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Chesterfield County School Board Bermuda District

Duties - The five-member School Board is the governing body for the Chesterfield County public school system, subject to budgetary approval by the Board of Supervisors. Members are elected from the five magisterial districts in nonpartisan elections. The Board hires the Superintendent, who is responsible for managing the system.Term - 4 yearsSalary - $17,549 (Board Chair $19,549)

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    Ann Crawley Coker

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What is the most important issue facing schools in the county and what will you do to address it?

How can schools best give students the research tools necessary to understand issues and verify their sources?

What education services do you support for students who are at risk of failing?

Would you support a high school curriculum that focuses on the civic responsibility of voting?

What are the best methods of evaluating and supporting teachers?

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Teacher's pay must be addressed. CCPS must be on the forefront of teachers pay. Increasing teacher’s pay leads to maintaining and recruiting the best quality teachers to our area, which leads to quality schools for CCPS. Strong teachers are the backbone to quality education. I will be a voice for increasing teachers pay at the School Board level and work with state and local representatives to make it happen.
Students need the best tools in order to achieve their full potential. Funding should be allocated, so libraries are filled with up-to-date information and students are given access to online libraries and databases. Students must also be taught to use the research tools provided to them. Tools can only be used for effective learning if students/teachers know how to use the system to its full capability. We must also make sure that students have the technology available to use these tools.
I support small and individualized attention programs. My daughter has an IEP (individualized education plan) for reading and writing and I have seen the improvements that come from it. 1 on 1 teaching is crucial for helping struggling students succeed. In my child's middle school, they have implemented a SOAR class where students can receive remediation and have additional time to complete classwork. These are great programs that help students who struggle, get back on their feet.
Voting is crucial to our way of life. Americans have the responsibility to vote and allow our voices to be heard. While discussions on voting should remain non-partisan, the benefits, history of voting (both good and bad), and the importance of voting should be taught in our schools. New generations must make their voices heard.
To evaluate teachers we must measure the overall growth of a student academically, emotionally and socially. We need multiple ways to measure a student’s overall performance. High-stakes testing is not the best way to evaluate a student or teachers success in the classroom. Teachers need to do more of what teachers do best: teach and mentor. We need less red tape for teachers to do their job effectively.