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Chesterfield County School Board Midlothian District

Duties - The five-member School Board is the governing body for the Chesterfield County public school system, subject to budgetary approval by the Board of Supervisors. Members are elected from the five magisterial districts in nonpartisan elections. The Board hires the Superintendent, who is responsible for managing the system.Term - 4 yearsSalary - $17,549 (Board Chair $19,549)

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    Kathryn S. Haines

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    Patrick J. Regan

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What is the most important issue facing schools in the county and what will you do to address it?

How can schools best give students the research tools necessary to understand issues and verify their sources?

What education services do you support for students who are at risk of failing?

Would you support a high school curriculum that focuses on the civic responsibility of voting?

What are the best methods of evaluating and supporting teachers?

Address P.O. Box 36286
Campaign Phone (804) 464-3860
Age 46
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Building maintenance is a critical issue facing our county. Decades of deferred maintenance has put us 88 million behind in repairs. With decreasing Federal funding, having this amount of deferred maintenance makes us vulnerable. I will lobby for more money in our budget for building maintenance and prioritize repairs using the facility condition report. I will work hard to build the political will to invest more in our schools, an educated population builds a stronger democracy.
When I was in school, we had sessions in the library that taught us how to use the library for research. We need to do the same thing with the internet. Teaching kids critical thinking skills will allow them to look at a number of different things; information on the author, the purpose of the article, is the article objective, is the information accurate, the reliability of the website that hosts the article. This approach will help them determine whether or not they should use that source.
We must first determine why the child is at risk of failing. Is the student hungry? Does the student have a learning disability? Is trauma impacting their ability to function? Each situation requires a different answer. One-on-one time with a teacher/support specialist is often critical to student success. This requires smaller classroom sizes. Additional counselors and behavioral support therapists for schools can provide one on one time tailored to what that child needs.
Fighting apathy fuels my passion. I have talked many people into door-knocking or donating for their first time. If I, as a mom of four, can figure out how to run a family and a campaign and serve in office, I can model to other ordinary folks that they can get involved. I have had students involved in my campaign. I recently found out that one of my supporters had never registered to vote. After I sent them the link, they responded that they are now registered. Yes, I support this curriculum!
The effectiveness of each teacher can vary by school, type of programs (Center Based Gifted, Special Education, etc.), subject, the teacher's experience level, as well as the expectation of the administration. Evaluations should include a variety of measures and be based upon goals mutually set by the teacher with an administration that focuses on the needs of students and the aspirations of the teacher and that values student growth over test performance.
Age 37
Twitter page @PatrickJ_Regan
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1. Major Maintenance-For too long our schools were not properly cared for and we are set to endure a backlog of maintenance issues which need to be addressed. 2. Transportation-We need to improve our transportation system so parents can be confident their kids will get on and off the bus at regular times, safely. 3. Administrative Burdens on Educators-I would prioritize removing redundant testing and unnecessary training from a teacher’s day.
With an ever changing technological world we need to give students access to a variety of research materials so they can obtain and verify information in a variety of formats. As an attorney, I understand how important it is to research and use critical thinking to solve a problem and we must challenge our students so they are up to the task. Our research and critical thinking must go beyond just the library and internet, however. We must promote experiential learning for our kids.
All options have to be on the table so that we do not lose any of our kids. Some kids may need tutoring, while others may require home visits and emotional support. We are responsible for educating the future of our society and we need all available options to ensure we do not lose even one child. This requires early identification of a child's needs and differentiation of instruction in the classroom structures so appropriate levels of instruction can be provided to kids of all levels.
In order to support teachers we must remove administrative burdens placed on them and provide them support as they develop in their careers. I would remove extraneous administrative tasks placed on a teacher and limit the amount of tests they administer so there is more direct instruction with students. In order to evaluate them fairly we must reduce the weight of SOLs on a teacher's performance evaluation and focus on evaluating their instructional methods.