach their full potential. To that end, the Flemington-Raritan Board of Education sets district policy which is then implemented by the superintendent and administrators.In addition to setting policy, the Board hires the superintendent; approves staff hiring, resignations, terminations and leaves of absence; reviews and adopts the district budget; approves expenditures; approves educational programs (curriculum), and otherwise ensures that proper facilities and equipment are available to support teaching and learning in the district.The Board is comprised of nine, volunteer members, with seven members elected from Raritan Township and two members elected from Flemington Borough. Members are elected to three-year terms on the November general electionday. This race will fill an unexpired (one year) term.

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  • Edward C. Morgan II

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    Murty S. Varanasi

Biographical Information

What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for serving on the Board?

Do you think that the current civics education in our schools is adequate? If not, what do you think can be done to improve it?

What changes would you support or oppose to keep our students safe in our schools?

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Campaign Address 1 Cole Ct
I have lived in Raritan Township for seventeen years with my wife and two children Swathi and Sarat. My children have attended the Flemingto-Raritan scholl district before entering Hunterdon Central, college and graduate school. Swathi has a doctorate in Pharmacy while Sarat graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Finance. My wife Lakshmi got a BS from India and BSN and MBA. Achieving higher education has always been a top priority for me and my family. I have obtained a Ph.D. in chemistry and attended UVa, UT Austin and U Penn for postdoctoral training and had a distinguished career in pharmaceutical Industries including the last 21 years at Bayer. Plan to work with superintendent Ms. McGann on STEM, other initiatives.
Definitely yes
Board of Ed need to continue to move security initiatives forward as security needs and challenges evolve in society. Keeping students safe in schools must be a top priority always. I understand our district's mission statement and knows that every child deserves every opportunity every day. I understand the issues and challenges facing our schools today and strongly supports the two questions in BOE referendum on November 2019 ballot and believe in keeping our schools safe and we are prepared for the next decade with the facility improvements that are dearly needed at this time. As a board member, I will support the initiatives brought forward by the superintendent of schools, example safety, new policies etc. and work with the board.