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Chesterfield County School Board Clover Hill District

Duties - The five-member School Board is the governing body for the Chesterfield County public school system, subject to budgetary approval by the Board of Supervisors. Members are elected from the five magisterial districts in nonpartisan elections. The Board hires the Superintendent, who is responsible for managing the system.Term - 4 yearsSalary - $17,549 (Board Chair $19,549)

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    Dorothy L. "Dot" Heffron

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What is the most important issue facing schools in the county and what will you do to address it?

How can schools best give students the research tools necessary to understand issues and verify their sources?

What education services do you support for students who are at risk of failing?

Would you support a high school curriculum that focuses on the civic responsibility of voting?

What are the best methods of evaluating and supporting teachers?

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Chesterfield is facing real issues surrounding equity, building maintenance and repair, and transportation. These issues stem from a longstanding pattern of under budgeting and subsequent under funding of our school division. As a school board member, I will advocate for and support the creation of a truly needs-based budget that allows for flexibility and accountability, but also reflects the actual needs of the division in order to meet the needs of our diverse community of learners.
For millennia, libraries have been the number one resource for accurate, reliable research based on primary sources. We can start by recognizing the value of our school libraries, and supporting the needs of our school library and media specialists. Through curricula that is developed by specialists, we can encourage students to be independent researchers and truth-seekers.
After we have met the one counselor to every 250 student support ratio, we will be better positioned to identify students who are struggling and deploy intervention strategies. Our division must consider increasing teacher, specialist and aide staffing in order to meet the needs of our struggling learners. In some situations, academic failure is symptomatic of a larger social or emotional concern. That's why I also support increased resources for social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula.
Absolutely. I registered to vote eight months before I turned 18, anticipating my first chance to cast a ballot. I would not only support a high school curriculum, I would encourage engaging our youngest students in the discussion. It is important to discuss our country's history of disenfranchisement, and I believe that the more we teach our children that for many Americans, voting is right that men and women fought and died for, the more likely they will be to exercise their voice.
I believe teacher performance is best measured by student growth. Teacher evaluations should not be tied to high-stakes tests, developed by for-profit companies and written with implicit biases. Growth measurements ensure that every student is learning, high-stakes tests do not accurately reflect what a student has learned and understands. The best way to support our teachers in Chesterfield is to pay them a salary that is commensurate with their experience and education.
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Safety. There are so many issues that are tied to providing students safe learning environments. Transportation, discipline, overcrowding, class size, technology, trauma informed, culturally informed, quality teachers, administrators, and other faculty members, school maintenance, security, etc....

I will work with my colleagues to review and update policies and procedures, clean up the budget, work with superintendent to address needs, and provide safe, comfortable options for community input.
School systems can work actively to identify scholarly research and resources and make it available to students and their families. Also, through progressive, diverse curriculum choices that encourage educators to foster and prompt investigation, probing, creativity, and critical thinking, and problem solving skills.
Diagnostic tools are important to help determine the needs and deficiencies of the student. Classroom supports, such as small groups, peer tutors, collaborative classrooms, reteaching, extra practice, assignment extension, alternative assessment tools are all good educational options that may foster success. Also, community-based programs that are contracted to come in the schools to provide nontraditional remediation is a plus.
Yes. Voting is an integral part of having a strong, progressive educational system. Students should be educated on their responsibility of voting and how their vote impact their community. Also, students should be taught the framework and history of voting in the US.
Teacher evaluations should be clear and simple, and include diverse methods such as student/parent feedback, video observation, peer and administrative observation, and self evaluation. The feedback should be utilized as a coaching tool and should be used to customize the appropriate support and professional development needed to help the teacher be more successful in the classroom.
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