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Hanover County Board of Supervisors South Anna District

Duties - The seven-member Hanover Board of Supervisors is the policy making body of the county. It passes ordinances and approves the annual budget. Members are elected from the seven magisterial districts and they choose a chair and vice-chair each year. The Board of Supervisors appoints a County Manager, who directs the county's day-to-day operations, and the seven members of the School Board, one from each magisterial district.Term - 4 yearsSalary - $27,061 ($29,061 chair)

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  • Susan P. "Sue" Dibble

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    Clara James Scott

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What are your priorities for managing residential and commercial growth in the county?

What are the chief transportation needs in your county, and how will you address these needs?

What investments or policy initiative would you support to meet housing needs in your county?

What do you think are the most important issues for the county and what will you do to address them?

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Campaign Phone (804) 339-3975
Age 58
Facebook page @cjscottforsupervisor
My priority is to ensure that residential and commercial development in Hanover does not outpace our ability to provide the adequate infrastructure needed to handle this new growth.Adequate infrastructure impacts quality of life issues important to all of our residents. In developing areas of the county, such as the South Anna District which I represent, we must be really careful to upgrade our infrastructure. Otherwise, growth will explode, far beyond the capability of our rural infrastructure.
Poor maintenance of secondary roads and the lack of public transportation are transportation needs. Finally, our biggest transportation need is to modernize our rural roads to handle new heavier traffic loads. Country roads that once were more than adequate to handle traffic from small developments are now generally overcrowded as developments have increased. These needs can be addressed working with departments and/or companies that provide these services and to ask developers to pay.
I would research workforce housing, container houses and revisit the acreage requirement for building a house. I would like to see the General Assembly pass legislation so that once again, localities have the option to use proffers to help cover the cost of development. This is critical to my district which is on the cusp of a building boom. It's crucial to our schools, roads, park facilities, libraries and other facilities that residents expect when they move to Hanover County.
I think the most important issue is extension of Broadband internet into the rural areas of the county so that our students, businesses and residents can have internet connectivity needed in all areas of modern day communication. I would partner with a cable provider and apply for federal and state grants. Without the grants, I would propose a bond referendum to run the fiber optic cables and ask the cable companies to lease the cables.